Total Man Heating Pad for Penis Enlargement: Great Results

Heating Pad for Penis Enlargement
Total Man INFRARED Heat Pad

After a lot of wasted time and money, I finally found out how to get real penis enlargement over time. With the use of penis traction devices and a quality penis heating pad like the Total Man heating pad, I gained 1 1/2″ of length in a year. So how do you use the Total Man heating pad to increase length?

In general, a quality penis heating pad like the Total Man heating pad is an essential part of a penis enlargement program. The use of the infrared Total Man heat pad will allow you to accelerate your results while giving you the increased safety of warming up before your penis enlargement program.

So let’s take a look at the Total Man heating pad and how I incorporate it into gaining my documented penis enlargement results. We will look at how I used the Total Man heat pad and how it affected my results. We will look at how the results compare to the relatively low price of this device.

My Total Man Heating Pad Results

I have used the Total Man heating pad as an essential part of my penis enlargement program. With the help of my penis heating pad, I have gained over 1 1/2″ of penis length over time. This penis enlargement has given me confidence that I never thought I would have.

The use of a Total Man heat pad will not increase your penis size on its own. You need to incorporate its use into an overall penis enlargement program. I use the whole Total Man System which is an incredibly affordable system that lets you take an effective approach to penis enlargement.

I used the Total Man heating pad immediately before doing any active stretching program whether it be with weights, penis pumps, or a penis extender. The use of the heating pad prior to active stretching will both reduce your risk of injury and increase your results from your penis enlargement program.

The Total Man heat pad is the best penis heating pad on the market. It is an infrared heat pad that gives you more penetrating heat for better results. It is also perfectly sized and designed to wrap around your penis and provide heat to the whole shaft of the penis.

I know that when I started using the TotalMan heat pad my results really took off. The gains that I achieved after using this heat pad were truly amazing. This heating pad is pretty affordable especially if you use the available discount code. It is really inexpensive if bought as part of the system.

Compared to other penis enlargement techniques. You get a lot more results and bang for your buck out of the Total Man penis enlargement system and the Total Man heating pad.

Total Man Heat Pad Before and After

The following table documents by results over time using penis traction systems including the Total Man System and the Total Man heating pad.

Penis Traction Device ResultsStart of Use first penis traction device 1 Month of Use
4 Months of Use
8 Months of Use 12 Months of Use
2022 Update
over 1 year of use
(see notes)
Penis Length (inches)6.506.8757.3757.58.08.25
Penis Length Gain (inches)n/a0.375
0.875 (13.5%)1.0
Penis Circumference (inches)5.8756.
Penis Circumference Gain (inches)n/a0.125
0.675 (11.5%)0.675
Approximate Penis Volume (cubic inches calculated as V=πr2h)17.7919.63524.7125.1831.1933.26
Penis Volume Gain (cubic inches)n/a1.845
6.92 (38.9%)7.39
Total Man system Results Chart

2022 Note: I have achieved my penis enlargement goals of 8.25″ in length and over 7″ in circumference. Actually, my wife has told me that it is more than big enough. At this point, I am not trying to enlarge my penis. I just use the Total Man System a couple of times a month to make sure that I maintain my gains.

My Total Man Before and After Pictures

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and I am sure that may be the case for Total Man Shop system results. Over the course of my enlargement program, I used two high-quality penis enlargement systems with the Phallosan Forte and the Total Man System.

I still recommend both systems for maximum results but the Total Man system is my #1 recommendation because it is so much less expensive than any other quality system. You can read my whole story at Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results.

I have blurred the penis part of the pictures below but you can see how I have received excellent results from my use of penis traction devices and active stretching. If you want to see the pictures without the blurring you can do so here.

Here is my Total Man before and after pictures:

How the Total Man System Uses the Penis Heating Pad

The Total Man system utilizes the only scientifically proven method of penis lengthening which is penis traction devices. It then kicks this up a notch by incorporating active stretching into your traction program. This will really speed up your results.

Active stretching is the use of larger forces like weights to place more intense forces on the penis for short periods of time. This really places the penis tissue under stress and triggers the process known as mitosis which is the beginning of cell division.

The passive healing portion of the Total Man System called the All Day Stretcher keeps the penis in an elongated shape while cytokinesis occurs. This is the actual cell division that leads to tissue growth which is the actual penis enlargement.

The Total Man heating pad plays a huge role in the active stretching portion of this program. The heating of the penis prior to active stretching reduces the risk of energy and lets you maximize your results.

More specifically, the Total Man heat pad uses infrared heat for deeper and more effective warming of the penis. This pad is also designed to effectively wrap around the penis to maximize your results.

Total Man Heating Pad Price and Discount Code

You will find that the Total Man System is the most cost-effective and just overall results effective penis enlargement system on the market. The Total Man heating pad is available at a really good price as well. It is only $59 on its own but you can get it for even less than that.

The easiest way to save money is to use the discount code. Sometimes there are some great discounts available on the site but there is a code that is available 365 days a year. Go to the Total Man website using this link and enter code TheMonsterSite to save 12% off your purchase every day.

Another great way to save on your whole purchase is to buy one of the Ultimate Kits with all of the add-ons. This is truly the best penis enlargement program out there as it includes everything for active stretching and passive healing.

Here comes the list of what you get:


  • Compression Hanger
  • 2 x 1M TPE Theraband, 5cm wide, 0.5mm thick
  • Polyester webbing strap – 400mm x 5cm
  • Clamp-Mini Hanger


  • 3 x Total Man Chambers (Sizes available 1-2-3-4-5)  
  • Compact accordion pump – Super discreet and super effective enabling you to take it anywhere you need
  • Silicone vacuum hose (Alternative method for pump) 
  • 3 x Spandex Sleeves for all Vacuum Chamber methods and Passive Healing Sleeve set-up 
  • 2 X 6-inch Silicone Sleeve (choice of 3 sizes: 21mm, 26mm, 32mm inner diameter)
  • 3 rolls of Micropore tape 


  • Solid 2-piece Plate Hanger that suits both standard plates (25mm bore/hole) or Olympic size plates (50mm bore/hole)   


  • Leg Band plus easy to adjust Nylon tension system  (for All Day Vacuum Stretching and Clamp Stretching) 
  • Total Man length and girth ruler

Premium Add ons

  • Pulley System (allowing you to be fully seated while compression or vacuum hanging!)   
  • Rod Extender Frame – Using what’s included in the Ultimate Package you can then Compression Extend or Vacuum Extend) 
  • Infrared heat pad – 3 heat settings (penetrate  up to 10 times deeper than regular heat pads making tissues more pliable for stretching and increasing blood flow for healing) 

All of this is available for just $205 and if you use the coupon code listed above you can get it all for just $189. This is just incredible. I would have paid that for just the specially designed infrared heater.

Lengthening the Penis Scientific Studies

The only proven way to lengthen the penis is through the use of penis traction devices. Even if you have surgery to lengthen the penis, you will need to use a penis traction device to maximize your gains. The use of a penis heating pad will help accelerate these results.

Below is a list of just a few studies demonstrating the effectiveness of penis traction devices like the All Day Stretcher component of the Total Man System.

To find a quality penis traction device, you can check out our article on the Top 5 Penis Traction Devices. For a quality heating pad for penis lengthening, I would suggest a good infrared device like The Total Man INFRARED Heat Pad.

Why Use A Penis Heating Pad

The idea behind penis traction devices for penis lengthening is to place the penis under small amounts of stress. This stress causes micro tears that heal and result in the penis healing in an elongated position. Of course, with any type of exercise, there is the danger of overdoing it.

A heating pad is a well-known method of loosening ligaments and tissue before placing the body under stress. This will reduce the risk of injury to the penis.

I also believe that the heat helps to stretch the ligaments thus allowing the portion of your penis that is hidden inside your body to advance forward and thus appear longer.

With penis traction devices, the key is to get in at least six hours of traction per day on a consistent basis. This is a lot of stretching. The use of heat prior to putting the traction device on reduces the risk of any injury.

It also helps to stretch the penis so that you can set the traction device at a longer stretched point that is comfortable. This will help maximize your gains.

Types of Heating Pads for Penis Lengthening

There are a number of different types of heating pads that you can use. They range all way from the rice bag to the high-quality infrared devices. The most important thing is to use one regardless of the type to reduce the risk of injury.

I prefer electronic heating pads as they give you a more consistent temperature every time you use them. The simple kinds of these can be found at Wal-Mart or on Amazon.

The better kind is to get an infrared heating pad that is designed for penis enlargement like the Total Man INFRARED Heat Pad.

These infrared pads offer advantages like:

Infrared wavelengths have been shown to: 

Infrared wave lengths have been shown to: 
Promoting healing
Easing pain
Relieving and reducing inflammation
Protecting cells and tissues against oxidative stress
Stimulating new production of cells and tissues
Penetrate up to 10 times deeper than conventional heat pads (therefore targeting the tissues also targeted in many penis enlargement methods)

How to Use the Total Man Heating Pad

Prior to using your penis traction device, I recommend that you use your Total Man heating pad for at least ten minutes on the penis. This will get all of the tissue warmed up so that it can stretch easily without causing any damage.

It is best to wrap the heating pad around the shaft of the penis. I try to be sure to warm the shaft very close to the testicles so that I am warming the internal penis as well as the shaft.

Total Man Heat Pad in Use
Heating Pad Wrap

If you have a large flaccid penis you can readjust the position of the heating pad to make sure that all areas are warmed. I do recommend that the last area that your warm is the area closest to the testicles.

Total Man Heat Pad with Active Penis Enlargement

Active penis enlargement is the use of aggressive short-term stresses on the penis for enlargement. Some examples of this would be penis weights, vacuum devices, and many manual exercises.

It is dangerous to perform any of these activities for an extended period of time because the pressures placed on the penis can cause damage. It only makes sense that more aggressive techniques are more likely to cause injury.

Due to the stresses of these exercises, you can not do them long enough to make gains without causing damage. However, there is a way around this.

Recently, I have found that I could accelerate my penis traction device length gains by adding active penis enlargement. By using an active methods like penis weights, I was able to extend the penis fully prior to using the traction device.

This allowed the traction device to safely hold the penis in the elongated state while passive healing took place. You can read about my experience with combining the two methods in my Review of the Total Man Penis Traction Device.

If you are going to use this more advanced method, the heating pad is truly essential. The heating pad will minimize the possible risks involved with this type of program. With active training, I recommend using the heating device for ten minutes both before and after your program. The before reduces injuries and the after promotes blood flow for healing.

So the order of use with Active penis enlargement is :

  • Infrared Heating Pad (or another type) 10 minutes
  • Active Penis Enlargement (weights, vacuum, exercises, etc…) 10 minutes
  • Infrared Heating Pad (or other heating pad) 10 minutes
  • Penis Traction Device for six hours

Total Man Heating Pad Use for Penis Vacuum Devices

I also recommend using a heating pad wrap on your vacuum device like the Total Man INFRARED Heat Pad. This will again reduce the chance of injury while maximizing results. Just wrap it around the vacuum device to warm the penis while in use. The heat will allow the penis to stretch more in the vacuum tube.

Pump with Infrared Pad
Vacuum Pump with Infrared Pad

I normally use a higher quality vacuum pump like the Bathmate Line of pumps in order to get the best thickness gains. This type of pump uses warm water to provide the same benefits. Unfortunately, I do not dare use the infrared heating pad with it because of the whole water and electricity mix.

If you do not have access to a Bathmate pump, then the next best thing would be to use an infrared pad with your air vacuum pump.


The Total Man ehating pad use is essential to maximize gains in a penis enlargement program. These devices will reduce injuries and maximize your results.

For best results, I recommend the Total Man INFRARED Heat Pad but I would rather see you use an old rice pad than nothing at all. It is that important.

Heating pads are of great help when using a penis traction device but they become critical if you are going to integrate active techniques into your penis enlargement program.

These active techniques can be dangerous if you overdo them. But if you use a heating pad and take it easy, you will be amazed by the results.

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