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Phallosan Forte Before and After Pictures: My Amazing Results

Phallosan Forte Uncensored:  My real pictures from Before and After

I have personally used the Phallosan Forte for two years. I have documented my results with Phallosan Forte before and after pictures. I hope to use my experience to answer the question, “What you can expect for Phallosan Forte results?”

The Phallosan Forte gave me real penis enlargement results. In four months, I gained 0.875″ in length, 0.675″ in circumference, and 38.9% in penis volume, and straightened my penis curvature. My Phallosan Forte before and after pictures show my continued penis enlargement over time.

I have included my Phallosan Forte results along with photos of my Phallosan Forte gains in this article. For a full review of the Phallosan Forte, you can read Phallosan Forte Review: My amazing documented results.

Warning: Before you continue. This article contains nudity in connection with penis size gains from the Phallosan Forte.

The Phallosan Forte is a remarkable product that can actually lead to an increase in penis size. I remember when I was researching the Phallosan Forte I had a hard time finding real pictures of the results. I really wanted some proof with some uncensored pictures of Phallosan Forte’s results.

Special 2022 Note on Results

After using the Phallosan Forte for over a year, I have finally reached my penis size goals of over 8.0 inches long and 7.0″ inches in circumference. I am fully satisfied with my Phallosan Forte results. I now just use the Phallosan Forte a couple of times a month to make sure I maintain my gains.

I did not solely use the Phallosan Forte throughout the process and did supplement it with the Total Man System as well. But the Phallosan Forte is the main traction device that you want to start with and continue with throughout your penis enlargement program.

Phallosan Forte Before and After Pictures: Lengthening Result

I know that the main Phallosan Forte result that men seek is lengthening. After using the Phallosan Forte for four months, I had an increase of 0.875 inches in penis length. The Phallosan Forte increased my penis length from 6.5″ to 7 3/8″. This represents a 13.5% increase in length alone. This was a phenomenal result for me.

A little under an inch may not sound like much to some but if you have been trying to enlarge your penis you know the truth about this. An inch is huge in the real world of penis enlargement. I know other products may talk about 2-3 inch gains in a couple of weeks but these claims are not legitimate at all.

In the two years prior to using the Phallosan Forte, I had tried surgery, penis pumps, pills, penis exercises, and other traction devices. With all of those methods, I only gained 1/4″ of length. It was barely noticeable.

Looking at my Phallosan Forte before and after pictures, I am truly amazed by the change in size. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures before I started using the Phallosan Forte but I do have pictures at the one-month, four-month, and a recent one from 2022.

Phallosan Forte Results: Thickening Pictures

A bonus Phallosan Forte result is thickening and trust me that the ladies like the thickness. After using the Phallosan Forte for four months, I gained 0.675″ in penis circumference (girth). The Phallosan Forte increased my penis circumference from 5.875″ to 6 1/2″. This represents an 11.5% girth increase.

To be clear on this by the thickness of the penis, I am talking about the width of the penis. This is usually measured as the circumference around the penis at its widest point.

When we talk about penis size, we are most often talking about length. But most studies show that the thickness is actually more important to women than the length of the penis. So do not underestimate this part of the penis enlargement program.

One might think that the stretching of the penis might over time make the penis thinner. This is not the case with the Phallosan Forte. According to their information, the constant microtear/healing process that makes the penis longer will also thicken the penis over time.

The thickness is pretty noticeable in my Phallosan Forted before and after pictures but my wife says it is even more noticeable in real life.

Phallosan Forte Gains: The penis volume gain

The real measurement of penis size is the volume of the penis. Volume represents the space that something actually occupies. So when looking at Phallosan Forte results, the volume will show your true size gain.

At the four-month mark, my 0.875″ gain in length and the 0.675″ gain in circumference represent a 38.9% increase in the volume of my penis. A 38.9% increase is absolutely huge. This would mean that what my wife would feel inside her would be 38.9% bigger. I was ecstatic with the results.

My Phallosan Forte gains have continued to be phenomenal. After over a year of use, I finally achieved my goals of 8.0 inches in length and 7 inches in circumference. I am finally satisfied and my penis is absolutely huge.

My wife and I are frequent visitors to nude swinger resorts and I know from the reaction of others at these resorts that the results are very noticeable. If you have ever worried about your penis size as I did, then the Phallosan Forte can give you the confidence that you seek.

The chart below details my Phallosan Forte results over time.

Phallosan Forte ResultStart of Use1 Month of Use2 Months of Use3 Months of Use4 Months of Use2022 Update
over 1 year of use
(See note below)
Penis Length (inches)6.506.8757.07.257.3758.25
Penis Length Gain (inches)n/a0.375
.75 (11.5%)0.875 (13.5%)1.75
Penis Circumference (inches)5.8756.06.1256.256.57.125
Penis Circumference Gain (inches)n/a0.125
0.375 (6.4%)0.675 (11.5%)1.25
Approximate Penis Volume (cubic inches calculated as V=πr2h)17.7919.63520.7522.6324.7133.26
Penis Volume Gain (cubic inches)n/a1.845
2.96 (16.6%)4.84 (27.2%)6.92 (38.9%)15.5
Phallosan Forte Use Results Chart

Special 2022 Note on Phallosan Forte Results

After using the Phallosan Forte for over a year, I have finally reached my penis size goals of over 8.0 inches long and 7.0″ inches in circumference. I am fully satisfied with my Phallosan Forte gains. I now just use the Phallosan Forte a couple of times a month to make sure I maintain my gains.

I did not solely use the Phallosan Forte throughout the process and did supplement it with the Total Man System after the first eight months. But I did continue to use the Phallosan Forte throughout my penis enlargement program.

The main takeaway from the Phallosan Forte review should be that this device can provide you with excellent results if used properly. This type of device is the only thing that is scientifically shown to increase penis size and it certainly did for me.

Phallosan Forte Before and After Pictures: Curvature Correction

The Phallosan Forte can be an important tool in treating the curvature of the penis. Like many men, I suffered from a severely curved penis. Some men are born with it and others develop it later in life due to injury or trauma to the penis.

Also known as Peyronie’s disease, this condition can be painful and lead to erectile dysfunction. This condition is common in men that are diabetic.

The use of the Phallosan Forte will over time lead to the penis straightening out. The constant traction leads to the straightening of the shaft without a need for surgery. My Phallosan Forte before and after pictures really show how much my penis straightened with use.

The Phallosan forte was able to significantly straighten my penis within a couple of months of use. This was a fantastic bonus result as I had found that the curvature that I suffered from was painful.

Below are my Phallosan Forte before and after pictures of the curvature.

If you were a person that suffered from this condition and was considering surgery for it, I would definitely suggest trying the Phallosan Forte first. Surgery for an incurvate penis can result in penis shortage. By using the Phallosan Forte, you can not only straighten out the penis but lengthen it at the same time.

In my personal case, I received an excellent result in both the areas of straightening and lengthening.

Don’t Short-Change Yourself

Phallosan Box Info

If you have ever thought about increasing your penis size, you have to give the Phallosan Forte a try. I had desperately tried for years to increase my penis size with no results. I had tried all of the pills, creams, exercises, and even surgery with no results.

Penis traction devices are the only scientifically documented method to increase penis size and the Phallosan Forte is the best penis traction device out there.

It has an enhanced design that just makes it stay comfortably in place so that it can actually work. Other traction devices tend to not stay in place. They can not work because they do not stay in place long enough to give you the results you need.

This is not an easy program. In order to get great Phallosan Forte results, you need to commit to using the Phallosan Forte for at least six hours per day. The Phallosan Forte is a very comfortable traction device but you still need to take it off and back on every time you go to the bathroom. But you will get results.

One last note, there is one thing that you truly need in order to see results with the Phallosan Forte and that is erection quality. The Phallosan Forte increases the size of the penis by causing slight micro-trauma to the penis that continuously heals with new cells that increase the size. You need erection quality to heal those tears

Good erection quality provides blood flow to the penis which promotes the healing process. If this is a problem for you, I suggest that you try out acoustic wave therapy to improve your erection quality. This was the way that I achieved the erection quality that I needed to get my Phallosan Forte results.

Phallosan Physician

The Phallosan Forte Alternative: The Total Man System

Total Man Shop Full Ultimate Package

There is one quality alternative penis enlargement product to the Phallosan Forte that I have found. This system is called the Total Man Shop system. As a matter of fact, I used this system to jump-start my penis enlargement program when I began to plateau with the Phallosan Forte after 8 months.

The Phallosan Forte gave me great results but eventually, my penis growth began to slow down. This made me look for a way to speed up my penis enlargement. This is when I found the Total Man Shop system.

The Total Man System provides an excellent penis enlargement system that you can customize to your needs at a price that is significantly less than the Phallosan Forte. You will find that your Total Man System results are similar to your Phallosan Forte results.

How the Total Man System Works

The Total Man Shop system uses two methods to increase the size of the penis. These two methods are active stretching and passive healing.

Active stretching is when you apply force on the penis which puts the penis tissue under stress and starts the process of tissue cell division.

An example of this would be the Total Man Shop weight hanger, the Total Man extender, or the Total Man pulley system. When you hang the weights from your penis, it stretches the penis and makes the cells want to divide to fill in the extra space.

I had tried weight hanging and stretching before with absolutely no results so why is the Total Man system different?

The reason it never worked before is that you can only safely do active stretching for 10-15 minutes. Anything more can cause damage because active stretching techniques can reduce the blood flow to the penis. Reduced blood flow equals dead cells which means no gain, a limp penis, and possibly worse.

Anything that you do for 10-15 minutes is not going to help. As soon as you are done stretching, the penis will revert back to its normal size and heal at that size. You will see no gain. This is why weights, stretching exercises, and such are doomed to fail on their own.

The Total Man System combines active stretching with passive healing to work around this issue. Right after you do your active stretching, you move on to a passive healing technique like the All Day Stretcher or the healing sleeve.

A device like the All Day Stretcher keeps the penis in the elongated shape from the active stretching while not applying as much force or cutting off blood flow. This allows the penis to begin the healing process while retaining that extended length.

With these passive healing techniques, you keep the penis extended and healing for at least six hours per day. This gives the penis time to heal in an elongated shape.

This means that the cells will divide to fill in the space created by the active stretching and maintained by the passive healing techniques. These new cells equal real penis growth. I am not a doctor but this only makes sense to me.

The Phallosan Forte vs the Total Man System

Total Man System Ultimate Package Everything
Everything you get with the Total Man System

I love both the Phallosan Forte and the Total Man Shop system. I actually used both systems simultaneously to maximize my penis enlargement. I know this is not possible for everyone to do so I am going to break down the difference between the two.

The Phallosan Forte is the best penis traction device period. It is a comfortable, no-slippage system with an incredible orthopedic belt system.

The Total Man Shop system has a penis traction device called the All Day Stretcher which is almost as good as the Phallosan Forte but not quite. The All Day Stretcher is lacking the tension gauge, built-in pump, and orthopedic belt that the Phallosan Forte has.

However, the All Day Stretcher is sturdier and much less expensive than the Phallosan Forte. Additionally, the whole Total Man System can be bought at a price that is a lot less expensive.

In addition to the All Day Stretcher, the whole Total Man System has all of the active stretching components and additional passive healing methods.

When you consider the much lower price, the additional active stretching techniques, and the additional passive healing techniques, many would find the Total Man System to be a much more affordable method of penis enlargement.

With the Total Man System, you can get the All Day Stretcher system for as low as $67. You can get the full Ultimate Package that includes everything for $197. There are all kinds of combinations for different prices between those two prices.

Special Note: You can save at least 12% on any Total Man System purchase by using the special discount code TheMonsterSite. Just go here to order your Total Man System and enter the discount code.


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