Is 7 Inches Big? Average vs big and what women want.

Is 7 Inches Big?

Like many men, I have spent a great deal of time worried about my penis size. I used to wonder where is that line between average penis size and big penis size. My research led me to look into the question, “Is 7 inches big?”

A 7 inch penis is much larger than the average penis. A seven inch penis is above the normal range of penis size that you would normally find in the general public. Most studies indicate that 7 inches is more than enough to satisfy most sexual partners and may be too much for some.

So let’s take a look at all the data behind answering “Is 7 inches big?” We will look at the average size studies, the studies on women’s preferences, women’s satisfaction with a 7 inch penis, a seven inch penis & pregnancy, and What You Can Do To Make Your Penis Larger.

Is 7 Inches Big? The Average Data Source

Is 7 Inches Big?  The Average Data Source

If you ask, “Is 7 inches big?” A lot of people will say that a 7 inch penis is above average but is it actually big. The actual data indicates that a seven inch penis is well above normal.

The findings of the best study on penis size were that the average erect penis was 5.16″ long. So a 7 inch penis would be 35.7% longer than the average penis. This is a fairly significant amount above the average.

Additionally, 95 percent of men fall in the 3.9″ to 6.5″ range so a 7 inch penis would come in as being larger than what is found in the normal range of penis sizes. According to the study data, a seven inch penis would be bigger than what 99% of men are packing.

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So while a 7 inch penis is not a medical oddity, it is definitely not common. This is a true seven inch penis that is measured in the correct way.

In order to answer the question “Is seven inches big?” We used the most comprehensive study on erect penis length which was titled “Am I normal? A systematic review and construction of nomograms for flaccid and erect penis length and circumference in up to 15 521 men“.

This study was reported in the British Journal of Urology International and is considered by most to be the gold standard of erect penis length statistics. This paper combined the information from multiple studies that involved the measurement of over 15,000 men.

All measurements that were included in the study were taken by medical professionals. Why is that important? Because most studies that rely on men measuring their own penis come in with much larger average penis sizes. It may be a surprise but apparently, some men exaggerate about their penis size.

All measurements in the BJUI study were taken as bone-pressed measurements (this is the right way to measure the penis). To take this measurement, place a ruler along the top side of your penis. Firmly push the ruler against the pubic bone at the base of the penis compressing the fat there.

Penis length will be the measurement at the tip of the glans. Do not measure underneath the penis, along the side, up from your ankle, or anything crazy like that.

Is Seven Inches Big When Compared to What Women Want?

Is Seven Inches Big When Compared to What Women Want?

Another way to answer the question “Is seven inches big?” is to compare the 7 inch penis size to the penis size that women want in a sexual partner. The answer in this section also puts the seven inch penis on the positive side of things.

The 7 inch erect penis is slightly longer than the average 6.4-inch penis size that women said they preferred. The 7 inch penis would be 9.4% longer than what women prefer for a penis length in a sexual partner. So it may be a little too much for some but is likely to be in the good zone for most.

The basis for these statistics is the Women’s Preferences for Penis Size: A New Research Method Using Selection among 3D Models study completed by researchers from the University of California and the University of New Mexico.

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In this study, women were presented with 33 3d models of different sizes representing the penis size of potential partners. They were asked to select the model that best reflected their penis size preference in both a one-time sexual partner and a long-term sexual partner.

The average model selected for the one-time sexual partner was 6.4″ long and for long-term sexual partners, it was 6.3″ long. Another interesting fact was that 20% of the women in the study said that they had left a partner because his penis was too small.

Is 7 Inches Big Enough To Satisfy A Woman?

Is 7 Inches Big Enough To Satisfy A Woman?

This question is a lot more nuanced than some of the other questions. The basic answer is that 7 inches should be enough to satisfy almost any woman.

The seven-inch penis size puts the owner in the top 1% globally so if this is not enough for a woman, she would have a hard time finding a partner to fit her needs.

Men in general may place too much emphasis on penis size when trying to figure out what women want. First of all, women really do not place as much emphasis on penis size as men might think they do. If you are somewhere near the average, you are likely to be able to satisfy a woman.

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If you asked women to choose between a Brad Pitt look-alike with a 5-inch penis and a Ron Jeremy look-alike with a huge penis, over 90% will pick the Brad Pitt look-alike. Throw in the attraction of personality, humor, career, and money and you will find penis size way down on the list.

You can satisfy women in a lot of ways other than shoving a huge penis in them. That being said if you go by the studies, women would prefer the Brad Pitt look-alike with the 6.4″ penis over the one with the 5-inch penis.

Also, do not forget the study showing that 20% of women left a partner because their penis was too small. So while penis size is not the whole story of satisfying a woman, it does play a part in at least some of them.

Most women will find seven inches enough to satisfy them but some will be wanting more and some wanting less.

Is 7 Inches Enough To Get A Woman Pregnant?

Is 7 Inches Enough To Get A Woman Pregnant?

Is 7 inches enough to get a woman pregnant? Yes, a 7 inch erect penis is more than long enough to get a woman pregnant.

According to the experts, the quality of the sperm has the most to do with your chances of getting someone pregnant and the size of the penis has nothing to do with it. According to a Health article, you can get a woman pregnant even if you have a micropenis (under 2.8 inches).

What To Do If 7 Inches Is Not Enough For You? Make It Bigger

So what do you do if a 7 inch penis is not enough for you or if you have less than 7 inches and want to have more? The good news is that there are some things that you can do about it.

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  1. Work on your erection quality. The more firm and full your erections are the larger your penis will appear and feel. Additionally, ED may shorten your penis over time (source). I strongly recommend that you check out our article on the Phoenix device. This FDA-registered acoustic wave device treats the root cause of poor erection quality and does not just mask it like prescription pills or injections.
  2. Lose some weight. That fat pad at the base of your penis makes it look much smaller. It is said that your penis will appear 1 inch longer for every 20-30 pounds you lose.
  3. Trim it up. Trim your pubic hair to make your penis appear bigger. The tree looks bigger when the grass is shorter.
  4. Actually, make your penis longer. It is not easy but penis traction devices are the only scientifically proven way to actually make your penis longer. These devices are even necessary to make penis enlargement surgery work. I have used these devices and had phenomenal results with both the Phallosan Forte and The Total Man System to gain over an inch in penis length. For my story, documented results and proof pictures read Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results.
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  1. I have a penis of 7inches. and a 5 and a half girth,,but have never considered myself to be bigger than average,

    1. If you are measuring yourself correctly, you are definitely significantly bigger than average. Congratulations, use it well.

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