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The Effects Of PEDs And Steroids On Penis Size: Big size loss?

The Effects Of PEDs And Steroids On Penis Size

For years, TheMonsterSite has been researching the issues related to penis size. We all know that there are health risks involved with steroid and PED use but what about the question of the effects of PEDs and steroids on penis size. Do steroids and PEDs reduce penis size?

In general, our research has shown that there are no studies showing the negative effects of PEDs and steroids on penis size. There can be medical side effects of these substances such as reduced testicle size and even erectile dysfunction. This may be the basis of the reduced penis size stories.

So let’s take a look at the effects of PEDs and steroids on penis size. Do steroids make the penis shorter? Do steroids make the penis longer? Is there anything that you can actually do about penis size?

Medical Disclaimer In Regard To The Effect of Steroids on Penis Size

At TheMonsterSite, we are not medical doctors and this article should not be taken as medical advice. We do not recommend the use of steroids or any PEDs. You should consult with your medical provider before taking any such substances.

The Effects of PEDs And Steroids On Penis Size

The Effects Of Steroids On Penis Size
The perceived effect of steroids and penis size

In a recent article from Australian Men’s Health, Seven-time Mr. Olympia champion Phil Heath was interviewed in regard to the effects of PEDs and steroids on penis size. According to Mr. Heath, the use of steroids does not result in penis shrinkage.

The myth of steroid use and penis shrinkage is attributed to the relative size comparison of a bodybuilder’s enlarged muscles and a normal-sized penis. Mr. Heath states that “First of all, 32-inch thighs, don’t matter how big your shit is. When you got big ass quads, it’s gonna look different.”

This does make sense when you look at how relative size affects our perception of penis size. This is why male strippers tend to be shorter. A six-inch penis looks a lot bigger on a 5’3″ guy than on a 6’3″ guy.

Additionally, there have been numerous articles and studies that show that steroids and PEDs can result in testicle shrinkage (source 1, source 2, source 3). While the testicles and penis are different, you can see the connection that some may make.

When a man supplements the body’s hormones with steroids and PEDs, the body signals that this hormone production is not needed and reduces the natural production of these hormones in the testicles. This leads to testicle shrinkage.

A further review of studies and articles indicates that there is no evidence of steroid or PED use resulting in a reduction in penis size. This does not mean that steroid and PED users are completely out of the woods when it comes to erection issues.

There are studies showing that steroid use may result in erectile dysfunction. Long-term ED has been shown to result in penis shortening. This would be a long-term result and would not be a direct effect of PEDs and steroids on penis size.

Can Steroids Increase Penis Size?

Can Steroids Increase Penis Size?

So if the effects of PEDs and steroids on penis size do not cause shrinkage, can steroids increase penis size? The answer to this for 99.99% of men is a definite no. If you are a man who did not suffer from hormone issues as a kid then steroids will have no effect on your penis size.

There is a small number of men that suffer from both IHH (Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism) and micropenis that can benefit from testosterone treatments.

IHH is an inherited genetic disorder that causes impaired sexual development (source). Micropenis is an extremely small penis that has a length of less than 2.5 standard deviations below the mean (this would be approximately less than 3.0″ of stretched length).

Men with these conditions may be able to enlarge their penis to “normal size” with testosterone treatment. They would still likely be smaller than average but closer to the normal range.

You can read the article Testosterone Gel for Penis Enlargement for more information about what I found out when I tried this for penis enlargement. But to make it short, it doesn’t work to enlarge the penis.

What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement

What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement

Whether it is from the effects of PEDs and steroids on penis size or something else, what if you are actually concerned about penis size. Is there anything that you can do about your penis size?

According to the research study “Non-invasive methods of penile lengthening: fact or fiction?“, the only proven non-surgical way to lengthen your penis is through the use of penile extenders (aka penis traction devices).

Even if you have penis lengthening surgery, you need to use penis traction devices in order to achieve any significant length gains.

The use of penis traction devices does not give you quick penis enlargement results but it will give you real results in time. I have used these devices and saw results within the first month.

You can read my whole story in the article, Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results. This article has more scientific studies about the effectiveness of penis traction devices, my documented results, links to pictures of my size gains, and the penis traction devices that I used.

Not all penis traction devices are created equal and it is important that you pick a quality device. If you do not use a high-quality device, you are wasting your time. Size gains with penis traction devices require that you have a device that you can wear comfortably and safely for hours at a time.

For the best results, we recommend the Total Man System. This was the system that allowed me to obtain my penis enlargement goals.