Gainswave Therapy Review: Did it really give me better erections?

Gainswave therapy

After years of suffering from ED and trying all kinds of treatments, I finally discovered Gainswave therapy. None of the other ED treatments were working for me so I had nothing to lose and I decided to give it a try. In this Gainswave therapy review, I will answer the question, “Does Gainswave therapy for ED work?”

I found that Gainswave therapy was extremely effective at treating my ED and improving my overall erection quality. While this treatment was very effective, I did find some Gainswave therapy negatives that led me to find an alternative treatment.

So let’s take a look at my overall experience including my Gainswave results, Gainswave costs, Gainswave negatives, and the Affordable Gainswave Alternative that I discovered. I hope that by the time we are done with this Gainswave therapy review, you will be able to make a decision if this treatment is for you.

My Gainswave Therapy Story

Gainswave therapy is a form of acoustic wave therapy (aka shockwave therapy) that is a noninvasive treatment method for ED. Gainswave works to improve blood flow which is considered to be the root cause of most cases of ED. So like most men, my Gainswave therapy story began with my ED.

About three years ago, I began to have my struggles with ED. In a fairly short period of time, I went from having normal erections to struggling to achieve and maintain an erection. My wife finally convinced me to go to the doctor’s office to have things checked out.

As a man, we are often embarrassed by ED symptoms. I really put off my doctor’s visit for too long. We just hope that things will get better on their own but with ED it seldom does.

Gainswave therapy struggling with ED
You can’t just hope that ED gets better

One of the frustrating things about ED is that men usually never find out what is the root cause. When I went to the doctor’s, I had a big list of possible causes. I had diabetes, I was overweight, and I had high blood pressure.

My doctor gave me a prescription for Viagra and I went to work on lifestyle changes. I got my diabetes under control, I got my blood pressure under control and lost 40 pounds. Unfortunately, none of these lifestyle changes did anything to help with my ED.

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I found that the Viagra did little to help me with my ED and the situation continued to worsen. I ended up trying all of the prescription ED pills but none of them seemed to be really effective.

At this point, my doctor decided to try Trimix with me. Trimix is a prescription penis injection that creates erections in most men. The Trimix did work for me but I had a reaction to one of the ingredients that made it impossible for me to continue using it.

Gainswave therapy vs trimix

My doctor had me try Bimix next. Bimix is another penis injection similar to Trimix but without alprostadil. Bimix was somewhat effective at first but soon it began to become less effective over time. Eventually, I could not achieve a usable erection even with the Bimix injections.

I was completely depressed. I had worked so hard and tried so much but my ED continued to worsen. My doctor thought the next step would be a penis implant which would mean the end of my natural erection ability.

First Finding Out About Gainswave Therapy

I was fairly desperate to find an alternative treatment for my ED. Eventually, I came across a study that showed that shockwave therapy may be effective in treating ED. I then found that Gainswave was the most popular form of this treatment in the USA.

Gainswave is basically a brand name for this type of treatment that is available in most major US cities. This was the kind of treatment that the rich and famous were receiving to treat their issues. I was not sure about this treatment at this point but I really did not have much to lose.

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According to Gainswave, this treatment “utilizes high-frequency, low-intensity sound waves to improve blood flow to the penis, remove micro plaque, and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels.”

They also claimed to have numerous studies showing a greater than 75% success rate in treating ED.

I took the information to my doctor and asked him what he thought of trying out Gainswave. He said that there was not a medical consensus on how effective this treatment was but said that I could go ahead and try it as he did not think it would do any harm and there was a chance that it could help.

My First Gainswave Therapy Treatment

Gainswave therapy
The actual Gainswave device with the wands

I called and made an appointment with the closest Gainswave office and was able to get in within a couple of weeks. When I arrived for my first appointment, I first had a medical screening with a doctor at the Gainswave office.

The Gainswave doctor signed off on me receiving the treatments and recommended a series of six treatments to start the program with. I agreed to try the six treatments and go from there.

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Once that was complete, I was ready for my first Gainswave therapy treatment. I was taken to a room that had a medical chair. I was instructed to take my pants and underwear off and have a seat in the chair. The technician then went over some basic information about the treatment.

One thing that did surprise me was that the Gainswave technician was a young woman. I was a little uncomfortable at first sitting naked from the waist down in a room with this lady but she was extremely nice and soon enough it wasn’t a big deal.

Gainswave therapy technician
Be aware that your Gainswave therapy technician may be a woman

So the actual treatment involves the acoustic waves being emitted into the penis through a wand-like device. There were a couple of different wands that were for different intensity levels of the treatment.

The machine itself would emit a fairly loud “clacking” sound while it was operating. You could still have a conversation but could not speak softly.

The technician put some sort of baby oil on my penis so that the wands would move smoothly along the shaft of the penis. During the treatment, she would move the wand back and forth along the shaft of the penis so that different areas would be hit by the waves.

She said that some men would complain that the treatment was slightly painful but I did not find it to be that way. I thought the treatment felt similar to a pulsating massager and might even be enjoyable in other circumstances.

The actual treatment itself lasts for about 10 minutes. Once you are done, you can just clean up a little, get dressed, and head out.

Not counting the first-time doctor visit, a regular treatment usually only takes 20-30 minutes from the time you check in at the desk to when you head out the door.

My Gainswave Results

Following my first treatment, I did not have any immediate Gainswave results. I continued to receive treatments at a pace of two per week. I was patient as everyone had said it would take a few treatments to see results. Around treatment number five, I started to notice some Gainswave results.

The first Gainswave result that I noticed was that I started to have some nocturnal erections. To a guy without ED, this may sound like such a minor thing but for me it was huge. It had been over a year since I had woken up with an erection.

Gainswave results morning erection
One of my Gainswave results was the return of morning erections

Imagine how excited I was to wake up following my Gainswave therapy with an erection. At this point, it wasn’t a full and firm erection, but it was more than what I had experienced in forever.

Following my Gainswave therapy session # 6, I began to notice even better Gainswave results. At this point, I started to regain my ability to get firm erections with bimix injections. Additionally, I was able to get a semi-soft erection with oral medication alone. Once again this was a huge improvement.

Being encouraged by my Gainswave results from the first six treatments, I signed up for an additional six treatments. With these additional six treatments, I began to experience some truly phenomenal results.

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I continued to experience better and firmer erections following the treatments. By the time I had completed my second series of Gainswave treatments, I was able to consistently obtain a usable erection with just some oral medication and sometimes without the medication.

This was an incredible change from where I had started. This treatment completely turned around my outlook on everything. As my ED situation improved, I found that my mood improved. I am sure that my wife found me a lot easier to deal with.

Gainswave treatment spark
Gainswave treatments gave me back that spark

At this point, I wanted to continue treatments but had to slow down due to financial reasons (see the Gainswave Cost section). I did get a few more Gainswave treatments but spread them out to once a month so that I did not lose any of my gains.

Eventually, I found a Gainswave alternative that let me significantly increase the number of treatments that I received at a much more affordable level. This alternative uses the same technology as Gainswave so I am sure that the results would have been similar if I had continued with Gainswave treatments.

Once I was able to receive these treatments on a regular basis, my erection quality drastically improved. I am currently able to achieve extremely full and hard erections without any medication. The technology behind the Gainswave treatments has fully restored my erection ability.

My Gainswave Cost

My Gainswave cost

Gainswave cost is very consistent from one provider to another. I have found that you will usually pay $500 per session. The Gainswave treatment providers will also give you a little bit of a deal when you buy your treatments in groups of six. You can usually get a Gainswave cost of six treatments for $2000.

The other major cost factor is that your insurance will not cover Gainswave treatments. So you will have to pay for this out of pocket.

The other thing that you can occasionally do is get a deal on some other services that they offer. These are usually small private practices doesn’t hurt to ask because they can sometimes make a deal for you.

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I know that once I bought a bundle of six treatments and some vitamin therapies from my Gainswave treatment provider. The treatments were normally $2000 and the vitamin therapies were around $400. I got both for $2200 but I had to ask.

So as you can obviously see, Gainwave cost can be very expensive. If you have ED like I did and need 12 treatments, you are looking at $4000 to get started. Then if you need a couple of follow-up treatments per month, you could be looking at an additional $8000 per year.

I guess this is why it was always mostly the rich and famous that got this treatment. If you don’t have ED and you are just looking for a little boost, then maybe spending $2000 on six treatments will get you through the year.

Gainswave Negatives

Gainswave negatives

The huge positive of Gainswave therapy is that it can really restore your natural erection ability. If you are like me, this is just huge and is sure to outweigh almost any Gainswave negative. That being said, there are some definite Gainswave negatives.

The number one Gainswave negative is just the cost of the actual treatments. In the section above, you could definitely see how quickly this could add up. I do not think that I need to explain how this is difficult for a middle-class man or virtually impossible if you have an income below the middle-class level.

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Another possible Gainswave negative is if you are easily embarrassed or self-conscious. You will be sitting in a chair, naked from the waist down while someone works on your penis. You will be doing this multiple times over the course of weeks and it could be a man or woman doing it. For some, it is no big deal for others it could be.

The third Gainswave negative is that you need to make time for all of these appointments. My Gainswave therapy provider was open Monday through Friday from 9-5. So I needed to schedule multiple appointments during the work week and get there. The appointments were not long but this was a pain.

Of course, most men find the biggest Gainswave negative to be the cost but all three can affect you. Luckily, I found a Gainswave alternative that addressed all three of these Gainswave negatives.

The Gainswave Therapy Alternative

My Gainswave therapy alternative The Phoenix Device
My Gainswave therapy alternative The Phoenix Device

The fabulous Gainswave results that I had made it really difficult when the treatments became cost-prohibitive. I could not afford to continue with Gainswave treatments over the long term. I have a modest income and a family to support.

After my initial 12 treatments, I wanted to have more treatments to keep improving my erection quality, and then I would need some monthly maintenance treatments. I would probably need to keep taking follow-up Gainswave treatments for the rest of my life to maintain my erection quality.

I just could not afford the $8,000 per year that this would cost me for these treatments. I began researching alternatives to Gainswave therapy.

This is when I discovered the Phoenix device. This device uses the same technology as Gainswave therapy but it is designed for home use. According to AP News, Gainswave and the makers of the Phoenix device have reached a legal settlement where Gainswave provides in-office treatments and the Phoenix device is for at-home treatments.

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The best part was that the Phoenix device was available for just a fraction of the price of Gainswave therapy. With the Phoenix device, you can get your treatments for less than $11 per session instead of the $500 with Gainswave therapy.

Additionally, since the Phoenix device was designed for at-home use, all of the other negatives of Gainswave were gone. No scheduling office visits and no hanging out naked in an office chair.

I decided to order the Phoenix device and give it a try. I am so glad that I made this decision.

I found that the Phoenix device was everything that I was hoping for. It was just as effective as Gainswave therapy. I was able to continue a treatment program until I was able to fully restore my ability to achieve firm and hard erections without medication.

The Phoenix device gave me a chance to have the sex life that I wanted without any of the Gainswave negatives. Check out the article Review Of The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device: Improved erection quality? for my complete review of this device.

This article even has some details on how to get your Phoenix device at a substantial discount.

Gainswave Therapy Review Summary

In general, I found that Gainswave therapy was an extremely effective way to treat ED and improve erection quality. When I received Gainswave therapy, I went from being unable to achieve an erection with medication to regaining my ability to achieve an erection.

The technology behind Gainswave therapy was truly life-changing for me. Prior to Gainswave, I had basically given up on ever having natural erections again.

Gainswave would have been absolutely perfect for me if not for a few Gainswave negatives. The biggest negative that impacted everything was the extremely high cost of the Gainswave therapy. I had finally found the answer to my ED problem but was unable to afford it.

Luckily, I was able to find a Gainswave alternative in the Phoenix device that allowed me to receive this amazing treatment protocol at a much more affordable rate. Both the Phoenix device and Gainswave therapy are truly amazing, the big difference is in the cost of the treatments.

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