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Lake Como Nudist Resort Review

Lake Como Nudist Resort Review
Lake Como Nudist Resort (image from lakecomonaturally.com)

Lake Como is a family friendly nudist resort and park located in Lutz, Florida. This naturist haven offers numerous activities on 200 acres just outside of Tampa. My wife and I recently visited there and have completed this Lake Como Nudist Resort review to help other first time visitors know what to expect.

My wife and I are fairly new to the whole nudist experience and were a little unsure about what to expect with our visit to the Lake Como Nudist Resort. We found the experience here to be very comfortable even for newbies like us. There are some things to keep in mind before going to Lake Como Nudist Resort for the first time.

Lake Como is a Naturist Style Resort

Lake Como is definitely a naturist style resort. If you are new to the nudist experience, it is important to remember that there are two types of resorts. There are naturist nudist resorts and swinger lifestyle resorts. Since these two types of resorts are quite different, you do not want to go to one with the wrong expectations.

The naturist resorts are for people that look at the nudist experience as a natural non-sexual experience. Since naturist resorts are usually family orientated resorts with children present, public sexual displays will get you kicked out immediately. You would not do anything here that you would not do in public at a regular resort other than being naked.

The swinger lifestyle resorts are all about the sexuality of being nude. Often the visitors at these resorts are looking to try new sexual experiences. Because of this, overt sexual acts are usually allowed in certain areas of swinger lifestyle resorts.

For more info on these types of resorts, you can check out Naturist or Swinger Nude Resorts and Beaches.

Our General Lake Como Nudist Resort Review

We enjoyed our trip to Lake Como Nudist Resort. If you are looking for a family orientated nudist resort, then this could be your spot. The location is awesome with plenty to do in the area. The people are friendly and helpful. There are a ton of activities to participate in while visiting. The weather in this area is just fantastic.

The one downside to Lake Como was that the resort seemed to be a little outdated. While well maintained, most of the facilities seemed have gone through a couple of decades since their last remodel. We did not encounter anything that was broken or out of service. Just that if you are looking for new and shiny, this may not be your place.

This is not a five star resort so don’t go with that expectation. If you go with the expectation that you will really relax and just enjoy the nudist experience, you will not be let down.

The best part of Lake Como was the people. If you are a naturist and want to just hang out in the buff, this is where you will meet friendly like minded people. Everyone was smiling and seemed to be having a good time.

Another great thing about Lake Como was the walking trails. I know this may sound minor but my wife and I really enjoyed walking the trails. The scenery was wonderful and we saw a deer, rabbits, ducks and all kinds of wildlife. It was a real treat.

When it comes down to it, that is the most important part of an experience review. All of the people that we encountered were having fun. Everyone was laughing and striking up conversations. Lake Como was an excellent place to socialize.

The Location

Lake Como Nudist Resort is located in Lutz, Florida. There are a ton of other local nudist locations like Paradise Lakes, Caliente Resort and others. Of course, this area has all the beautiful weather of the sunshine state. Since we are from the north, we sure loved those 70 degree days down there in the middle of winter.

This resort is located only a few minutes out of Tampa. This makes for easy visits to all of the local sites including Busch Gardens, Lowry Park Zoo, The Florida Aquarium, Clearwater Beach, and more. On our visit, we mixed a lot of nude activities in with day trips to take in the fun of this wonderful area of Florida.

The actual location and contact information for Lake Como Nudist Resort is:

20500 Cot Rd,
Lutz, FL 33558
(877) 879-5253

While Lake Como is definitely a family orientated naturist resort there are some nearby swinger lifestyle resorts. The nearby Caliente is full swinger lifestyle resort. Paradise Lakes which is located just a couple of miles away is much milder swinger lifestyle resort that has some aspects of both types.

Lake Como Amenities

Lake Como Amenities
Lake Como Amenities (image from lakecomonaturally.com)

The Lake Como Nudist Resort offers a number of amenities that would a appeal to people. The 200 acres offers a number of trails to explore and exercise on. Other amenities as listed on their website are:

Five clay tennis courts • sand & grass volleyball courts • golf driving range & 9 hole chipping course • fenced dog exercise park • kayaks & pedal boats • children’s playground • basketball • pickleball • petanque  horseshoes • shuffleboard

As we mentioned, these facilities were maintained very well but did appear somewhat dated. Since this is one of the older naturist spots in the country, this is to be expected. Since everything is so well maintained, it gave the outdated appearance of some of the facilities a little nostalgic charm. My wife compared it to the resort in “Dirty Dancing”.

This out of date appearance is fairly typical with naturist resorts. So you should not let it take away from the experience. Since the whole experience is about getting back to nature, why not have a little rustic touch to it.

Clothing Optional Areas and Nudity Required Areas

Most areas of the resort are clothing optional. Meaning you can be dressed or naked, whatever you prefer. However, the pool and hot tubs are nudity required areas. One strange rule that I found was that swimsuits are not allowed anywhere on the grounds.

Also, remember to bring a towel. Whenever nude, you are required to sit on a towel.

Lake Como Resort Costs and Fees

For your first visit to Lake Como Resort, you will need to have a background check. This is for the safety of all visitors especially any children. The cost of the background check is $15 per person. This fee will also get you your resort day pass for your first day.

Normal day fees for the resort are $35 dollars for singles and $60 for couples. There are discounts available for AANR (American Association for Nude Recreation) members.

Como Proffered membership is a yearly membership program that requires an AANR membership ($49/year). The fee for the Como Proffered membership is $450 for a single and $640 for a couple.

Lake Como Resort Accomodations Rates

Lake Como offers a number of accommodation options. One great feature is that all of the short term accommodation options include your day fee for the resort.

Hotel rooms range from $83/night for Como Preferred Members to $143/night for non members.

Cabins range from $108/night for Como Preferred Members to $168/night for non members.

RV Sites range from $36/night for Como Preferred Members to $96/night for non members.

Tenting Sites are $22/night for all and do not include the day fee for the resort.

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