2024 Current Phoenix Device Discount Codes: Incredible savings

current Phoenix device discount code

The Phoenix device is a fantastic device to improve your ability to get and stay hard. Thousands of men (including this writer) have used the Phoenix device with amazing results. We are all looking to save money, so what is available for a current Phoenix device discount code?

There is always a current 2023 Phoenix device discount code available. There is an everyday discount code for $150 off. This is usually the best way to save but some seasonal discount codes are available around the holidays. This page updates daily with current Phoenix device promo code info.

Just because the Phoenix device is the best way to step up your performance in the bedroom doesn’t mean that you have to pay top dollar for it. Be sure to utilize the current Phoenix device discount code to save some big money. If you are not familiar with the Phoenix, you can read my complete review of this device here.

The 2024 Tax Day $175 Off Discount Code

I do not know how long this code will last but this is truly amazing. You can save $175 on your Phoenix device for an extremely limited time. This Phoenix Device Coupon Code could go away at any minute now.

To get these savings just use this link to visit the Phoenix Device Website and enter code TD175 at checkout. This will save you $175. Act quickly because this Phoenix device discount code could end at any moment.

Special Discount Code for TheMonsterSite Users

The Monster Site Phoenix Discount Code
With the Phoenix Device, you can always be ready.

For 2024, there is a special discount code for visitors to TheMonsterSite. With this Phoenix discount code, you will save an incredible $150 on the Phoenix device plus get free shipping. This special discount code could expire at any point without notice.

To get these savings just use this link to visit the Phoenix Device Website and enter code TheMonsterSite at checkout. You will get an amazing $150 off on your Phoenix device and get started on making an incredible improvement to your life.

If you are serious about improving your ability to get and stay hard, there is no better way to do it than with the Phoenix Device and there is no better way to save on your Phoenix Device than using this special discount code.

Advertisement Phoenix
#1 Erection Quality Method Recommended by TheMonsterSite

Outdated Special Limited Time Discount Codes

Unfortunately, these Phoenix device promo codes have expired. I have listed links to these codes so you may have a better idea of what may be coming up for a future Phoenix device discount code.

The 2023 Black Friday Sale – Phoenix device discount code BFA300 has expired.

The Phoenix Anniversary Sale – Phoenix device discount code 3YEARS has expired.

The 2023 St. Patrick’s Day Sale – Phoenix device discount code SPD175 has expired.

The Phoenix Device New Year Sale – Code VD175 to save $175 has expired

The 2022 Phoenix Device Christmas Sale -Expired

The Phoenix Device Cyber Monday Sale – Expired

The 2022 Phoenix Device Black Friday Sale – Expired

The Phoenix Device Early Black Friday Sale – Expired

The 2022 World Series Phoenix Device Discount Code – Expired

The 2022 Football Discount – Expired

2022 Phoenix Device Flash Sale Discount Code – Expired

2022 Phoenix Device 4th of July Phoenix Device Discount Code and Sale – Expired

2022 PHOENIX Device Father’s Day Discount Code and Sale – Expired

The 2022 PHOENIX Acoustic Wave Device Memorial Day Discount Code and Sale – Expired

The 2022 PHOENIX Acoustic Wave Device Mother’s Day Discount Code and Sale – Expired

The PHOENIX Acoustic Wave Therapy 2022 Tax Day Discount Code and Sale – Expired

The PHOENIX Acoustic Wave Therapy 2022 St. Patrick’s Day Discount Code and Sale – Expired

The PHOENIX Acoustic Wave Therapy 2022 Valentine’s Discount Code and Sale – Expired

How to Use a Phoenix Device Promo Code

Using a Phoenix device discount code is extremely easy. Once you have added the Phoenix device to your cart, you simply click on the “Add Promo Code+” button.

Phoenix device discount code where to add
The first step of adding a Phoenix device promo code

Next, you enter your current Phoenix device promo code into the field that pops up and click the “APPLY” button.

Phoenix device discount code adding
2nd Step of adding a Phoenix device promo code

Once you have completed those two steps, you will see the discount applied to your purchase. It is really simple and easy.

Phoenix device discount code applied
You will now see your Phoenix device discount code applied to your purchase.

Why the Phoenix Device Sale is Important

While the Phoenix device is much cheaper than comparable clinic acoustic wave therapy, it is still not inexpensive for many of us. The current price of the Phoenix is $879. This is why any Phoenix device sale is so important.

This price seems expensive but is a real bargain when thinking about what you get. The Phoenix device delivers 70 full-strength treatments. Compare this to the $500 average cost of one in-office acoustic wave therapy session. By the time you give yourself your second treatment, you have already saved money.

Considering that a bare minimum of six treatments to start are recommended by most acoustic wave therapy providers. You save thousands just on your first treatment cycle.

Even compared to supplements and pills, the Phoenix device is relatively inexpensive. It is easy to spend $100/month on supplements and pills that just mask your bedroom performance issues. You can instead invest that money to fix your blood flow issues as I did.

Why the Phoenix Device?

For me, the answer was very simple. The Phoenix device worked when all else had failed. I had suffered from performance issues in the bedroom for years. I had tried lifestyle changes, supplements, prescription pills, and prescription penis injections without any real success.

advertisement Phoenix Device

When I finally tried the Phoenix device, I found a treatment that enabled me to overcome my inability to get hard and boosted my bedroom performance to a level like what I had as a young man.

I am not alone in my success with the Phoenix device. Thousands of other men have achieved similar results.

Our findings show that 94% of men notice a significant improvement in performance after using The Phoenix for 60 to 120 Days.

Dr. Paul Thompson

Chief Medical Officer and World Renowned Urologist

Phoenix Device Financing Options

In addition to the Phoenix device promo codes, many purchasers can use Bread Pay on the Phoenix site to finance their purchases. This lets you get your Phoenix device for as little as $29 per month.

This program is quick and easy to apply for and offers as low as 0% APR for 6 and 12-month terms. You apply right on the Phoenix site in just a couple of minutes and can have it immediately applied to your purchase if you qualify.

Try the Phoenix for 90 Days

The Phoenix device offers an incredible 90-day return policy. This lets you give it a try before deciding to keep it. The Policy is pretty straightforward but I have included it below so that you can see what it is really like.

This allows you to try out this phenomenal device that has worked for thousands of men while minimizing your financial risk. I think that when you combine these amazing Phoenix device promo codes with the 90-day return policy you have a no-lose situation for trying out the Phoenix device.

The treatment protocol takes a minimum of 90 days to complete. This includes 30 days of rest between treatment cycles – which is the most important phase as this is when tissue recovery occurs. Many men will not see improvement until they’ve completed both the first 30 days of treatments and the first 30 days of rest.

If you decide The Phoenix isn’t for you – that’s okay! You can submit a request for a refund within 90 days of The Phoenix arriving at your door. Please note that accessories (i.e. lubricant and numbing cream) may not be returned for a refund.

90 days after your order arrives, all sales are final.

Contact a member of our team to request authorization to return your device. Once your eligibility is confirmed, we will generate a support ticket – the date your ticket is created will be used to confirm eligibility for a return.

We will provide you with a Return Authorization Form that must be included with your shipment – without it, our lab will not be able to identify your device. Once the undamaged unit is received at our facility, we will issue a refund to your original payment method.


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