Eddie by Giddy Review: My Results, Video, and Pictures

I had struggled with erectile dysfunction for years. I tried the prescription pills and even the injections with limited success. In order to try to salvage my sex life, I decided to try Eddie by Giddy. So what was my Eddie by Giddy results and do I have any video and pictures of how to use the Eddie by Giddy?

In general, I found that Eddie by Giddy was very effective in helping me to achieve and maintain an erection despite my erectile dysfunction. This device works as salvage therapy when other treatments fail or are uncomfortable. My results and use of the Eddie were documented with pictures and video.

So let’s take a look at the Eddie by Giddy, what it is, my results, my video, the price, alternatives, and how to size the Eddie.

My Eddie by Giddy Review

The Eddie by Giddy was a lifesaver for me when I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. When nothing else was working for me, the Eddie by Giddy allowed me to achieve and maintain an erection that allowed me to have sex with my wife.

I had suffered from severe erectile dysfunction. I had tried everything else including prescription pills, supplements, penis injections, and even other constriction rings with very little success. My inability to have sex left me feeling severely depressed.

When I finally tried the Eddie, I was able to obtain a usable erection. I used the Eddie in conjunction with Cialis pills obtained from my doctor. This allowed me to obtain an erection that was about 80-90% full when compared to my erections from before I had erectile dysfunction.

Without the Eddie, I was only able to achieve an erection that was around 50% full even when using penis injections like Trimix. This was not an adequate erection to successfully have sex. My improvement from using the Eddie meant the difference that allowed me to have sex.

On the day that I received the Eddie, I was able to successfully have sex with my wife for the first time in months. The Eddie by Giddy helped me to overcome the anxiety and depression that were damaging my relationship with my wife.

Eventually, I was able to overcome my erectile dysfunction by using the acoustic wave therapy device known as the Phoenix device. But acoustic wave therapy treatment results are not immediate and the Eddie gives you the ability to achieve an erection on day one.

To see my actual video and picture results including how-to-use instructions click here (Warning: Does include nudity in showing the actual use of the Eddie by Giddy on a penis).

My Experience with Penis Rings vs the Eddie

I had tried other penis constriction rings prior to trying the Eddie by Giddy but they did not work well for me. They would either be too tight and cause pain or be too loose and not constrict the blood flow enough to create an erection.

This is why the Eddie is worth the money. It simply works when other things do not work.

If you have real mild ED that is easily treated with prescription drugs or loose-fitting constriction rings, then don’t spend all that money on an Eddie. But if you have severe ED and you have trouble maintaining an erection no matter what you do, then the Eddie by Giddy can help.

Sex using other constriction bands was not only painful but led to additional problems if you climaxed. The tight penis constriction rings would constrict the urethra and not allow the ejaculate to pass through. This was a whole new kind of pain and would ruin the sexual experience.

This is not a problem with the Eddie. The shape is designed with comfort in mind. In addition, it is designed to constrict blood flow out of the penis while still allowing blood to flow into the penis.

This is why I got a fuller erection with the Eddie when compared to other penis constriction rings. Those rings are restricting blood flow into the penis in addition to restricting flow out. It is hard to get a full erection when you are limiting the blood flow in.

My Eddie by Giddy Use Video and Pictures

My actual video and pictures of the Eddie by Giddy in use have been included to help others determine if the Eddie is right for them. This will show how to size the Eddie, how to put the Eddie onto the penis, and how to remove the Eddie.

You will be amazed at how easy this device is to use and how effective this device is for maintaining an erection. This device is not a cure for erectile dysfunction but it will help you to live with erectile dysfunction.

To see my actual video and picture results including how-to-use instructions click here (Warning: Does include nudity in showing the actual use of the Eddie by Giddy on a penis).

What is the Eddie by Giddy Price?

Purchase LocationPrice
Eddie by Giddy one-time purchase$199
Walmart.com or Amazon$188
Eddie by Giddy reoccurring purchase$188
Eddie by Giddy TheMonsterSite Link one time purchase
Use this Eddie by Giddy link and enter code RMN10
Eddie by Giddy TheMonsterSite Link recurring purchase
Use this Eddie by Giddy link and enter code RMN10
Eddie by Giddy Pricing Table

The basic price of the Eddie by Giddy on their website is $199 but there are a bunch of ways to purchase this product. There is no need to pay more than you need to for this product so read on to find out how to save.

The Eddie is carried on Walmart.com and Amazon for $188 which saves you a little but you can still do better than that.

Eddie by Giddy recommends changing out the device every four months to keep it as effective and hygienic as possible. If you sign up for the replacement plan at their website, you can get the Eddie for $188.

You can cancel the replacement plan immediately after receiving the Eddie and still only pay the reduced price. But you can even save significantly on this price.

The Best Way to Save on the Eddie by Giddy

TheMonsterSite users can save 10% on any of the Eddie by Giddy website prices by using this Eddie by Giddy link and entering code RMN10. This makes the Eddie significantly cheaper than getting it on Walmart.com or Amazon.

The least expensive way to get the Eddie is to order it with the recurring subscription and the discount code. You can cancel your recurring subscription if you want right after you receive your Eddie and still get that price. By doing it this way, you only pay $169.20 for the Eddie.

Eddie by Giddy Alternatives

If you really need the Eddie by Giddy, then there are not a lot of alternatives. When I found the Eddie it was my last-ditch effort before getting a penis implant. I had already tried the prescription pill, infections, and cheap penis rings with no success.

If you have tried all of those, then I would suggest trying the Eddie before going for the penis implant. I would also suggest looking into acoustic wave therapy prior to going before giving up on obtaining a natural erection again.

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I know that this worked for me. Using the Eddie allowed me to have sex again immediately and acoustic wave therapy allowed me to regain my natural erection ability in the long term.

How the Eddie by Giddy Works

The Eddie by Giddy is a specially designed penis constriction ring that enables men to achieve and maintain an erection. Penis constriction rings are a widely accepted method to help men with erectile dysfunction achieve a usable erection (source).

The problem with most penis constriction rings can make the rings difficult to use. They can be very uncomfortable to wear to the point that it makes it difficult to climax. Even if you can ejaculate, the tension of the penis ring can interfere with ejaculation to the point of causing additional pain.

The Eddie by Giddy Shape

This Eddie is designed to address the bad aspects of penis constriction rings. The Eddie has an oval shape. This allows the device to fit the shape of the penis. This will make the device much more comfortable and effective when worn as compared to traditional penis rings.

The shape of the Eddie also allows the device to better control the blood flow of the penis. The arteries are able to let blood flow into the penis but the veins are constricted in a way that blood is trapped in the penis creating an erection.

The Eddie by Giddy Dorsal Apex

Eddie by Giddy Dorsal Vein Constriction
Eddie by Giddy Dorsal Vein Constriction

A ridge at the top of the Eddie helps to constrict the outflow through the dorsal vein. This innovative design is much more effective than low-quality penis rings.

The open bottom of the Eddie also aids in the enjoyment of sex with the Eddie. Other constriction devices are tight around the urethra. This makes it difficult and even sometimes painful to ejaculate. The Eddie’s open bottom allows the user to ejaculate with an unrestricted flow that feels much more natural.

The Eddie by Giddy Sizes

The Eddie comes in four sizes to allow you to pick the one for you that offers the right amount of constriction without causing pain. Once again this is something that you do not get with a low-end penis ring. See the section below for more information on how to determine your size.

If you mess up in determining your proper size, don’t worry. They have a free re-size program to get the correct size out to you.

The Eddie also has two different-sized bands that you use on the Eddie device. The comfort band is designed to fit a little looser for added comfort and the sports band is for that snug fit when you really want to definitely maintain the erection.

How to Size Your Eddie by Giddy

Eddie by Giddy SizeCondom SizingErect SizingFlaccid Sizing
A0-4 1/16″0- 3 1/4″
BSmall Condom4 1/8- 4 1/2″3 5/16″ – 3 5/8″
CRegular Condom4 9/16″- 4 7/8″3 11/16″ – 3 7/8″
DLarge Condom4 15/16″ +3 15/16″ +
Eddie by Giddy Sizing Table

The Eddie by Giddy comes in four different sizes. To determine your best size, I suggest using either the erect or flaccid sizing method.

Measure the circumference of your penis at the base (towards the scrotum). This measurement is of the distance around the penis and not the length.

Once you have the measurement, match it with the chart above to determine your correct Eddie size. Don’t worry if you mess it up. They offer free resizing.

To see my actual pictures of how to size click here (Warning: Does include nudity in showing the actual use of the Eddie by Giddy on a penis).

How to Put on the Eddie by Giddy

Eddie by Giddy How to Use
Eddie by Giddy How to use

To use the Eddie by Giddy, place the device over the base of the penis with the open end facing down. This would be around the penis just above the testicles.

Place one of the bands on the Eddie. The red band is tighter than the blue band. I suggest trying the blue band first. If this does not allow you to maintain a full erection, try switching to the red band.

If neither band allows you to maintain an erection, you may want to try the next size down on the Eddie.

To see my actual video and picture results including how to put on the Eddie click here (Warning: Does include nudity in showing the actual use of the Eddie by Giddy on a penis).

Does Eddie by Giddy Help With PE?

There have been a number of inquiries about the Eddie by Giddy and PE (penis enlargement) techniques. The Eddie is not designed to help with PE at all and it will do nothing for your PE program.

As a matter of fact, if you have poor erection quality and are relying on the Eddie to maintain erections then you should not be attempting penis enlargement. You need to restore your ability to have long-lasting natural erections in order to successfully undertake penis enlargement.

I personally had to wait for acoustic wave therapy to work on my erectile dysfunction before undertaking a penis traction device enlargement program. This type of program is the only scientifically studied way that is shown to promote penis enlargement but it does rely on erection quality to be successful.

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