Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED: Does it work?

Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED
The GAINSWave Machine: A popular brand of Acoustic Wave Therapy

I had suffered for many years with erectile dysfunction. I had tried prescription ED drugs, men’s supplements, and even penis injections with no luck. When I had given all hope, I finally tried acoustic wave therapy to treat my ED. So does acoustic wave therapy work to treat ED?

As a general rule, I have found acoustic wave therapy to be a very effective treatment for ED. This treatment has been shown to be effective even for those with severe ED. Acoustic wave therapy can safely eliminate plaque in penile blood vessels and fix poor blood flow, the leading cause of ED.

So let’s take a look at my experience with acoustic wave therapy for ED along with the science behind it. We will also look at some important factors like where to get treatments and the costs involved in the treatments. I will also cover why I switched my acoustic wave therapy from GAINSWave treatments to the Phoenix device.

My Personal Experience with Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED

Prior to trying acoustic wave therapy for ED, I had suffered from erectile dysfunction for years. I had tried prescription ED medication, tons of various supplements, and even Trimix penis injections. When even the injections started to fail me, I didn’t know what I was going to do.

That is when I came across some information about acoustic wave therapy for ED. I found a couple of scientific studies that gave me some hope for this therapy. I have listed those studies below.

I was really desperate to find something that would work so I ran these studies past my urologist. He agreed with me that this treatment would do no harm and could possibly help.

Unfortunately, these treatments would not be covered by insurance so I would have to find some treatment program on my own. I researched the options in my area and found a brand of acoustic wave therapy for ED called GAINSWave that was available.

I was committed to trying this treatment program out so I went ahead and did it even though it was very expensive. This was my last hope before having to get a penis implant.

I started the GAINSWave treatment and within six treatments I started to get firmer erections. By the time I got to treatment 12, I was back to having really strong erections. This treatment was amazing. I had given up on ever having natural erections again and now they were back.

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To maintain my erection quality, I had to continue with maintenance treatments. Once or twice a month, I would have to go in and have some follow-up treatments.

The Negatives: The Price of Acoustic Wave Therapy for ED

The only drawback that I have found with the GAINSWave treatment is the price. It is effective but can be pricey. But if you have found oral medications like Viagra and Cialis to be ineffective then this will be your best shot at getting quality erections.

I found that the price of the GAINSWave treatment was $500 per treatment or a special price of six treatments for $2000. Health insurance would not help with this treatment. This seems to be in line with what I have found from other providers.

I have also researched other in-office providers of acoustic wave therapy and found their prices to be very similar to the price of GAINSWave.

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Be sure to check out the provider’s website and Facebook page for any possible specials that may be running. Do not be afraid to ask the provider for a special price. These practices often have some flexibility as they are owner-operated and can offer you some special deals.

I did eventually find an acoustic wave device known as the Phoenix device that allowed me to get this type of treatment at a greatly reduced price.

The Low-Cost Alternative to In-Office Treatments

As I stated before, the only major drawback that I found to GAINSWave treatment was the cost of the treatments. For an initial set of twelve treatments, you can be looking at $4000. If you need maintenance treatments as I did, you can be looking at an additional $8000 per year.

I found the treatments very effective but continuing on with them was going to put me in the poor house. I had to find an alternative that could be just as effective as the GAINSWave treatments without the high cost.

The Phoenix device was the low-cost alternative that I was looking for. This device provides high-quality acoustic wave therapy just like GAINSWave at a fraction of the cost. I was able to maintain my erection quality at home with the Phoenix acoustic wave device.

Launch Medical, the developer of the Phoenix device, recently reached an agreement with GAINSWave. In this agreement, Launch Medical will offer the Phoenix for at-home treatments while the GAINSWave device is exclusively used for office settings (Source: AP News).

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This is not some cheap knock-off of the GainsWave treatment (be careful because those are out there). By looking at the research and the legal interactions between GainsWave and the Phoenix manufacturers, you can see that this device is a serious alternative to GainsWave.

I have personally both received GainsWave treatments and used the Phoenix device. I can tell you that both treatments are extremely effective but that the Phoenix allowed me to save thousands of dollars. You can read my complete review of the Phoenix Device. But if you are curious about GainsWave and are nervous about the cost or the office visits then you have to try out the Phoenix. I never regretted it.

What is Acoustic Wave Therapy?

Acoustic wave therapy, also known as shockwave therapy, is the use of a device to emit high-intensity sound waves into the penis. These soundwaves can aid in erectile function in a couple of ways. It can break up blockages in existing blood vessels to allow for greater blood flow into the area.

The shockwaves also cause micro trauma to tissue in the treatment area which leads to the creation of new blood vessels in the area. These two effects treat the causes of erectile dysfunction and poor erection quality.

The treatments are given to the penis by running a wand-like device along the penis. Sound waves are emitted through the tip of the device and these are the shockwaves that do the business of acoustic wave therapy.

While the device is running you will hear a fairly loud clicking/banging that is produced when the device creates the sound waves.

The procedure may sound a little scary with the whole shockwave and micro-trauma wording but I can tell you from personal experience that it is no big deal.

The major benefits of acoustic wave therapy for ED from a device like GAINSWave treatments and the Phoenix device are:

  • Fixes poor blood flow, the leading cause of ED
  • Avoid the natural decline in performance with age
  • Safely eliminate plaque in penile blood vessels
  • Trigger angiogenesis, the growth of more blood vessels
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I find the process to be painless yet extremely effective. The hardest part of acoustic wave therapy is getting over the awkwardness of using a treatment device on your penis.

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