Blame Your Mother for Your Penis Size

Blame Your Mother for Your Penis Size

If you are unhappy with your penis, you may want to blame your mother for your penis size. A recent article states that the genetic component of your penis size is probably given to you by your mother. There are some other factors that may play a role in determining penis size so don’t blame it all on your mother.

There are a number of factors that go into determining the size of the penis. These factors include genetics, hormones, nutrition, and exposure to toxins. It is important to understand what determines penis size, how important penis size really is, and what can be done about it.

The Theory

A recent article on VeryWell Health, states that the genetic component of penis size is likely determined by the mother’s X chromosome. Males have an X chromosome (from the mother) and a Y chromosome (from the father) while women have two X chromosomes (one from both the mother and the father). While the Y chromosome from the father triggers the baby to form the penis, it is the X chromosome from the mother that probably has the genetic information on penis size.

The article gives this as an explanation of varying penis sizes in brothers with the same father. As men pass on the same Y chromosome to all of their sons (source), brothers would have similarly sized penises if penis size was determined by the Y chromosome. Since brothers with the same father can have different-sized penises, the X chromosome that comes from the mother would have to be responsible for any genetic differences in penis size.

The article also states that the X chromosome from the mother carries a lot more genetic information than the Y chromosome from the father. The X chromosome contains around 900 genes and the Y chromosome only contains 90 genes.

Given this information, it seems likely that the genetic information from your mother determined your penis size.

Other Factors that Affect Penis Size

There are other factors that may affect penis size. These factors include testosterone levels, nutrition and exposure to toxins.

Testosterone Levels and Nutrition

Another factor in determining penis length is testosterone levels during puberty. Obesity during puberty has been shown to lower testosterone levels and penis length in subjects (source). This reduction in testosterone may cause a penis to not develop to its full genetically determined length. Testosterone treatments have been shown to increase penis length in those with low testosterone during puberty.

As nutrition plays a pivotal role in obesity and overall health, a healthy diet is essential to testosterone levels and penis development during puberty. Proper nutrition helps to ensure that young men will meet their genetic potential.

Testosterone will not increase penis length for most men though. If a man had normal testosterone levels during puberty, testosterone treatment will not do anything to change penis size. For more information on the relationship between testosterone and penis size, check out Testosterone Gel for Penis Enlargement.

Exposure to Toxins

The article on VeryWell Health points out some animal studies that show exposure to certain toxins while in the womb may lead to decreased penis size. This would happen years prior to anyone realizing this particular damage.

So Is Penis Size Important?

The truth is that penis size is important if it is important to you. You should not feel embarrassed if your penis size concerns you. The most important thing is to try not to obsess about it.

If you are concerned about what women think about penis size, you should know that penis size is not the top concern of most women. Most women rank many other qualities or traits higher that penis size when picking out a male partner.

This being said penis size is a factor for many women. In addition to this, studies show that many women prefer a penis that is significantly larger than the average penis. For more information on the penis size preference of women read The Real Truth About Penis Size.

This is not to make guys panic or obsess about their penis size. This is to give guys an honest look at what they are up against. Medical and sexual health experts are quick to say that any penis that falls into the “normal” range of 3.9″ to 6.5″ is equally sufficient. This just does not match reality. The very top of that “normal” range is the preferred size of women.

What Can Be Done About Penis Size?

There are not any quick and easy fixes for this question. Do not believe anyone who is selling you a magic pill that will increase the size of your penis. This will not work.

The first thing to do is to make the most of what you have. If you are not having extremely firm and full erections then you must address this first. These full erections will make your penis feel and look at its maximum size. I would first suggest a visit to your doctor to rule out any medical conditions. In addition to this, acoustic wave therapy like the Phoenix device treatments is an extremely effective way to improve erection quality.


Actually changing the size of your penis is a much more difficult proposition. There are surgical methods but even these do not always work on their own. The scientifically proven method of enlargement that is used either with lengthening surgery on its own is the use of a high-quality penis traction device. These devices will slowly increase penis size over time. It is not quick or easy but it is the only method that has been proven to work.

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