Penis Enlargement Options in Georgia

The three years that I have worked on achieving my penis enlargement goals have left me with a lot of knowledge to share on the subject. What works, what doesn’t, and what options are available for those in Georgia seeking penis enlargement.

Does Georgia have any options for penis enlargement? Yes, Georgia has numerous options for penis enlargement procedures You can get surgery for lengthening and thickening, fillers for thickening, and even implants in Georgia. Of course, there are some great enlargement methods and erection-quality treatments that anyone can use from home. Also, those in Georgia have access to GAINSWave, shockwave, P-Shot, and PRP treatment providers.

When looking at your penis enlargement options there are a lot of things to consider.

  • Do you want to consider surgical or dermal filler options?
  • Are you willing to travel for penis enlargement options?
  • Are you willing to invest a little time and take the at-home approach?
  • Do you have the erection quality to support your penis enlargement goals?

Types of Enlargement Procedures

The types of penis enlargement procedures are listed in the table below but there are a couple of things to keep in mind with all of the procedures. Make sure that you have realistic expectations, find a provider that you are comfortable with, and know what you are getting into.

The two main goals of penis enlargement are penis thickening and penis lengthening.

Penis Thickening

This is definitely the easier of the two goals to achieve. If you are looking for penis thickening, there are a lot of options. There is fat transfer, dermal fillers, permanent fillers, micronized fat injections, and implants. Some of these are permanent and some only last a year or two.

Some of these thickening procedures claim to increase penis length but they are generally referring to flaccid (soft) length. Basically, it hangs a little lower when flaccid because it is heavier after the thickening procedure.

The Penis Enlargement Procedure Table below will describe the various procedures available.

Penis Lengthening

When most of us think of penis enlargement, we think of having a longer penis. If you are looking to increase the erect length of your penis, this is where things get more difficult.

Basically, the only surgical option for this is suspensory ligament surgery. Most agree that this surgery can provide flaccid length gains but there is disagreement about erect length gains. Through my personal experience, I found that erect length gains are possible with the correct post-operative program.

I had suspensory ligament surgery done twice. The first time I saw no erect length gains and the second time I had phenomenal erect gains. Same surgeon and the same procedure. The only difference was that the second time I had a penis traction device that worked for me. I think this is why you will have a hard time finding any doctor that will guarantee length gains.

A traction device is a device that a man can attach to his flaccid penis to apply force over time with the goal of lengthening and straightening the penis. Most surgeons will recommend a traction device to use after the lengthening surgery. Make sure that the one that they recommend works for you prior to having the surgery. If it falls off or you have trouble with it before the surgery, you will have the same problems after the surgery.

Without a good traction device to wear after surgery, you will be just wasting your time, money, and pain. If you are considering this surgery, I strongly suggest that you check out the penis traction device section here.

You can read my complete review of my suspensory ligament surgery including the before and after results here.

Please do your research on the possible negative outcomes of penis enhancement procedures prior to taking this step.  Any surgery has risks that you should be aware of.

All surgical procedures and many nonsurgical procedures have post-operative care procedures that you need to follow. This includes changing bandages, taking medication, wearing wraps on the penis, and using penis traction devices. These can be difficult for some but are necessary for the success of your procedure.

Do not be afraid to ask questions practice that you are looking into for your penis enlargement procedure. Their willingness to quickly answer your questions before surgery is a good indicator of how responsive they will be after surgery.

Penis Enlargement Procedure Table

Type of ProcedureDescription of Procedure
Dermal FillersInjection of fillers derived from hyaluronic acids such as Juvederm and Restylane. Generally considered safe after years of these substances being utilized for facial injections and other cosmetic uses. Increases penis thickness and possibly flaccid length. Will not increase erect length. Results may dissipate over time depending on the filler used. Usually non-surgical with numbing cream or local anesthesia.
Permanent FillerType of filler procedure that uses a permanent dermal filler method that promotes the body to produce collagen. The filler is derived from Silikon 1000 or similar. Results are considered to be permanent. Usually non-surgical with numbing cream or local anesthesia. Usually requires post-procedure penis wrap procedure.
AlloDermThe penis is thickened by the use of AlloDerm inserts. AlloDerm is created from human cadaver skin. It has been in use for a long time and is reported to look and feel natural. Results are longer lasting and said by some to be permanent. Usually done as day surgery under anesthesia.
Free Fat TransferThe surgeon will extract fat from another area of the body (stomach, pubic area, thigh) and then use the purified fat to thicken the penis. Increases penis thickness but will not change erect length. Results may dissipate over time but some will remain. Usually surgical and conducted under anesthesia.
Micronized Fat TransferFat is harvested from the stomach, back, thigh, or another area. It is then processed and filtered down to a very small size removing all fibrous material. This micronized fat is then injected under the skin. Usually conducted under local anesthesia. Usually requires the use of a penis pump as part of post-procedure care.
Suspensory ligament resecting (cutting)The suspensory ligament is cut allowing some of the penis that is hidden in the body to advance forward thereby lengthening it. This may make the flaccid penis longer. Opinions seem to differ on making the erect penis any longer. Dangers to the surgery include penis retraction if post-surgical instructions are not followed and loss of erection angle. Usually will require the use of a traction device. Surgical and conducted under anesthesia. Will require post-operative care such as bandages, medication, and wraps.
PenumaThis is an FDA-cleared penile implant for cosmetic surgery. Results in permanent yet reversible circumference increases of up to 2 inches. Usually gives an increase in flaccid length. Conducted under General Anesthesia. Extensive post-operative care.
Penis Enlargement Procedure Description Table

Georgia Penis Enlargement Providers

The table below contains a list of known penis enlargement providers in Georgia. Click on the individual provider to see what services they offer.

Penis Enlargement ProvideAddressPhone Number
Morganstern Urology, P.C.3193 Howell Mill Road, Suite 322
Atlanta, Georgia 30327
Men’s Medical2550 Windy Hill Rd. SE | Suite 208
Marietta, GA 30067
(833) 636-7633
Atlanta Cosmetic Urology371 East Paces Ferry Rd NE Suite 550, Atlanta, GA 30305404-531-7569
Prometheus8460 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(888) 365-1333
7 Seas Medical Spa826 Cabela Drive, Suite #1
Augusta, GA 30909
CENTER FOR COSMETIC AND RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY200 Galleria Pkwy SE #590, Atlanta, GA 30339678-726-1968
Goals Plastic Surgery3576 Chamblee Tucker Rd, Atlanta, GA 30340718-676-2565

Morganstern Urology, P.C.

3193 Howell Mill Road, Suite 322
Atlanta, Georgia 30327

Morganstern/Rejuvall Health Centers offer a modified fat transfer penis enlargement. Their website describes it as

Our male enlargement technology includes a proprietary method for reconstituting your own body tissue into a life-lasting bulking agent that results in a longer, thicker penis. Our surgeons place no foreign substances inside your penis which results in greatly reduced risk.
Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis ThickeningFat transfer$11.,000
Penis Thickeningdermal filler$6,000
Penis Glans (head) enlargementdermal filler$2,500

Men’s Medical

2550 Windy Hill Rd. SE | Suite 208
Marietta, GA 30067
(833) 636-7633

Men’s Medical offers both penis shaft and penis glans thickening through the use of permanent filler. They also have many pricing specials for combined multi-procedures that make it much more affordable. Check out the fees section on their website to see the multi-procedure promotions.

Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis ThickeningPermanent Filler$5,900
Penis Glans (head) ThickeningPermanent Filler$2,900

Atlanta Cosmetic Urology

371 East Paces Ferry Rd NE Suite 550,
Atlanta, GA 30305

They offer a variety of penis enlargement procedures. For lengthening, they offer suspensory ligament surgery. Thickening can be done by surgical fat transfer procedure or the none surgical dermal filler procedures.

They use two kinds of fillers for dermal filler procedures. The Restylane is cheaper but they say it lasts for about 12 months. The Juvederm Voluma is more expensive but is said to last 24 months.

Enlargement of the penis glans is also offered by using dermal fillers.

Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis LengtheningSuspensory ligament resecting$3,000 does not include anesthesia fees
Penis Thickeningfat transfer$4,950 does not include anesthesia fees
Penis Thickeningdermal fillerRestylane -$620 per syringe
Voluma – $970 per syringe
Penis Glans (head) Thickeningdermal fillerRestylane -$620 per syringe
Voluma – $970 per syringe


8460 Holcomb Bridge Rd
Alpharetta, GA 30022
(888) 365-1333

Prometheus offers permanent filler procedures to thicken both the penis shaft and glans. They offer a number of specials on combined procedures that you can find on their website.

Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis ThickeningPermanent Filler$5,900
Penis Glans (head) ThickeningPermanent Filler$1,300

7 Seas Medical Spa

826 Cabela Drive, Suite #1
Augusta, GA 30909

7 Seas Medical Spa offers a micronized fat transfer in conjunction with a PRP treatment to help with enhancement.

Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis ThickeningMicronized Fat Transfer$2500-$5000


200 Galleria Pkwy SE #590,
Atlanta, GA 30339

They perform the lengthening procedure only but it is at a real reasonable price. This is the actual surgical procedure and will require the use of a traction device following the procedure to keep the penis stretched.

Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis LengtheningSuspensory ligament resecting$4,300

Goals Plastic Surgery

3576 Chamblee Tucker Rd,
Atlanta, GA 30340

This is the Penuma implant. The only FDA-approved medical-grade silicone implant. It is permanent yet reversible.

Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis ThickeningImplant$16,000

Accessing Surgery outside of Georgia

Most procedures allow you to fly home the following day or even the same day in the case of some dermal filler procedures. People in Georgia can get many direct flights to states with penis enlargement procedures or connecting flights to all other locations. Below is a list of other states that offer several penis enlargement providers.

The Proven at-Home Enlargement Option – Penis Traction Devices

The search for penis enlargement in Georgia gives you many specialist options. But there are several options that you can do by yourself at home. These options include stretches, jelqing, using traction devices, and using vacuum pumps. I have tried all of these methods and the only one that worked for me penis enlargement was the traction device.

Traction devices seem to be the only method of erect penis lengthening that has scientific research backing it up. In my research, there seems to be much more evidence of traction devices working for erect length gains than even lengthening surgery.

Many of the studies were into the treatment of Peyronie’s disease (penis curvature), but noted that the traction devices not only helped with Peyronie’s disease but lengthened the penis. Some examples of these studies are:

In order for a traction device to work, you need to find one that you can wear comfortably. It needs to stay in place and be able to apply the correct amount of traction force to the penis without slipping off. You need it to stay in place for hours while applying force. If not, you are wasting your time and money.

My Penis Traction Device

Like many guys, I had a really hard time with most traction devices. They would slip off, and apply too much or too little force. There is some effort in using a traction device so it is very discouraging when you get no gains or the traction device fall off at an inopportune time.

I was almost ready to give up until I found out about the Phallosan Forte. It did not have the problems of other traction devices. It applied constant force without any embarrassing slippage. I could wear it to work with no problems or concerns. Whether you use the Phallosan Forte or find another kind, you need to find a penis traction device that you can comfortably wear for extended periods of time while applying traction force if you want to experience length gains.

This is the only method that has provided me with length gains of any significance. I gained over 3/4″ in erect length and a 1/2″ in thickness/circumference in the first six weeks. My 12-week gains were almost double these gains. If you want to find a penis traction device that works for your penis enlargement goals, be sure to check out My Review of the Top 5 Penis Traction Devices.

The Phallosan Forte does not give you immediate results but the measurable results do come within a matter of weeks. This was the answer to my penis enlargement needs. You can find out a lot more about the Phallosan Forte including scientific studies at their website here.

This is the major option that I think everyone should try out prior to taking the surgical option. Even if you take the surgical option for lengthening, consider the Phallosan Forte for your after-surgery traction device. It just stays on and works with no slippage. You can read the complete review of the Phallosan Forte here.

Erection Quality Options in Georgia

Erection quality is of extreme importance to any penis enlargement program. These hard erections can cement any enlargement gains you make from your enlargement efforts. So if you are doing stretches, jelqing, using the Phallosan Forte or other traction device, vacuum pumps. or even after surgery, you need good erections. The erections bring the blood and nutrients to the penis that allow it to grow.

Without good erection quality, your penis enlargement program will certainly fail.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or weak erections, your first stop should be with your primary care doctor.  This issue can be a symptom of some major health concerns and anyone would be foolish not to get this checked out.  Your primary care doctor can give you access to prescription medication such as Viagra or Cialis.  These prescription medications may or may not work for you.

If you feel uncomfortable going to a local medical doctor, you should at least do an online consultation with a provider about erectile dysfunction. They would be able to provide medication for you in most circumstances. A good example of this type of provider would be Roman.

In my case, I am glad that I went to the doctor when I was suffering from erectile dysfunction. My erectile dysfunction visit may have saved my life as I had out-of-control diabetes that was wreaking havoc on my body.  I was able to get the diabetes under control but this did not fix my erectile dysfunction. 

Most men respond well to prescription drugs like Viagra and Cialis. Like 30% of men, I found that I did not respond to them and I needed another option. Fortunately, there are other options for those seeking improved erection quality.

GAINSWave and Shockwave providers in Georgia

GAINSWave treatments, Phoenix treatments, and shockwave therapies are non-surgical alternative treatments for erectile dysfunction. They all are forms of shockwave therapy. GAINSWave and the Phoenix device are basically well-known brand names of shockwave therapy. The term “shockwave therapy” may sound scary but trust me in saying that it is no big deal. You can find a good unbiased article from Healthline about shockwave therapy here.

I have had the GAINSWave and Phoenix treatments but not any other kind of shockwave treatment. So I can tell you that both the GAINSWave and Phoenix therapies worked very well for me. Very shortly after beginning my treatments, I began to experience much firmer and fuller erections. You can read the full GAINSWave review here.

GAINSWave seems to be the prevalent and popular method of shockwave therapy. There are other types or brand names of shockwave therapy but I have not tried them out so I am not sure of their effectiveness. I only know that they should be operating on a similar principle of treatment. I recommend both GAINSWave and Phoenix due to my personal experience but I would love to hear from men that have tried other shockwave therapies.

The major drawback to GAINSWave treatment is the cost of the treatment. I have found that you can get the treatment for around $500 per treatment and that they recommend at least six treatments to make a change in erection quality. So while it is effective, you will be putting out $2,000 to $3,000 for a treatment program.

The Phoenix is a less expensive acoustic shockwave treatment that you can do from home. This is called the Phoenix and you can read about it in the At Home Phoenix Acoustic Shockwave Treatments section.

Georgia GAINSWave Provider Table

Below is a table of providers that offer GAINSWave treatment in Georgia.

GAINSWave ProviderAddressPhone Number
Georgia Male Performance Clinic3790 Pleasant Hill Rd Suite 260, Duluth, GA 30096(770) 729-4826
NIVA Health Woodstock4540 Southside Blvd STE 401, Jacksonville, FL 3221(904) 674-8935
ANWAN Wellness Medical Center2227 Idlewood Rd #10,
Tucker, GA 30084
(678) 325-2315
Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic & Center Anti-Aging4840 Roswell Rd,
Atlanta, GA 30342
(770) 777-7707
Medical Centre of Conyers1445 Old McDonough Hwy, Conyers, GA 30094(770) 373-4923
Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center723 Washington St NW, Gainesville, GA 30501(770) 415-3738
Savannah Age Management Medicine, Inc200 Blue Moon Xing #102, Pooler, GA 31322(912) 386-4394
Fayette Executive Health100 Genevieve Ct,
Peachtree City, GA 30269
(770) 927-7014
DRENCHED Hydration2100 Central Ave,
Augusta, GA 30904
(706) 926-0279
Urology Center of Columbus, LLC1021 Talbotton Rd,
Columbus, GA 31904
(706) 623-8518
GAINSWave Buckhead2250 North Druid Hills Road NE, Suite 100,
Atlanta GA 30329
(404) 907-2675
Georgia RegenRX5755 North Point Pkwy STE 72, Alpharetta, GA 30022(404) 671-4947

Georgia ShockWave Provider Table

The table below contains information on penile shock wave providers in Georgia that are not associated with the GAINSWave brand.

Shockwave ProviderAddressPhone Number
Restorative Health245 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 100
Sugar Hill, GA 30318
Eric Deal, DO750 Hammond Drive
Atlanta, GA 30328
Taylor Medical Group5901-C Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
Atlanta Cosmetic Urology371 East Paces Ferry Rd NE Suite 730, Atlanta, GA 30305404-531-7535
Atlanta Health Clinic2480 WINDY HILL RD SE STE 404
Marietta, GA 30067
BODY SYMMETRY MD6063 Peachtree Parkway Suite 102A
Norcross, GA 30092
BODY SYMMETRY MD275 Carpenter Drive Suite 102
Atlanta, GA 30328
Roswell, GA 30076
BODY SYMMETRY MD5977 Stewart Parkway
Douglasville, GA 30135
Bubolo Medical3889 Cobb Parkway NW
Acworth, GA 30101
Priority Men’s Medical Center53 Perimeter Center East,
Suite 120
Atlanta, GA 30346
SATS Urgent Care1444 Dean Forest Rd
Garden City, GA 31405
Dr. Steven L. Morganstern, MD3193 Howell Mill Road
Atlanta, GA 30327

At Home Phoenix Acoustic Shockwave Treatments

The Phoenix device offers the benefits of acoustic shockwave treatment like the GAINSWave treatment but from the comfort of home. Launch Medical, the developer of the Phoenix device, recently reached an agreement with GAINSWave. In this agreement, Launch Medical will offer the Phoenix for at-home treatments while the GAINSWave device is exclusively used for professional settings (Source: AP News).

The good news is that you can get the benefits of the acoustic shockwave treatment from home at a fraction of the price of GAINSWave. The bad news is that it is still somewhat expensive. Over the expected life of the Phoenix device, the price comes out to only around 2-3% of the cost per treatment when compared to GAINSWave. Over the course of a treatment plan, the Phoenix will save you thousands of dollars.


If this type of treatment interests you, I encourage you to really look at the Phoenix device. It is the best value-for-the-money device that I could find. You need to be sure that you are looking for acoustic shockwave therapy with a treatment program. The Phoenix has settings that guide you through the treatment. If you try to use some machine that was designed for something else or does not have built-in guides/restrictions, you will probably do more harm than good to your penis.

To be clear on this. If you have good strong erections that occur during the night or morning, then you do not need GAINSWave or the Phoenix to help with penis enlargement. If you have erectile dysfunction or weak erections, you need to find something to help you get them or your penis enlargement goal will not be achieved.

For me, I initially used GAINSWave to achieve my firm and hard erections and then switched to the Phoenix to save money. Both programs gave me similar results in maintaining quality erections. If the Phoenix had been available back when I started, I would have gone with it first and saved the money on the treatments.

If you would like to find out more about the Phoenix, you can check out their website here.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment in Georgia

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a great option to improve erection quality. PRP is now used in a number of medical areas such as sports injuries, wound care, and cosmetic procedures. Studies have shown that it is effective in helping tissue to heal. It also provides options for men in Georgia that want penis enlargement.

PRP is collected from your own blood. The provider will take a vial of your blood and use a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. This is then used to be injected into the penis for the treatment.

Once the PRP is injected into the penis, it breaks down and releases growth factors that help the penis cells to repair themselves. It basically triggers your body to concentrate healing on that area. The benefits of a penis enlargement program are obvious.

I have received a type of PRP treatment known as the P-Shot and I found it to be very helpful for erection quality. Of the PRP therapies available, I would recommend the P-shot as it has some other additives in it that may enhance penis growth. There is more information on the Priapus Shot (P-shot) below.

You can read my entire review on PRP treatment here.

The P-shot in Georgia

Georgia does have a number of P-Shot providers.  The P-shot is basically an improved version of the PRP shot that offers all of the benefits of the PRP treatment plus potential penis enlargement.

The key ingredient in the Priapus Shot is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. PRP concentrates the healing and growth factors in your blood into an injectable treatment. The PRP in the Priapus shot improves blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer, and more sustainable erections. In addition to PRP, the Priapus shot also contains all natural fillers. These safe and effective natural ingredients combine to not only help you achieve better erections, but also increase the size of your penis


I have personally tried out the P-Shot and found that it was a useful treatment for both increasing penis thickness and improving erection quality.  This non-surgical treatment is definitely worth checking out but it does require you to utilize a vacuum pump frequently after treatment to achieve maximum results. 

You can read my complete P-shot review and summary of my experience here.

P-Shot Providers in Georgia

Priapus Shot ProviderAddressPhone Number
Premier Health & Wellness5404 Hillandale Park Crt
Lithonia, GA 30058
BLUE Cosmetic Surgery & MedSpa190 10th Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
SmartPlex ATL4799 Olde Towne Pkwy STE 201
Marietta, GA 30068
Woodstock, GA 30189
Hamilton Mill Complete Care3515 Braselton Hwy
Dacula, GA 30019
New You Med Spa, LLC1657 N. Expressway
Griffin, GA 30223
Dr. Leslie Gaskill6290 Abbotts Bridge Rd, Bldg 200, Suite 201
Johns Creek, GA 30097
Surgicare Arts by Dr.Angelina367 Athens Hwy 78
Loganville, GA 30052
Preventive Medicine Anti-Aging and Chelation Therapy148 Cobb Parkway
Ringgold, GA 30736
Primary Care Plus, PC51 Seven Hills Blvd
Dallas, GA 30132
Holistique Med Spa & Wellness Center723 Washington St SW, Suite 2
Gainesville, GA 30501
Restorative Health245 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 100
Sugar Hill, GA 30318
Eric Deal, DO750 Hammond Drive
Atlanta, GA 30328
Renew and Rejuvenate Aesthetic MD Clinics256 Scranton Connector
Brunswick,, GA 31525
Buford and Family Practice2805 Hamilton Mill Rd
Buford, GA 30519
Macon Family Health2040 Bowman Park
Macon, GA 31210
Lioudmila Bourova-Brazier, FNP1105 Upper Hembree Rd Suite B
Roswell, GA 30076
Vibrant Health of Georgia LLC3065 S. Cobb Drive
Smyrna, GA 30080
Safira MD Medical Aesthetics and Wellness Center6345 Halcyon Way
Alpharetta , GA 30005
Georgia Male Performance3790 Pleasant Hill Rd, Suite 260
Duluth, GA 30096
Cobb Wellness and Aesthetics4343 Shallowford Rd Ste 150
Marietta, GA 30062
nüber-T Mens Wellness League227 Sandy Springs Place, Suite 220
Sandy Springs, GA 30328
Renew and Rejuvenate Aesthetic MD Clinics530 Stephenson Ave
Savannah, GA 31405
Complete Mens Healthcare4060 Johns Creek Pkwy, Building F
Suanee, GA 30024
Integrated Medical of Georgia596 Seminole Dr NE
Marrietta, GA 30060
Care Plus Family Medicine3415 Duluth Park Ln, Suite 1
Duluth, GA 30096
Allure Aesthetic Center2706 Abbey Ct.
Alpharetta, GA
Wellife Center Ltd1117 Perimeter Center West
Sandy Springs, GA 30338
Park Ave Cosmetic Center800 Old Roswell Lakes Pkwy, Suite 220
Roswell, GA 30076
Drenched Hydration2100 Central Avenue
Augusta, GA 30904
Innovative Womens Healthcare3200 Highlands Pkwy SE, Suite 420
Smyrna, GA 30082
Renew and Rejuvenate Aesthetic MD Clinics256 Scranton Connector, Suite 112
Brunswick , GA 31525
Southwest Georgia Center of Medicine, LLC915 Elmo St
Americus, GA 31709
Aesthetic Body Sculpture Clinic400 Corporate Pointe
Warner Robins, GA 31088
New You Med Spa, LLC1657 N. Expressway
Griffin, GA 30223
Epps Medical Family Practice and Wellness Spa10200 Ford Avenue, Ste 101
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Richard L. Brandon, MD5755 North Point Pkwy, Suite # 72
Alpharetta, GA 30022
Serena S. Skinner, MSN, R.N., NP-C664 Scranton Connector
Brunswick, GA 31520
Dekalb Family Practice and Geriatrics4961 Buford Hwy NE suite 100
Chamblee, GA 30341
Alpahretta, GA 30022
Pheonix Medical Aesthetics123 N Westover Blvd
Albany, GA 31707
Taylor Medical Group5901-C Peachtree-Dunwoody Rd NE
Atlanta, GA 30328
BLUE MedCenter190 10th Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309
Island Lotus Health & Wellness664 Scranton Rd, Suite 101
Brunswick, GA 31522
Fayette Executive Health100 B Genevieve Ct.
Peachtree City, GA 30269
Epps Medical Associates10200 Ford Ave, Suite 101
Richmond Hill, GA 31324
Johns Creek dermatology & Family Medicine6300 Hospital Pkwy, Suite 100
Johns Creek, GA 30097
Care Plus Family Medicine3415 Duluth Park Ln., Suite 1
Duluth, GA 30096

PRP Providers in Georgia

The table below lists Georgia PRP providers that are not associated with the P-Shot.

PRP ProviderAddressPhone Number
West Georgia Regenerative Medicine3624 Edgewood Road Suite B
Columbus, Georgia 31907
Atlanta Cosmetic Urology371 East Paces Ferry Rd NE Suite 730, Atlanta, GA 30305404-531-7535


Georgia offers numerous providers specializing in penis enlargement through dermal filler methods, fat transfers, ligament surgery, and penis implants. You can find almost all of the penis enlargement options in Georgia. Of course, you can always try it from home and get length and thickness with the Phallosan Forte.

For erection quality which is essential to penis enlargement, you can find several options in Georgia. Numerous practices offer GAINSWave and shockwave treatment for erection quality. You can also try shockwave therapy from home with the Phoenix Device for a fraction of the price. PRP and Priapus shots are also available in Georgia for erection quality and penis thickness.

I hope you found this guide useful. Contact me with any questions and I will do my best to get back to you.

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