Penis Enlargement Options in Oklahoma

The four years that I have worked on achieving my penis enlargement goals have left me with a lot of knowledge to share on the subject. What works, what doesn’t, and what is available for those seeking penis enlargement options in Oklahoma.

Are there penis enlargement options in Oklahoma? Yes, Oklahoma does have a few options for those seeking penis enlargement. Unfortunately, there are no current providers of immediate cosmetic procedures but there are numerous P-Shot and PRP providers that can provide enlargement with a little time and effort. Of course, there are some great enlargement methods and erection-quality treatments that anyone can use from home. Also, those in Oklahoma have access to GAINSWave and shockwave treatments for erection quality.

When looking at your penis enlargement options there are a lot of things to consider.

  • Do you want to consider surgical or dermal filler options?
  • Are you willing to travel for penis enlargement options?
  • Are you willing to invest a little time and take the at-home approach?
  • Do you have the erection quality to support your penis enlargement goals?


I am not a doctor and you should consult a doctor before beginning any penis enlargement or erection quality program. There are possible dangers to any penis enlargement or erection quality method or product. I do have years of experience with penis enlargement and erection quality issues, programs, and products that may be of use to many. I have found out what works and what does not so that you do not need to waste your time or money.

Types of Surgery and Cosmetic Penis Enlargement Procedures

When many think of penis enlargement options in Oklahoma, they are thinking of surgical and cosmetic penis enlargement procedures. These are procedures that are conducted by a cosmetic surgeon in a professional office environment. These procedures can be broken down into two main categories. These two categories are penis-lengthening procedures and penis-thickening procedures.

Do not be afraid to ask questions about any practice that you are looking into for your penis enlargement procedure. Their willingness to quickly answer your questions before surgery is a good indicator of how responsive they will be after surgery.

I will give a brief description of the types of procedures below. If you want a more detailed listing of the procedures, please check out the Penis Enlargement Procedures page.

Penis Thickening

This is definitely the easier of the two goals to achieve. If you are looking for penis thickening, there are a lot of options both surgical and non-surgical. There is fat transfer, dermal fillers, permanent fillers, micronized fat injections, and implants. Even PRP and P-Shot treatments can lead to penis thickening with a little work extra work. Some of these are permanent and some only last a year or two.

All of these different procedures work for thickening the penis. The real question is how long you want the gains to last and how much you are willing to pay. The procedures run from as low as a couple of thousand dollars up to $17,000.

Some of these thickening procedures claim to increase penis length but they are generally referring to flaccid (soft) length. Basically, it hangs a little lower when flaccid because it is heavier after the thickening procedure.

Penis Lengthening

When most of us think of penis enlargement, we think of having a long erect penis. If you are looking to increase the erect length of your penis, this is where things get more difficult.

The only surgical option for this is suspensory ligament surgery. In this surgery, the suspensory ligament is cut allowing some of the penis that is hidden in the body to advance forward thereby lengthening it. Most agree that this surgery can provide flaccid length gains but there is disagreement about erect length gains. Through my personal experience, I found that erect length gains are possible with the correct post-operative program.

Most surgeons will recommend a traction device to use after the lengthening surgery. I found the use of this device to be key to having erect penis enlargement following surgery.

Make sure that the traction device given to you by your surgeon works for you prior to having the surgery. If you have trouble properly wearing the device with tension on it before surgery, you will have the same problem after surgery. I ran into this problem when I had suspensory ligament surgery and I got no length gains. I tried the surgery again with a good traction device and had excellent results.

You can read my complete review of my suspensory ligament surgery including the before and after results here.

Oklahoma Penis Enlargement Providers

The table below contains a list of known penis enlargement providers in Oklahoma. Click on the individual provider to see what services they offer.

Penis Enlargement ProviderAddressPhone Number
PhalloCenter of Oklahoma
(AKA Lawton Urology) – Closed
3414 NW Cache Rd suite f,
Lawton, OK 73505
(580) 771-2008

PhalloCenter of Oklahoma
Lawton Urology

3414 NW Cache Rd suite f,
Lawton, OK 73505
(580) 771-2008

This business is currently closed due to the unfortunate death of Dr. Michael Kuglitsch. If we receive information about reopening, we will post it here.

Lawton Urology utilizes fat primarily harvested from the love handles to enhance the size of the penis. They utilize a proprietary method to smooth the fat and minimize any “clumping” that may be associated with other types of fat transfers. They state that typical girth gains are 2″ in circumference.

This practice also offers liposuction procedures and penile implant procedures for erectile dysfunction.

Penis Enlargement ProcedureType of ProcedureCost
Penis ThickeningFat Transfer$8500 for the base procedure.
Discounts are offered on procedure combinations including liposuction procedures or penile implant procedures for erectile dysfunction.

Accessing Surgery outside of Oklahoma

With limited options in Oklahoma, you may need to travel if you are looking for immediate results in the area of penis enlargement. If you do decide to travel, most procedures allow you to fly home the following day or even the same day in the case of some dermal filler procedures. People in Oklahoma can get many direct flights to states with penis enlargement procedures or may be within driving distance of some. Below is a list of other states that offer several penis enlargement providers.

Alternatives to Cosmetic or Surgical Procedures

There are a few alternatives to cosmetic or surgical procedures that are available in Oklahoma. So it might not be necessary to travel as many of these can be done in the state or even in your home.

A commonly available procedure in Oklahoma is the P-shot or PRP injections. This procedure involves the injection of platelet-rich plasma into the penis. When done in combination with vacuum therapy, it is said to thicken the penis, lengthen the penis and provide for stronger erections. I have personally had this therapy and found that it thickened the penis and provided stronger erections. I did not experience any length gains from the PRP injections.

The best option for lengthening the penis is the use of penis traction devices. These devices are the only method with scientific studies showing their effectiveness. Even penis lengthening surgery cannot be successful without the use of penis traction devices. They can be used anywhere, they are simple to use, and are probably the least expensive legit method of penis enlargement. The one drawback is that results are measured over weeks and months so it is not quick.

Something that is often overlooked when it comes to penis enlargement is erection quality. Strong and firm erections will make your penis appear larger. These firm erections also provide the good blood flow that is essential for penis enlargement procedures or techniques to work. I have found the best method of achieving these quality erections on a consistent basis is through the use of Acoustic Wave Therapy. Oklahoma has a number of providers that offer this service or you can do this from home with the proper equipment.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Treatment in Oklahoma

Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is a great option to improve erection quality and increase penis size. PRP is now widely used in a number of medical areas such as sports injuries, wound care, and cosmetic procedures. Studies have shown that it is effective in helping tissue to heal.

PRP is not a drug or medication. It is a treatment that is created from your own blood. The provider will take a vial of your blood and use a centrifuge to separate the platelet-rich plasma from the blood. This is then injected into the penis for the treatment.

Once the PRP is injected into the penis, it breaks down and releases growth factors that help the penis cells to repair themselves. It basically triggers your body to concentrate healing on that area. The benefits to a penis enlargement program are obvious. You can place the penis under stress with a penis pump and the PRP will accelerate the healing process that thickens the penis.

I have received a type of PRP treatment with good results. You can read my entire review on PRP treatment here.

The P-shot in Oklahoma

Oklahoma does have a number of P-Shot providers.  The P-shot is basically an improved version of the PRP shot that offers all of the benefits of the PRP treatment plus potential penis enlargement.

The key ingredient in the Priapus Shot is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. PRP concentrates the healing and growth factors in your blood into an injectable treatment. The PRP in the Priapus shot improves blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer, and more sustainable erections. In addition to PRP, the Priapus shot also contains all natural fillers. These safe and effective natural ingredients combine to not only help you achieve better erections, but also increase the size of your penis


I have personally tried out the P-Shot and found that it was a useful treatment for both increasing penis thickness and improving erection quality. I found that following the P-shot with the use of a vacuum pump, I gained about a 1/2″ in circumference. You can get multiple shots to increase your results but the shots cost around $1000 to $2000. So this can get expensive.

You can read my complete P-shot experience here.

P-Shot Providers in Oklahoma

Priapus Shot ProviderAddressPhone NumberWebsite
The Aesthetic Clinic of Edmond740 Signal Ridge Rd
Edmond, OK 73013
Elite Advanced Medical Spa123 1/2 N 3rd Ave
Durant, OK 74701
Oklahoma Men’s Clinic3727 NW 63rd St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Oklahoma Men’s Clinic4415 S. Harvard Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74135
Functional Medical Institute6048 S Sheridan Rd.
Tulsa, OK 74145
Physical Medicine of Oklahoma800 W. 18th Street Suite 100
Edmond, OK 73013
Midtown Wellness1713A S. Peoria Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74120
Center for Men1713B S Peoria Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120
Refine U MedSpa13301 N. Meridian Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Vibrant Life Direct Care, PLLC501 N Mustang Rd, Suite E
Mustang, OK 73064
Oklahoma Advanced Regenerative Medicine5914 Piper Lane
Tuttle, OK 73089

PRP Providers in Oklahoma

The table below lists Oklahoma PRP providers that are not associated with the P-Shot.

PRP ProviderAddressPhone NumberWebsite
THE STEELMAN CLINIC13301 N. Meridian, Suite 400
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Renew Wellness & Aesthetics7206 N Western Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116

OB/GYN Care of Oklahoma3427 NW 50th, Second Floor,
Oklahoma City, OK 73112
The Look Med Spa4401 Grant Blvd Suite 7,
Yukon, OK 73099

The Proven At-Home Enlargement Option – Penis Traction Devices

The one method for penis lengthening that has major scientific consensus is the use of penis traction devices. These devices are recommended by experts as the first-line treatment for penis lengthening. This type of device gave me my first length increase. I had gone almost three years with no length increases until I tried my first quality traction device. With a quality device, I was able to increase my penis length by 1 and 1/2 inches.

There are a couple of things that you need to know about penis traction. First of all, it takes some time to achieve these results. It took 6 months for me to get my 1 and 1/2″ increase.

The next thing is that you need to use a quality penis traction device to achieve these results. I had used other penis traction devices with no results because they just did not work for me. I had used devices that slipped off or did not stay in place. You need to have a device that will stay in place for multiple hours per day in order to see results.

This is the penis enlargement option that everyone should try prior to taking the surgical option. Even with the surgical option for lengthening, you will need to find a quality traction device to get good results.

The first penis traction device that worked for me was the Phallosan Forte. This is still my top recommendation for new users of traction devices. You can check out my complete review of penis traction devices here to find out more information including scientific studies and my before and after results including picture evidence. If you are interested in finding a quality penis traction device be sure to check out My Review of the Top 5 Penis Traction Devices.

Erection Quality Options in Oklahoma

Erection quality is of extreme importance to any penis enlargement program. These hard erections can cement any enlargement gains you make from your enlargement efforts. So if you are doing stretches, jelqing, using the Phallosan Forte or other traction device, vacuum pumps. or even after surgery, you need good erections. The erections bring the blood and nutrients to the penis that allow it to grow.

If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or weak erections, your first stop should be with your primary care doctor.  This issue can be a symptom of some major health concerns and anyone would be foolish not to get this checked out.  Your primary care doctor can give you access to prescription medication such as Viagra or Cialis.  These prescription medications may or may not work for you.

Like 30% of men, I found that I did not respond well to the normal erectile dysfunction medication and I needed another option. Fortunately, I found that acoustic wave therapy was an effective treatment for erection quality. This treatment eliminated my need for erectile dysfunction medication and gave me firm and hard erections again.

If you are unfamiliar with acoustic wave therapy, it may sound scary but trust me in saying that it is no big deal. This type of treatment is widely used in sports medicine and many other fields. You can find a good unbiased article from Healthline about shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction here.

My Experience with Acoustic Wave Therapy

I have personally used both GAINSWave and the Phoenix device brand of acoustic wave therapy. GAINSWave is a professionally administered acoustic wave therapy treatment. I found this to be very effective but can also be very expensive at $2000 to $3000 for a treatment program. You can read the full GAINSWave review here.

The Phoenix device is a less expensive acoustic shockwave treatment that you can do from home. This is the device that I currently use to maintain a high level of erection quality as it is just as effective as the GAINSWave treatments but much less expensive, See my review of The Phoenix device here for more information about this treatment option.


If you are suffering from erectile dysfunction or even weak erections, I cannot stress enough that you should try some form of acoustic wave therapy. This treatment made a huge improvement for me and was a major life-changing event.

Oklahoma GAINSWave Provider Table

Below is a table of providers that offer GAINSWave treatment in Oklahoma.

GAINSWave ProviderAddressPhone NumberWebsite
Center For Men1713b S Peoria Ave
Tulsa, OK 74120
David Jayne M.D.925 W I- 35 Frontage Rd,
Edmond, OK 73034
Roy Slootheer, FNP12208 S Western Ave Suite B
Oklahoma City, OK 73170

Oklahoma ShockWave Provider Table

The table below contains information on penile shock wave providers in Oklahoma that are not associated with the GAINSWave brand.

Shockwave ProviderAddressPhone NumberWebsite
Oklahoma Men’s Clinic3727 NW 63rd St.
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
Oklahoma Men’s Clinic 4415 S. Harvard Ave.
Tulsa, OK 74135
THE STEELMAN CLINIC13301 N. Meridian, Suite 400
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Renew Wellness & Aesthetics7206 N Western Ave,
Oklahoma City, OK 73116
NeoGenesis4936 E. 73rd St.
Suite C
Tulsa, OK. 74136
Metro Men’s Health615 E Britton Rd Suite 110,
Oklahoma City, OK 73114
Vitruvia MD912 NW 139th Street Parkway
Edmond, OK 73013
Park Ridge Medical Clinic5622 N Portland Suite 240
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73112
REVIBE MEN’S HEALTH5010 East 68th Street
Suite 100
Tulsa, OK 74136
Care Family Medical1810 East 15th St
Tulsa, Ok 74104


Those in Oklahoma have limited cosmetic or surgical penis enlargement services but there are still options. You can travel out of state to find some great providers. You can take the PRP or P-shot approach which requires a little time and effort. Additionally, you can take the at-home approach with one of the top 5 penis traction devices.

For erection quality which is essential to penis enlargement, you can find several options in Oklahoma. Numerous practices offer GAINSWave and shockwave treatment for erection quality. You can also try shockwave therapy from home with the Phoenix Device for a fraction of the price. PRP and Priapus shots are also available in Oklahoma for erection quality and penis thickness.

I hope you found this guide useful. Contact me with any questions and I will do my best to get back to you.

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