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Hedonism II Review: The best swinger lifestyle resort

Hedonism II Review the pool

My wife and I have been visiting swinger lifestyle resorts for several years now. These are our favorite places to visit. After visiting a number of resorts both inside and outside the USA, we are happy to offer our Hedonism II review.

In general, Hedonism II is the best swinger lifestyle resort that you can visit. This is not a resort for first-timers as it can be a little on the intense side. But if you are into the lifestyle you will not find a better resort where the action is nonstop and the people are great.

So now let’s take a look at what Hedonism II swinger resort has to offer. We will look at the overall review score, the amenities offered, the adult playrooms, the Hedonism II sex scene, other activities, Hedonism II cost, rooms, shows, the marijuana scene at Hedonism II, and Important Note to All Men that may be concerned about their first visit to a place like this.

The Hedonism II Review

The Hedonism II swinger resort is just hands down our favorite swinger resort to visit. This tropical resort is located on the island of Jamaica and is just absolutely gorgeous. This all-inclusive resort definitely caters to those involved in the swinger lifestyle. We give this resort an Excellent rating.

This resort has an all-day party atmosphere that is fun at all times. You will find that the other guests and the staff are some of the nicest people that you will ever meet. If you are into the swinger lifestyle, this resort should be in the #1 spot on your to-do list.

Hedonism II Beach picture
Hedonism II beach picture

Pretty much everyone that comes to this resort is looking to meet new friends and has come to play. If you are looking to make new swinger connections, you can not do any better than this place.

The local staff here is incredibly friendly and does whatever they can to make you feel right at home. My wife and I always felt safe here with staff always present but never feeling intrusive or in the way.

The entertainment options at Hedonism II were fun and sexy from the daytime games at the nude pool to the big nightly shows.

Below is a table breaking down our review score of Hedonism II:

Area of ReviewScoreComments
Overall ScoreA+Simply the best swinger lifestyle resort
LocationA+The island of Jamaica is simply beautiful. The resort has stunning beaches and a wonderful climate. The temperature stays around the mid-80s all year round.
Resort AmenitiesAHedonism II has all of the resort amenities that you would expect from an all-inclusive resort. You can truly find relax and enjoy yourself.
Swinger Lifestyle AmenitiesA+The whole resort is geared towards fulfilling the wishes of the swinger lifestyle visitors. The nude pool areas, the nightly shows, and the playrooms all have that swinger vibe.
Pricing AThis resort may seem a little expensive at first but when you break down the price for what you get (accommodations, drinks, meals, activities, and tips) it is actually very reasonable.
Hedonism II Review Score

You can see that we have been basically blown away by what you find at the Hedonism II swinger resort.

Everything at Hedonism II is designed with your comfort in mind so that you can spend your time exploring the swinger lifestyle. However, if you are a man dealing with some of the insecurities that I know I felt when we started visiting swinger lifestyle resorts, be sure to check out the Important Note to All Men Section.

Facilities and Activities at Hedonism II

Hedonism II the boat dock
Hedonism II dock

The amenities at the Hedonism II swinger resort are almost too much to list. The facilities are top-notch and there are tons of activities at Hedonism II.

First of all, there is the all-inclusive nature of the resort. This includes drinks from numerous bars. Also included are meals, and snacks from numerous restaurants, a grill, and a great buffet. Additionally, all tips are included. Basically, one price covers everything.

Hedonism II the beach
The beach at Hedonism II

The other amenities include a nude beach, a clothing-optional beach, nude pool, nude hot tub, clothing-optional pool, clothing-optional hot tub, large adult playroom, a poolside adult playroom, disco bar with dancefloor, piano bar, basketball court, tennis courts, billiards, volleyball, pickleball, shuffleboard, glass-bottom boat excursions, snorkeling excursions, kayaks, sailboats, adult store, and nightly entertainment.

You can stay occupied all week with stuff to do. There is always something going on no matter what kind of fun you are into.

The Hedonism II Adult Playrooms

Hedonism II playroom
Adult Playroom at Hedonism II

To be honest, we did not spend a lot of time in the adult playrooms at Hedonism II. There were so many opportunities for swinger activity at the other locations at this resort that there did not seem to be a need to use them.

The main playroom is known as the Romping Shop. This is not a store as I initially assumed but a rather nice playroom.

The main area of the playroom is pictured above. When this area is open as the playroom, there are a bunch of mattresses laid down. Some are pushed together and some are off separate. This allows you to play under the night sky in this area.

The second area of the Romping Shop was located right off this courtyard area. It had several beds as well in addition to a sex swing. This area’s beds were separate but very close to each other. This provided an excellent opportunity to see or be seen by others.

Hedonism II poolside playroom
Hedonism II Poolside Adult Playroom

Additionally, there was a small playroom that was located right next to the nude pool area. This room had a couple of beds and made it easy to go to if you got excited at the pool and needed a place for some quick fun.

The Sex Scene at Hedonism II

Our favorite place to hang out was the nude pool area. This area that featured a pool, hot tub area, and swim-up bar was the happening place most afternoons and late evenings. This area would stay active until at least 4 am. This tended to be the area where swinger couples would meet other swingers.

Of course, free alcohol and naked people will lead to the expected behavior. This area would get pretty crazy at night.

This area was almost like a giant adult playroom in the evening. People would hang out and meet. If they hit it off there would often be some sexual activity that took place at the pool. It was a very sexually charged environment.

Additionally, many people would meet up at the nude pool area and head to one of the playroom areas or back to their individual rooms.

Our Other Favorite Activities at Hedonism II

Hedonism II piano bar
The Piano Bar

Another favorite spot that we had was the piano bar. This spot was not full of swinger activity but it was just fun. It was a great time to sing along to some 80s music while having a few drinks. This bar would open at 10 pm every night.

This has very little to do with the swinger lifestyle but we just loved this place. Singing along to Piano Man and belting out Journey songs.

Hedonism II Cost

Hedonism II entrance

Any Hedonism II review must take a good look at the cost of attending this all-inclusive resort. At first glance, the Hedonism II cost may seem rather expensive but when you take a good look at everything it is actually pretty reasonable.

The prices vary greatly based on the type of room that you get and what time of the year you go. These prices can vary greatly from week to week so the table below is just sample prices from the low price point in summer to the high price point in winter.

RoomSample Summer Nightly RateSample Winter Nightly Rate
Clothing Optional Garden View$398$566
Clothing Optional Ocean View$420$650
Garden View Au Natural$420$668
Ocean View Au Natural$440$712
Ocean View Au Natural Hot Tub$618$738
Premium Ocean View Au Natural$738$928
Hedonism II nightly prices

This price is for the all-inclusive resort. This covers your room, all resort fees, all meals, all drinks (including alcohol), and all gratuities (you are not supposed to tip at all). The only thing not covered is any spa treatments and some extra excursions that some take.

When you compare this to the cost of a resort in the USA it is actually pretty good. A decent resort in the USA like the Caliente or the Rooftop Resort (both in Florida) will entail similar prices. A room at one of these places will cost around $200 a night.

That $200 per night does not cover meals, drinks, tips, and sometimes the resort fees like you get at Hedonism II. It is very easy for everything to add up at these other resorts. I have found that it is extremely easy to get up to $400 to $500 per night for a couple especially if you enjoy a few adult beverages.

This easily puts you into the price range of the lower-cost rooms. What I really enjoy about the all-inclusive pricing is that you know what you are spending upfront. This makes it easy to budget for your vacation with minimal surprises.

Overall, Hedonism II offers an experience that you really won’t find anywhere else at a fairly reasonable price.

Hedonism II The Rooms

Hedonism II room
Our Room at Hedonism II

We found that the rooms at Hedonism II were nice but not opulent. I would suggest not going overboard on the rooms unless money is not a big issue for you. We spent very little time in our room except for sleeping.

Maybe if you are going with friends or a group that you plan on spending private time with, you might want to go with the more premium rooms. But for the most part, you will be spending your time meeting people at the pools, beaches, and activities.

Even the lower-end rooms come with king-size beds, a window seat, a mini-refrigerator, and standard hotel room features. They will bump you up some if the resort is not full. We paid for a Clothing Optional Garden View room and got bumped up to an Ocean View Au Natural room for free.

Hedonism II view from the room
View from our window at Hedonism II

Hedonism II Difference Between Nude Side and Clothing Optional Side

One thing that we found a little confusing before going to Hedonism II was the difference between the nude side and the clothing-optional (prude) side. The difference is not as much as you might think.

First of all, you do not have to be nude at all times on the nude side (for some reason I thought this was the case). You just need to be nude in order to use the pool, hot tub, or layout on the beach. You can walk around with clothing on or be completely nude. We would walk to the nude pool and undress there.

The clothing-optional side is just that. You can be nude or clothed on this side no matter what you are doing. At the pool on the clothing optional side, most people were still naked.

Hedonism II Map
Hedonism II map from

From the Map above you can see that the nude side is the right-hand side of the map and the clothing-optional is on the left side. The beach, pool, and hot tubs on the right-hand side are nude. The ones on the left side are clothing optional.

For the rooms, the two sets of buildings that run along the beach are ocean views. The rooms further back from the beach are the garden view rooms.

The Hedonism II Shows and Entertainment

There are some great entertainment options at Hedonism II. Nightly they have shows in the big hall. This usually includes the Hedonism dancers that put on a great show. There is also some great music and fun. They have costume contests and other special shows.

The week that we were at Hedonism II there was a show featuring the Black Tape Project models. This was a bunch of beautiful models. The pictures above are from the model show they put on.

Additional entertainment could be found at the nude pool during the daytime. They would have music, trivia, sexual games, and more.

The Average Age, Body Type, Penis Size, and Sex at Hedonism II

The crowd at Hedonism II had all different ages, body types, and penis sizes. No matter what your appearance is, you should not feel out of place at Hedonism II.

This resort had basically a 50/50 mix of males and females. Almost all of the people at this resort were part of a couple. Unlike some other resorts, there did not seem to be a lot of single men running around.

In general, the body type of people at Hedonism II was a little more fit than the average American but not exceptionally so. There were larger people and skinny people but in general just a little more athletic than what you would find in the USA. But you will not feel out of place even if you are a little on the heavier side (put this writer in that category).

The age for people at Hedonism II was all over the place. Some were in their twenties and some were in their 80s. I would say that the average age was probably somewhere near 45. Once again, you will not feel out of place no matter what your age.

My wife and I really did notice that penis size was really large at Hedonism II. Once again, there were all different penis sizes here but they definitely were bigger on average. Of all of the resorts, we have ever gone to the penis size at Hedonism II was definitely the biggest.

We observed a lot of large penis sizes. Many of the men here seemed to fall into the 7″ to 8″ category which is really big in real life. My wife who is usually pretty quiet about this type of stuff even mentioned this on the first day.

Basically, it seems that men with bigger penises are more comfortable showing them in public. To learn more about this issue, you can check out Penis Size at Nudist Resorts for more information.

The Marijuana Scene at Hedonism II

Being Jamaica, there was a very large presence of marijuana at Hedonism II. They had their own pot shop that had an assortment of marijuana products.

Additionally, there were a lot of locals that were selling marijuana and other assorted drugs at the beach. If you were in the market for it, you could find someone to sell it to you.

Takeaways from Hedonism II Review

The major takeaway from this Hedonism II review should be this. If you are into the swinger lifestyle, you need to visit Hedonism II. This is a swinger resort that is the gold standard for swingers.

When you break down the cost of a visit here, it is more affordable than what you may think. Put this resort on your bucket list and start saving.

You will remember your time at Hedonism II for the rest of your life.

Important Note to All Men

I love the lifestyle that my wife and I have now. We visit nude beaches and nude resorts all the time and have a great time. I never felt comfortable doing this before because I struggled for years with erectile dysfunction and feelings of insecurity about my penis size

I knew that my wife loved me no matter what but I felt uncomfortable going to nude places or any sexually charged place because I just could not perform properly. My erectile dysfunction took over my life and destroyed my self-confidence.

For similar reasons, I felt insecure about my penis size. I knew that I was actually about average in that area but that was not good enough for me.

If I was going to surround my wife and myself with other naked couples, I wanted to be above average. It was no different than exercising and lifting weights to lose weight and add muscle. I just wanted to look my best in these circumstances.

If you are going to engage in the swinger lifestyle, you need to be confident in yourself. You don’t need to worry about the same things that I did because it is not important to everyone. But if you do worry about these things then do something about it.

How I Gave Myself the Confidence to Embrace the Lifestyle

Confidence is extremely important for any man to enjoy the swinger lifestyle. If you have the same concerns that I had then there is hope for you.

Your top priority has to be your erection quality which is addressed in the Being Able to Perform section below. Without good erection quality, it is really hard to enjoy the swinger lifestyle or work on an issue like penis size.

Penis size is a little more difficult to address but it can be done with a little time and effort. Read the Making an Impression section below to find out how to do this in a scientifically proven method.

Being Able to Perform

I tried everything to overcome my erectile dysfunction without success. I tried the prescription pills, supplements, penis injections, and vacuum devices/rings. After everything failed, I thought that penis implant surgery was my only option.

That is when I discovered acoustic wave therapy. This type of treatment was the cure for my erectile dysfunction and changed my life around.

I personally used the Phoenix device to help overcome my erectile dysfunction. The Phoenix is a fully functional FDA-registered device for home use with a 98% success rate.

The Phoenix device is shown to fix poor blood flow which is the leading cause of ED. Additionally, the Phoenix safely eliminates plaque in penile blood vessels and triggers the growth of more blood vessels.

I truly believe in this product. Whether you try the Phoenix or some other form of acoustic wave therapy, you really need to check it out before settling on a life with erectile dysfunction or getting an implant.

Making an Impression

In regards to penis size, there is only one way to actually increase your penis size. This is not through the use of magic pills, lotions, or any other quick and easy fix. The use of penis traction devices is the only way that works but it takes time and effort.

This is the only method that has been scientifically studied and proven to work for penis enlargement. This is not easy and you need to really be committed to the use of these devices in order for it to work. With these devices and a commitment on my part, I was able to add over an inch of length to my penis.

To find out more about penis traction devices be sure to read Do Penis Traction Devices work? This article contains information about the devices, scientific studies about the devices, and my personal results using the devices.

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