Penis Weights for Enlargement: What works and what is dangerous

Penis Weights for Enlargement

I spent years and thousands of dollars trying to enlarge my penis before finally discovering what really works. Penis enlargement methods including penis weights are seldom seriously discussed and are basically ignored by the scientific community. This leads to the question, “Do penis weights work?”

In general, penis weights for enlargement will not work independently but can play a critical role in a total penis enlargement program. There are dangers involved in the use of penis weights so they must be used in a limited manner. If used correctly, penis weights can lead to documented gains.

So let’s take a look at the effectiveness of penis weights. We will look at my personal experience, penis weight studies, penis weight articles, the importance of erection quality to a penis enlargement program, the dangers of penis weights, talking about penis weights with your doctor, and more.

Do Penis Weights Work? My Personal Experience

I found the question “Do penis weights work?” a little tricky. This is because the real answer is that it depends on how you use them.

Like all penis enlargement methods, you should discuss penis weights with your doctor prior to beginning any program. I can tell you that if you ask your doctor about strapping some weights on your penis their initial reaction will be NO. Check out the Talking With Your Doctor About Penis Weights section about how to approach this with your doctor.

The Penis weight reaction we are hoping for.
The reaction we all hope to get when we show them our penis.

The real answer is that penis weights will work to lengthen your penis if you use them as part of a long-term penis stretching program that involves active stretching and passive healing. If you use penis weights on your own, you will not see penis length gains.

I had tried to lengthen my penis for years with almost no results. I had tried all of the penis pills, penis supplements, penis pumps, cheap penis extenders, and even penis weights with no results at all. I even tried penis enlargement surgery and had no actual length gains.

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You can read the Alternative Methods of Penis Enlargement section for all of the details of why these methods don’t work.

My First Try With Penis Weights

Penis weights compression hanger
A penis-weight device that utilizes a compression system

My first try at using penis weights involved the use of a penis clamp and weights. A penis clamp is a device that you snugly attach to your penis shaft so that you can attach weights to it. It was similar to the one pictured above but of lower quality ( I did not take pictures of it when I had it)

I used the weights three times a day for 10 minutes each time. It is important to restrict your usage of penis weights to no more than 10 minutes at a time due to the potential damage of restricted blood flow to the penis.

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I used the penis weights for three months and had absolutely no results. When I would use the weights, my penis would look bigger after I took the weights off but would revert back to its regular size within a few minutes.

After a few months, I just gave up on the penis weights idea as being ineffective. I did not realize that I just had to combine it with some other techniques.

My First Penis Enlargement Success

After my failed experiment with penis weights, I came across a great study on penis enlargement techniques. This study indicated that penis traction devices were the only way to truly achieve penis enlargement.

I had previously tried these penis traction devices and had very minimal results. My problem had been with the design of most of these devices. They were almost impossible to wear comfortably for the 6+ hours per day that you needed in order to see results.

After reading this study, I decided to find a quality penis traction device and give it a try again. I found a great device in the Phallosan Forte that solved all of my problems with other penis traction devices and started to get some great results. For the first time ever, I started to get some significant penis size gains.

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I gained over a half inch of penis length with the use of a quality penis traction device. You can read Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results for my whole story with penis traction devices.

Eventually, my gains from my penis traction device started to plateau. I was still getting results but they were coming incredibly slow. Penis traction devices lead to pretty slow gains over time to begin with so when they slowed down it was very frustrating.

My Maximum Results, Incorporating Penis Weights

Total Man System Ultimate Package
Total Man System with penis weight system and penis traction system

At this point, I came across information about the Total Man System. This was an incredible system that combined the stretching of penis weights with the effectiveness of penis traction systems. The combination of the two is referred to as active stretching and passive healing.

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The system utilizes penis weights or other active stretching techniques to place force on the penis to help trigger cell division. Once the penis is stretched out, you remove the active stretching device and place it in a passive healing penis traction system.

This keeps the penis enlarged from the active stretching so that healing can take place while the penis is fully stretched. This just jump-started my penis enlargement program and allowed me to achieve the penis enlargement gains that I wanted.

Using this combination of active stretching from penis weights in combination with the passive healing of penis traction devices, I was able to obtain my goal of an 8″ penis. This was all thanks to the use of my Total Man System.

You can read my Review of the Total Man Penis Traction Device for my documented results and proof pictures from the use penis weights in combination with a penis traction device.

Another incredible part of using this system is that it is probably the most affordable and durable system that you will find on the market. Don’t spend big money on anything else without first checking out this system.

Penis Weights Studies And A Recent Article

Total Man penis weight vacuum hanger
The Total Man System vacuum penis weight component

Like most things involving penis enlargement, there are no good scientific penis weight studies. As a matter of fact, the best study on penis enlargement techniques makes no mention of penis weights. This study mentions that penis extenders are the only proven method of penis enlargement.

The problem with penis weight studies is that the subject of penis enlargement is still rather taboo even in the medical field. The medical field would rather tell men that any penis in the normal range is just fine.

The normal range is described as being statistically within 2 standard deviations of the mean penis size. According to a recent 2021 study on penis size, any penis larger than 2.75 inches would be large enough to fall into the normal range.

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I am not saying that a person cannot have a great sex life with a 2.75-inch penis. I am just saying that I would definitely not be happy with a penis of that size. This clinical acceptance of what we would consider a small penis is part of the reason for the lack of studies on penis enlargement.

Even with the lack of studies, there are some serious articles about the use of penis weights. There was a recent article in MedicalNewsToday about the use of penis weights. This was a good article but did not carry a lot of specific information about the use of penis weights.

The Importance of Erection Quality With Penis Weights

There is one important thing to remember when you are planning on using penis weights or penis traction devices and that is erection quality.

The whole idea behind penis enlargement programs is to place your penis tissue under stress that will initiate cell division. This cell division will create tissue growth as it heals and therefore penis enlargement.

In order to get this healing that leads to penis enlargement, you need to have good blood flow to the penis. High-quality erections are an essential part of good blood flow to the penis. These firm and hard erections bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the penis that are essential to penis enlargement.

Without proper erection quality, you are just wasting your time with penis weights or any other penis enlargement program.

If you do not have great erection quality, I would really suggest working on that prior to any penis enlargement program.

Consult with your doctor as poor erection quality can be a sign of serious health conditions. Often lifestyle changes and prescription medication do not give men the erection quality that they are looking for.

I personally found that acoustic wave therapy gave me the firm and hard erections that I was looking for. This treatment restored my natural erection quality without having to time my sex life around taking some pills or giving myself injections.

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If you have a legitimate concern about erection quality, I really suggest giving acoustic wave therapy a try before giving up on natural erections. This is a quick and relatively inexpensive treatment that you can do right from your home. I wish I had tried it much earlier.

The Dangers of Penis Weights

Dangers of Penis Weights

Just like all penis enlargement methods or even simple exercise, penis weights can be dangerous if not done properly or if you overdo it. This is actually very serious as you can really do some permanent damage to your body if you do not take some precautions.

The biggest piece of advice is that whatever you do stop immediately if it causes pain. Pain is there for a reason and it means that you should stop doing that penis exercise immediately. When done right, you should feel a mild consistent pulling on the penis and not any pain.

All penis exercises should be done when the penis is not erect. This is when the penis is pliable and less likely to be injured. If the penis is erect, it is not meant to be bent and under the pressures that a penis enlargement program may entail. This can lead to penis fracture so do not do this.

I highly recommend warming up before beginning your penis enlargement program. This will not only reduce your chance of injury but will really help your overall gains. I recommend a quality infrared heating pad like the Total Man Infrared Pad to maximize both safety and gains.

When using penis weights or any type of blood-constricting penis enlargement method, limit your use to 10 minutes or less. Most weight systems involve the use of a clamp to attach the weights to the penis. This needs to be put on tightly which restricts blood flow.

The 10-minute limitation is a good safety mark so that you do not damage any penis tissue while using these devices. After using it for ten minutes, take the device off and let the blood flow resume to the tissue so that the healing process can begin.

Possible injuries to the penis from the use of penis weights include pain, tearing of the skin, bruising, blood clotting, scarring, loss of function, and penis fracture.

Use common sense, go slow, and listen to your body if you want to have a successful penis enlargement program. Going too fast or ignoring what your body is telling you will just slow down your gains and cause damage to your penis.

Talking With Your Doctor About Penis Weights

Talking With Your Doctor About Penis Weights

We all know that we should talk to our doctor before beginning any penis enlargement program but this can be a difficult talk. A doctor’s initial reaction is going to be that you shouldn’t attempt any penis enlargement program.

They are not going to recommend that you do anything that may damage your penis to just give you what they consider a cosmetic change to your penis.

If penis enlargement is important to you, I suggest bringing a copy of the study showing that penis stretching devices or penis extenders are effective for penis enlargement. This is from a truly respected urological journal and they will have a hard time arguing with the study.

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Unfortunately, there is no real study done on penis weights so you have to ask them in a way that they will not shut you down immediately. Ask them if it would cause damage if you limit your use to 10 minutes, use minimal weights, and stop immediately with any pain.

Ask them what your risk would be and how to minimize it. This is how I approached it with my doctor. Eventually, he said I don’t think it will do any good but if you follow those rules then you should be ok. This got my doctor and me on the same page so that he knew what I was doing.

My doctor sure felt differently about it when he eventually saw the results of my penis enlargement program. My penis had become absolutely huge and it was obvious to anyone that saw it. At that point, he felt totally different about my program.

Alternative Methods of Penis Enlargement

wearing the Phallosan Forte
Penis traction devices like the Phallosan Forte
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There are a number of different penis enlargement methods that you can find out there on the internet. Most of them do not do any good but some can give you some incredible results.

  • Penis Pills or Supplements – There is no pill or supplement that will do anything to increase the size of your penis. If you think about it, this does not make any sense. I can not think of any method in which they would work. If they actually created an erection that would enlarge your penis in weeks, you would be in a lot of pain and have priapism issues.
  • Penis Lotions – Another thing that does not work at all. Any lotion that is applied to the skin of the penis would just have its active ingredients carried away by the bloodstream to the whole body. Once again, I can not think of any way that this would actually help. I have tried these in hopes that I was wrong but got absolutely no results.
  • Penis Exercises – Much like the use of penis weights on their own, you can not get enough time using these exercises to get any real results. No studies indicate that these penis exercises are effective. In the best-case scenario, your penis may look slightly larger for a few seconds.
  • Penis Pumps – Similar to penis weights when used on their own, penis pumps can only safely be used for a few minutes. This is not enough time to actually get the body to promote cell division and growth. The penis may look good when you pump it up but the results will be short-lived.
  • Penis Weights On Their Own – The idea sounds great but you can not safely wear these weights long enough to get any permanent results. The penis will just revert back to its normal size once the weights are removed. The key is to have the penis stretched long enough to trigger cell division and tissue growth. Unfortunately, this just takes longer than what you can get from penis weights alone.
  • Penis Lengthening Surgery – Surgery sounds great but it is very expensive and will not work on its own. In order to get great results, you need to combine surgery with a quality penis traction device. I had this surgery done and you can read My Penile Suspensory Ligament Release Surgery: Results and Pictures to find out my story with this surgery. I did not have great results and my experience is not uncommon.
  • Penis Traction Devices or Penis stretching devices – This is the only scientifically proven method for penis enlargement. These devices gradually stretch the penis over time which triggers cell division and tissue growth. This leads to penis growth. These devices must be worn for several hours per day in order to achieve results. Read Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results for my amazing results with penis traction devices.
  • Penis Weights in Combination with Penis Traction Devices – This is the method that gave me the best penis enlargement results. I utilized the active stretching and passive healing techniques of the Total Man System. Using this system, you can get short-term gains from penis weights and follow up immediately with a traction device to hold those gains in place long enough to trigger cell division and tissue growth. Check out my Review of the Total Man Penis Traction Device to see my results with this incredible combination of techniques.

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