Drachen Spray For Penis Enlargement: Too good to be true?

Drachen Spray For Penis Enlargement:  Too good to be true?

I had come across some advertisements for Drachen Spray for penis enlargement. These ads were making some insane claims of guaranteed penis growth of 4-8 inches. Of course, this seems to be too good to be true but I decided to try it anyway.

So does Drachen Spray work for penis enlargement?

What results can you expect when you use Drachen for penis enlargement?

So we decided to order Drachen Spray and give it a try. Let’s take a look at our experience with Drachenf Spray and the results we achieved.

In a rush?

We found that Drachen Spray did not work as advertised for us. We did not experience increased erection quality or penis size gains with Drachen Spray. Our findings continue to match those of scientific studies in showing that the only proven method of non-surgical penis enlargement is not pills or sprays.

What is Drachen spray for penis enlargement?

Drachen Spray for penis enlargement is a sublingual spray (spray under the tongue) that is advertised to dramatically increase the size of a man’s penis. The claims for this spray are pretty unbelievable but would be incredible if true.

Drachen Facebook ad
Drachen Spray Facebook Ad

I came across this spray from a Facebook advertisement that is pictured below. This advertisement took me to a webpage that made all of the amazing claims about penis enlargement.

The Drachen Spray advertisement features a video making all kinds of crazy claims about this product. This spray is supposedly based on the research of a German scientist named Dr. Alexander Soldenhoff who developed this treatment in the 1970s.

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To make a long story short the video goes on to claim that this formulation was making German porn stars absolutely huge then this American got his hands on the formulation and brought it back to now sell it as the Drachen Spray for penis enlargement.

According to their advertisement using this spray a couple of times per day is guaranteed to increase your penis size by up to 8 inches (they are talking about 8 extra inches) if you use it for 60 days.

Drachen Claims
Drachen Spray Claims

They did not offer any documented proof of their claims and I could find no indication that there was a Dr. Alexander Soldenhoff that developed anything to do with the penis at all. Their claims did not seem to really pass the smell test but we decided to try out Drachen Spray to see if it actually works.

We had our doubts as all of our other research has constantly shown that penis traction devices were the only effective way to increase penis size. But there is always that little bit of hope that there is a quick and easy way to increase penis size.

The Drachen Spray for penis enlargement advertisement also made additional claims of increasing erection quality, muscle mass, and just about anything else that might ail you.

Our review of Drachen for penis enlargement

Our review of Drachen for penis enlargement

I personally tried Drachen Spray and was incredibly disappointed in my results. I ordered my spray on Amazon as they had the best price for this product. I used the spray as directed for two months. I knew that it probably wouldn’t work but I was really hoping that it would.

I sprayed Drachen for penis enlargement twice daily with two full sprays under the tongue. I would hold the spray in my mouth for 20 seconds before swallowing and avoid food and drink for 30 minutes after use.

I went through two full bottles following this procedure and got no gains in penis size. Additionally, I did not experience any noticeable increase in erection quality. Thanks to acoustic wave therapy, I already had great erection quality but I did not notice getting any boost or change from using Drachen Spray.

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I did have high hopes for the use of the spray formulation of this product but my results were truly disappointing. I have reviewed tons of these products that offer fast and easy penis enlargement gains and none of them have ever worked.

My only penis size gains have come through the slow and steady use of penis traction devices. Even with these devices, you are probably looking at a 1-2 inch gain over time and nothing like the 4-8 inch gain promised by Drachen.

The ad by Drachen Spray seemed to me to fall into the obviously too good to be true. I have yet to encounter any magic formulations of pills or now sprays to ever deliver on their promises.

Does Drachen spray work? The Science

Drachen Spray
Drachen Spray

There is no evidence that Drachen Spray or any of its ingredients would lead to penis enlargement. If any supplement or medication was actually found to work, it would be all over the news.

Just think about it. Pfizer made billions from Viagra. If there was any little blue pill or any easy solution to actually enlarge the penis. It would be patented and sold by these huge companies. We are talking about billions in potential profit.

The only reason that this does not happen is that there is no legitimate formulation to enlarge the penis. The ads for Drachen Spray claim that this is a big secret that has somehow been kept secret for years. A potential billion-dollar profit would have got this secret out years ago if it existed.

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According to KHealth, “Any drug that claims to increase penis size is ineffective at best and, at worst, can harm your health.”

You can also check out Men’s Health or the Mayo Clinic for further evidence that penis enlargement supplements do not work.

What do scientific studies say about non-surgical penis enlargement?

What works for penis enlargement
What works for penis enlargement

The only scientifically studied method of penis enlargement that has been shown to work is the use of penis traction devices. This method is not quick and easy like a spray or pill but at least it works.

According to the study found in the British Journal of Urology, men using penis traction devices showed that with proper use they achieved an average of almost an inch in length gain in a few months. Men who completed the study gained between 0.2 – 1.22 inches (0.5 cm and 3.1 cm) in four months.

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My results using penis traction devices matched up with the study results. In four months, I gained 0.875 inches of penis length and 1.5 inches of length in a year. This may not sound like much after hearing some of the crazy advertisement claims of some products but 1.5 inches of penis growth is actually huge and you will really notice the difference.

You can check out Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results for the whole story of my results with these devices. This article contains my documented results and links to size change pictures.

Drachen Spray Ingredients

Drachen ingredients

The ingredient list for Drachen Spray includes the following:

  • Moomiyo
  • GABA
  • L-Dopa
  • L-Glutamine
  • L-Arginine
  • L-Tyrosine
  • mucuna pruriens
  • Potassium Sorbate

None of these ingredients have been shown to do anything to enlarge the penis. These same ingredients are used in numerous erection-quality supplements. Scientific studies have shown mixed results for the erection quality results with these ingredients.

In general, we have found that quality supplements with these ingredients can lead to modest gains in erection quality but no increases in penis size. Additionally, no evidence exists that taking these ingredients in a spray formulation would be any more effective than a regular supplement.

Our use of this Drachen Spray gave us absolutely no results in either increased erection quality or penis size gains.

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Cost of Drachen Spray

I found that the best price for Drachen Spray was found on Amazon. The Amazon cost for a single bottle is $36.99, two bottles for $66.95, and five bottles for $117.95. Each bottle is a 30-day supply of this male enhancement product.

The Amazon pricing was significantly cheaper than what is found on the Drachen. On this website, the cost of a single bottle was $69 + shipping, two bottles for $118 with free shipping, and four bottles for $196 with free shipping.

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