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My Penile Suspensory Ligament Release Surgery: Results and Pictures

My Suspensory Ligaments Release Surgery including before and after results

For years, I had wanted to enlarge my penis. I had tried penis enlargement pills, penis ointments, and penis exercises with absolutely no results. Finally, I got up the nerve to try penis enlargement surgery. So, does penile suspensory ligament release surgery lead to erect penis lengthening?

I found that penile suspensory ligament release surgery did not lead to a significant gain in erect penis length. Following my penis enlargement surgery, I gained a 1/4″ in erect length. Those undergoing penis enlargement surgery will see better results with a high-quality penis traction device.

So let’s take a look at my penile suspensory ligament release surgery experience. We will look at what my experience was like, the penis enlargement surgery cost, the post-operative care, my penis enlargement surgery results, and how I eventually obtained my penis enlargement goals.


I am not a doctor and you should consult a doctor before beginning any penis enlargement program. There are possible dangers to any penis enlargement method or product. However, I do have experience in working on penis enlargement issues, programs, and products that may be of use to many. I have found out what works and what does not so that you do not need to waste your time or money.

My Penile Suspensory Ligament Surgery Results

My Penile Suspensory Ligament Surgery Results

I had wanted a larger penis for years. I had tried all of the pills, supplements, lotions, and even penis exercises (jelqing) with no results. I started to believe that the only way to obtain actual results would be through penile suspensory ligament release surgery (penis enlargement surgery).

I saved up my money for the surgery (see Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost) and got signed up for the surgery. The actual surgery went as expected. There was some pain and discomfort involved in the surgery but not an unreasonable amount.

The immediate post-surgical care was pretty easy. Just having to change out some bandages and take some antibiotics. I was out of work for only a couple of days following the surgery.

This is when things started to go bad. Part of the post penis enlargement surgery protocol is to wear a penis traction device. This device is meant to apply force on the penis and keep it in a stretched-out position.

This is meant to keep the penis from retracting following the penis enlargement surgery and allow for the greatest amount of penis lengthening. The problem that I ran into was that I could not consistently wear the penis traction device that the surgeon gave me without it falling off.

This penis traction device had a loop that went over the head of the penis to hold the device in place. Whenever I placed tension on the device, the loop would soon slip over the head of the penis and the device would fall off.

I was supposed to be wearing this device for at least six hours a day and I was lucky to get 10 minutes without it falling off. This made it impossible to wear during the work day or while trying to do anything.

In the six months following my penile suspensory ligament release surgery, I only gained 1/4″ of erect penis length. I was extremely disappointed in my results and I blame it on my poor experience with the penis traction device.

Eventually, I discovered a better penis traction device called the Phallosan Forte that solved all of these problems with its incredible engineering and let me get the penis size gains that I was looking for.

With this new penis traction device, I was able to increase my erect penis length by over 1 inch even though I had fully healed from the penile suspensory ligament release surgery. I really wish that I had found this FDA-approved device before I had undergone the surgery.

Check out the My Penis Enlargement Surgery Pictures and Results section for pictures and charts documenting my penis enlargement results using this device. The size gains were truly incredible.

What is Penile Suspensory Ligament Release Surgery?

The suspensory ligament is the ligament that attaches the penis to the pubic bone and holds it in place. Penile suspensory ligament release surgery involves the cutting of these ligaments to advance the portion of the penis that is hidden within the body forward.

penile suspensory release surgery
Penile suspensory ligament release surgery. Image from

Depending on the source that you look at, about one-third to one-half of the penis is located inside the body. The theory behind penile ligament release surgery is that once the ligaments are cut, the penis can then be advanced forward giving it extra length.

Most surgeons perform this penis enlargement surgery using a one-inch incision right above the penis to gain access to the ligaments.

Image demonstrating the internal penis that can be advanced forward during penis enlargement surgery.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes around an hour to complete. You are released the same day and usually will have follow-up visits with the surgeon and will need to follow a post-surgery program.

There does not seem to be a consensus on the expected results of penis enlargement surgery. According to many surgeons that perform the surgery, you can achieve 1-2″ of flaccid length and 1-1 1/2″ of erect length. Of course, they are in the business of promoting this surgery.

According to many reputable sources and studies, penile suspensory ligament release surgery does not do much to actually enhance the size of the penis. Articles from the Mayo Clinic, Nature, NCBI, and News Medical all indicate that the length gains from penis enlargement surgery are minimal.

My personal experience matched up with the minimal gain articles. My penis enlargement surgery results were only a 1/4″ gain in erect length.

Penis Enlargement Surgery Cost

penis enlargement surgery cost
penis enlargement surgery cost

The average cost for penile suspensory ligament release surgery is approximately $9,000 and is not covered by insurance. However, penile suspensory ligament release surgery costs can vary quite a bit from surgeon to surgeon and you should definitely shop for the best price.

The best penis enlargement surgery cost for lengthening that I could find was around $5,000 (see Penis Enlargement Doctors and Options in Virginia for details) in an in-office setting.

The highest penile suspensory ligament surgery cost was around $20,000 in a hospital setting. The big difference in cost seems to be related to whether the surgeon does the procedure in their office or in a hospital setting. The hospital setting procedures are obviously much more expensive.

You can find a state-by-state listing of penis enlargement costs and doctors here.

These costs do not include your travel expenses, prescription medication, or the penis traction device that you will need.

What are the Dangers of Suspensory Ligament Release Surgery?

The most serious dangers are the typical dangers that you face with any type of surgery performed under general anesthesia. There is a small risk of bleeding or infection but these seem to be very rare as long as you are seeing a reputable U.S. surgeon.

The more common risks are in the penis appearance area. You may have a loss of erection angle following the surgery. The ligament that is cut is also what makes your erect penis point up (if that is the way you point).

This is not to say that your penis will point straight down after the penile suspensory ligament release surgery. It varies with the individual. I found that in my case that I went from a 60-degree angle to about a 90-degree angle. So I used to point slightly up and now I point straight ahead.

Other risks include penis retraction. Your surgeon will probably have you on a post-operative program to prevent this from happening. This program will probably include the use of a penis traction device that keeps the penis extended so that it does not retract back in.

Loop type penis enlargement traction devices
These are the type of penis traction devices given to me by my penis enlargement surgeon.

If you totally ignore your post-operative instructions for penis traction device use, it is possible that the suspensory ligaments will heal in such a way as to make your penis smaller than it originally was.

The more common risk is that it just might not do anything for you. In my case, I had problems following the post-operative care instructions. The penis traction device that the surgeon gave me just did not work for me. It would constantly come loose and fall off.

This made it difficult to wear the device for any extended period of time. This lack of penis traction can severely limit your surgical results. I know from talking to other patients that I was not the only one to experience this problem.

As I will explain in the section below. The use of a high-quality penis traction device like the Phallosan Forte is what is essential to penis enlargement. Whether you end up having surgery or not, a device like that is what leads to an actual penis size increase.

What to Expect with the Actual Penis Lengthening Surgery

Penis Enlargement Surgery

My penis lengthening surgery was definitely not fun but they were not totally horrible experiences. There was some pain involved, time missed from work, and of course, the penis enlargement surgery cost to deal with. But these were all as expected.

My penile suspensory ligament release surgery started off when I showed up at the surgeon’s office at 8 am. After briefly meeting with the surgeon, I changed into a hospital gown. Next, it was off to the operating room which was located in the cosmetic surgeon’s office.

Shortly after arriving in the operating room, they get you hooked up with a blood pressure cuff, pulse monitor, and IV tube. Before you know it they are putting you under and you are off to sleep.

A couple of hours later you wake up in the recovery room. At this point, your penis is all wrapped up to keep it in a slightly stretched position. Besides being groggy and a little sore, I did not feel that bad overall.

About an hour after that, you are ready to head out. You are not in any condition to drive but fine to take a ride home. The next day, I went back to the surgeon’s office for a quick check-up. At this point, I was able to grab a flight back home.

Your body knows that you had something done but you are not in a lot of pain or discomfort at this point. You can not do any lifting or return to work if you have a physical job for up to a couple of weeks following surgery depending on what the surgeon says.

I had a desk job at the time and was able to return to work within a couple of days.

Post Penis Enlargement Surgical Care

Post Penis Enlargement Surgical Care

The post-surgical wound care is easy for the most part. For prescription medication, I received an antibiotic and Tylenol with codeine as a painkiller. The painkiller was only necessary for the first day because the pain did not seem that bad.

The upkeep of the incision area is fairly simple after my surgery. You need to keep the incision area clean and dry. I would change the bandage each day with a little antibiotic cream placed on the incision.

The incision itself was less than an inch long right above the upper (towards the belly) base of the penis. It does take a little while to heal but is not really painful or a bother. If you want to see pictures of the actual incision area, you can do so here (Warning: Contains nudity in relation to this surgical procedure and results).

Post Penis Enlargement Surgery Traction

Most surgeons recommend the use of penis traction devices following penile suspensory ligament release surgery. I think this is an extremely important step that doesn’t get enough emphasis.

After surgery, the traction device keeps the penis from retracting when it heals. It extends out the penis and allows for the ligaments to heal with the penis in a forward position.

After my surgery, I was not able to use my traction device much and I had very minimal erect length gains from the surgery. I did get about a 1/4 inch in length gains but I was really looking for more. I will go over my problems with the traction devices below.

My Problem with Some Penis Traction Devices

After my surgery, I had issues with the traction device that was provided by my surgeon. It used the loop system to attach the device to the penis and hold it in place. I could not keep this device in place on my penis as it would constantly slip off.

You will find that most traction devices are similar to the ones pictured below. The loop or strap on these devices goes on the shaft of the penis below the glans (head) of the penis.

Whenever I would put these on and apply any tension to them, it was only a matter of time before the loop or strap would work its way over the head of the penis and the whole device would fall off.

Loop type penis enlargement traction devices
Loop-type penis enlargement traction devices

So when trying to wear the penis traction device, I had two choices. I could put it under tension so that it was pulling the penis out like it is supposed to and it would slip off in a couple of minutes (hopefully not at an embarrassing time). Or I could leave it at a very low tension where it was basically not stretching the penis and not doing any good.

Either way, I could not wear the penis traction device enough to have it do any good for lengthening the penis. I asked the surgeon about this and he was basically of no help and just said it was important to wear the device.

Why Is the Penis Traction Device Important

A proper penis traction device is important for a number of reasons. First of all, it can be embarrassing when your penis traction device falls out the leg of your pants.

More importantly, if you can not wear the penis traction device comfortably for at least six hours per day, you will not be able to maximize your surgical results.

My surgeon said that the device that he gave me would work with anyone but he was certainly wrong on that matter. With the device that he gave me, I could not find a way to wear it for six hours per day.

I would either have to leave the tension on the device so low that it would not do any good or tighten the loop so tight that you would cut off circulation to the tip of the penis. This just did not work for me.

If you do not apply traction to the penis after penile suspensory ligament surgery, then you may get little or no penis length gains post-surgery.

Why Penis Enlargement Surgery Results Vary

penis enlargement surgery results
I was very disappointed in my penis enlargement surgery results

There is little research on the matter but I am convinced that the wide range of results from penile suspensory ligament surgery is due to this problem with traction devices.

Men are embarrassed to say that the device slips off because they think it means that their penis is small. It really has a lot more to do with the poor design of most low-quality penis traction devices.

I really suggest trying out the traction device prior to surgery to make sure that it works for you. Once you have had the surgery, the clock is ticking for you to get your maximum gains. You may even find like I did that the penis traction device is all that you need to get maximum penis size gains.

If you have trouble keeping it on prior to surgery then you will have problems after surgery. Everyone is different and what works for one might not work for another.

In order to get the significant length gains that many want, you need to be able to wear the traction device for at least six hours a day. If your device is not comfortable and secure enough to do this, you will not see the gains.

My Solution to the Penis Traction Problem

I was very upset after the minimal length gains from my penis enlargement surgery. If I ever had any hope of making my penis longer, I knew that I would have to find a penis traction device that would work for me.

I was about to give up when I tried the Phallosan Forte. This is a very unique form of traction device that just worked for me. This device is actually an FDA-approved device that is truly engineered to stay in place and work.

Phallosan Forte Penis Extender
Penis Extender Device

With the Phallosan Forte, I could actually safely and comfortably wear a penis traction device for hours at a time while applying tension to the penis. This made all the difference.

I started to use the device even though I had fully healed from my first surgery and I began to experience phenomenal results. I gained 3/8″ in length in the first month and a 1/2″ in length after two months. This sure beat the measly 1/4″ gain from the penile suspensory ligament release surgery.

My length gains continued to grow as the months went by. Check out the Pictures and Results Section for more details.

My Penis Enlargement Surgery Pictures and Results

penis enlargement results
I got real enlargement results with the Phallosan Forte

If you want to see actual picture proof of my results once I started using the Phallosan Forte after my surgery, you can do so here (Warning: Contains nudity in relation to this surgical procedure and results).

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of my erect penis before my suspensory ligament release surgery but my erect penis was 6 1/4″ long prior to surgery.

I gained about a 1/4″ of erect length in the six months after my penis enlargement surgery.

I was very disappointed in my results. I had gone through the pain, the expense, and the months of trying to use the low-quality traction device that they gave me with no results.

Everything changed when I discovered the Phallosan Forte. This device is actually an FDA-approved device that is truly engineered to stay in place and work. It just worked and I started to see some real penis enlargement.

If you look at the pictures below you will see when I started to get real penis-size growth.

I gained 3/8″ of erect length in the first month, 1/2″ of erect length in the first two months, 3/4″ in the first three months, 7/8″ in the first four months, and 1.75″ in a little over 12 months.

You can find out more about my Phallosan Forte results including links to unblurred lengthening and thickening pictures here.

The Phallosan Forte stayed comfortably in place for at least six hours per day and that allowed for some real penis growth. In the first month of use, I gained more than in the six months following my surgery and my gains just increased from there.

In addition to my penis lengthening, I saw gains in my penis straightening and thickening as well. I can not emphasize enough how ecstatic I was with the results. The table below contains my results over time with the Phallosan Forte.

Phallosan Forte ResultStart of Use1 Month of Use2 Months of Use3 Months of Use4 Months of Use2022 Update
over 1 year of use
Penis Length (inches)6.506.8757.07.257.3758.25
Penis Length Gain (inches)n/a0.375
.75 (11.5%)0.875 (13.5%)1.75
Penis Circumference (inches)5.8756.06.1256.256.57.125
Penis Circumference Gain (inches)n/a0.125
0.375 (6.4%)0.675 (11.5%)1.25
Approximate Penis Volume (cubic inches calculated as V=πr2h)17.7919.63520.7522.6324.7133.26
Penis Volume Gain (cubic inches)n/a1.845
2.96 (16.6%)4.84 (27.2%)6.92 (38.9%)15.5
Phallosan Forte Use Results Chart

My Penile Suspensory Release Surgery Conclusion

Phallosan Forte Tension Gauge
Real growth only came with the scientifically designed Phallosan Forte

I wish that I knew then what I know now before I had my penis enlargement surgery. I never would have gone through the pain, time, and expense of suspensory ligament release surgery without first finding a great penis traction device like the Phallosan Forte.

I feel that I did not get the results I was looking for from my penis enlargement surgery because I did not have a penis traction device after the surgery that would stay in place and work. I think I would have seen much better results if I had used a device like the Phallosan Forte after my surgery.

Additionally, I got incredible results using a quality penis traction device. If I had known that I could get the results that I did use the Phallosan Forte, I never would have gone through the penis enlargement surgery.

My post penis enlargement surgery pictures document the incredible results that I got from the use of a quality penis traction device.