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Electricity Social Club Review: An Amazing Swinger Club in Providence

Electricity Social Club Review outside picture
It looks like an old factory but it is actually the Electricity Social Club and it is amazing.

My wife and I have been active in the swinger lifestyle for years and we love it. Recently, we visited the Electricity Social Club in Providence, Rhode Island. We have put together this Electricity Social Club review to answer the question of is the Electricity Social Club for swingers is worth a visit?

The Electricity Social Club in Providence, Rhode Island is definitely worth visiting if you are into the swinging lifestyle. This swinger club offers some great amenities and swinger lifestyle options. There are not a lot of options like this in New England so be sure to check out this swinger spot.

So now let’s take a look at what the Electricity Social Club has to offer. We will look at what to expect when you visit, where it is located, how much it will cost you, and some other visiting advice. If you are a man and new to the swinger scene or even an experienced swinger that has concerns, check out a Special Note to Men that has some confidence-boosting tips.

What is the Electricity Social Club

The Electricity Social Club is a swinger lifestyle club located in Providence, Rhode Island. By swinger lifestyle club, I mean a club that caters to people who engage in sexual activity outside a normal one-partner sexual relationship. 

This means that this club is a sexually charged club where you will encounter people who are engaged in sexual activity and there is nudity. If you are into the swinger lifestyle, then this is a great place to visit. If you are not into the swinger lifestyle, then you have been warned.

This club is open to couples, single women, and single men that are interested in swinging. There are public and private adult playrooms where swingers can play with each other. No one has to play and you can just socialize if that is what you wish to do.

The Electricity Social Club is open on Fridays and Saturdays from 9 pm to 2 am.

The club has a BYOB bar for the customers. When you show up for the evening, you give your alcohol to the bartender. You can bring hard alcohol or individual drinks. If you bring hard alcohol, the bar has a range of free mixers and they will make up your drinks for you.

When you are planning on attending this Rhode Island swinger club, you should RSVP on their website to reserve your spot for the weekend.

If you are interested in checking out any other nude spots in Rhode Island be sure to check out the article Nude Beaches and Resorts in Rhode Island.

Where is the Electricity Social Club Located?

The Electricity Social Club is a Providence swinger club located at:

122 Manton Ave,
Providence, RI 02909

This club is located in an old factory building. When you first pull in you may think you are in the wrong place but it looks like the picture above. The entrance to the club is located in the tower on the right.

Enter the tower doors and go up to the third floor. Their website says the 2nd floor but the entrance is actually on the third floor. Outside the door, you will encounter a security guy. He will give you some info on the club and use a handheld metal detector to check you and your possessions out.

Once you are all checked out, you are let into the club where you pay your entry fee and membership fee on your first visit.

How much does the Electricity Social Club Cost?

Electricity Social Club membership cards
Electricity Social Club membership cards

In order to attend the Electricity Social Club, you need to have a membership. This is much easier than it sounds. You pay for your membership at the door on your first visit. To obtain your membership they will gather your identification information.

The actual cost of membership is $20 per person for a year. So $20 for singles and $40 for couples. There is also a lifetime membership available for $100 per person. Once they have your id and you have paid the membership fee, they give you your membership card.

In addition to the membership, you have to pay to attend the individual event. The general fee for events is $20 for single women, $70 for couples, and $100 for single men.

Electricity Social Club Review of Amenities

Once you have made it through the doors and taken care of fees at the front desk, you are ready to actually check out the club. The club has several distinct areas for you to check out.

The first area you will come to is the bar area. This is where the BYOB bar is located. Turn your alcohol over to the bartender here. The bartender will serve your alcohol back to you with mixers through the night. This is a fairly simple bar with about 10 barstools at the bar. People tend to wander in and out of this area all night.

Off the bar area, you will find a couple of group playrooms. The big group playroom has a number of seating areas along with a dance floor and stripper pole. This tends to be the busiest room over the course of the evening. This is where most of the people hang out.

There is another smaller group playroom off the bar area as well. This room has a couple of beds in it and also has a bathroom in this area. On the night we visited, this room had very little action just people going in and out of the bathroom.

There was also a small dungeon area off the bar area. This is a BDSM area with a few items like a rack and table. We did not see anyone using this area for BDSM but apparently, it does get used sometimes.

There is also an indoor smoking room right off the bar area as well. This room has a door that remains closed to keep the smoke inside.

There is a small area in a corridor behind the bar that has a couple of exhibition beds. These beds allow couples to put on a show while onlookers stay behind a rope to observe. This lets someone indulge their exhibitionist side without having anyone else too close to them.

The other major area is the area for the private playrooms. This area has about 10 rooms with beds that you can go visit. These rooms are not open to wander around.

You check in with an attendant and they will take you and whoever is accompanying you to a room where you can do whatever is on your agenda. These private playrooms are a unique option to play with other couples that we have not seen elsewhere.

We found all of these facilities to be kept clean and in pretty good shape.

Electricity Social Club Events

Sample Electricity Social Club Events list from

The Electricity Social Club puts on different events for each night that they are open. These events can be a great time and a fantastic way to break the ice with others. To find out what events are coming up you can check out their website or check the club events list on

Electricity Social Club Attendee list
Sample Electricity Social Club event listing from

Personally, I prefer to use the list on The advantage of this is that you can sign up as attending the event as an SLS (SwingLifeStyle) member. This lets you see what other SLS members are attending by clicking the View Attendee List link (see picture above).

Once you know who is attending, you can message them ahead of time and get to know them before attending the event. We often use this feature to make a bunch of friends before going to an event at any club or resort.

Electricity Social Club Final Review

If you are into the swinging lifestyle, the Electricity Social Club is definitely worth the visit. While it does not have all the amenities of a Florida swinger resort or the tropical beaches of Hedonism II, it does have tons of swinger fun right in Providence, Rhode Island.

If you are new to the lifestyle, it is perfectly acceptable to just go here and see what is going on. Check it out, I really doubt you will regret it.

Special Note to Men

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Erection quality is very important to most men whether or not they are looking at going to nudist spots. But if you want to be active in the swinger lifestyle, it can be very important to you. I know that when I had erectile dysfunction that it kept me from wanting to try out the swinger lifestyle.

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Being Able to Perform

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