Phoenix Device FAQ: Answers from a real Phoenix Device user

Phoenix Device FAQ  Questions and Answers with a Phoenix Device user

I have been using the Phoenix Device for about two years now and I have learned a lot about this amazing device in that time frame. I will be trying to share that knowledge with this Phoenix Device FAQ.

If you are a man that has concerns about being able to get hard when they need to, do not give up without trying out this technology. Do your research and get your questions answered but do not think that great bedroom performance is beyond your reach.

These questions and answers are not official company answers but are the observations of a Phoenix device user. If anyone has any questions that are not answered on this page, leave a comment below and I will answer them. You can also check out my complete Phoenix Device Review for more information.

The Phoenix Device FAQ

The Phoenix Device FAQ with questions and answers from a man who has used the Phoenix Device for over three years. Some of these are the less obvious things that the official websites don’t cover.

Are there any active 2023 Phoenix Device discount codes?

Phoenix Device Discount Codes

There are always active Phoenix Device discount codes including right now. You can check out the Current Phoenix Device Discount Codes page to find out what is available at this moment. You will always find savings of at least $150 for the Phoenix Device on this page.

What is the intensity of the Phoenix Device shockwaves?

The energy per pulse for the Phoenix Device is 2.4mJ. This is delivered per pulse with 15,000 pulses per treatment. This intensity allows men to safely perform Li-ESWT at home, without a prescription. My experience has been that this level of intensity is more than enough for a man to improve his ability to get and stay hard.

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The use of my Phoenix device at this intensity allowed me to regain my ability to get hard and then maintain my bedroom performance in the long run.

How loud is the Phoenix Device?

I found the Phoenix Device to be incredibly loud. This is one of the few drawbacks of this device. You can not secretly use the Phoenix device in your bedroom without everyone else in the house knowing that you are doing something.

The Phoenix device makes a loud “clacking” sound while operating that is louder and sharper than what you would hear from a loud TV. It could only be drowned out by some very loud music.

Now when I first started to use the Phoenix device, I still had kids at home and I did not want to tell them what I was doing so I just told them that it was a device that I used for circulation in my legs and I used it in the bedroom because I used the device in my underwear.

That story both satisfied their curiosity and kept them out of the room.

Do I have to be erect to use the Phoenix Device?

You should NOT be erect when using the Phoenix Device. The Phoenix treatments are performed on your penis while it is in a flaccid state. You perform the treatment on your stretched flaccid penis. Use your thumb and forefinger to grasp the head of the penis and gently stretch it for the treatment cycle.

How long does a single Phoenix treatment take?

I found that it took about 20 minutes to complete a single treatment session with the Phoenix device. It can vary slightly from session to session.

Each session consists of 2 cycles of treatment at each of the five positions. Each cycle involves ten passes of going down and back up the shaft following the guidance lights on the Phoenix device. Once you complete the 10 passes you move on to the next position until you have each one twice.

What can I do to maximize my results with The Phoenix device?

The Phoenix Device delivers impressive results on its own for most men but the people behind it do have one optional recomendation. For those seeking a more advanced approach, consider incorporating a high-quality penis pump like the Bathmate series into your routine alongside The Phoenix.

Engaging in a 10-minute pumping session twice a day during your treatment weeks can enhance tissue recovery by drawing oxygen-rich blood into the targeted area. This can be done at any time, including immediately before or after a session with The Phoenix. Many individuals prefer to pump in the morning and at night.

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Various high-quality pumps are available in the market, but it’s crucial not to exceed 5 PSI during each ten-minute session. While sufficient suction may cause mild discomfort, if you encounter pain, promptly open the release valve to alleviate pressure.

Is The Phoenix device covered by insurance?

Unfortunately, I have not heard of any insurance companies that cover the expense of purchasing a Phoenix device. Hopefully, as this form of treatment gains more mainstream acceptance, this will change. In the meantime, there are some things that you can do to save money on your Phoenix device purchase.

There are always active Phoenix Device discount codes. You can check out the Current Phoenix Device Discount Codes page to find out what is available. You will always find savings of at least $150 for the Phoenix Device on this page.

What is the Phoenix Device?

The Phoenix Device is a device that uses acoustic sound waves to improve your ability to both get and stay hard. Men can use this device to both improve and maintain their sexual health from the comfort of their homes.

These wave treatments, also known as Li-ESWT (Low-Intensity Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy), have been used in clinics for over a decade. These clinics were mostly for the rich and famous who could afford this treatment in a clinical setting. Now you can get this same treatment at an affordable price.

These treatments not only worked for me but for thousands of other men. Just try a Google search for “Li-ESWT clinical studies” to see all the studies that lend credibility to the efficacy of Li-ESWT.

One great 2017 study found in Nature Reviews Urology entitled Low-intensity shockwave therapy for erectile dysfunction: Is the evidence strong enough? takes a look at a bunch of research on Li-ESWT and the reported results of use.

The benefits of Li-ESWT are that it is non-invasive, painless, convenient, and longer lasting than other treatments.

Does the Phoenix Device work?

Does the Phoenix Device work?

Numerous studies have shown that the technology behind the Phoenix Device can improve your ability to get hard and stay hard.  These studies have shown significant improvement in men’s satisfaction with their bedroom performance with no adverse effects.

The positive results of these studies matched my results from using the Phoenix Device. The soundwave technology behind the Phoenix device has allowed me to go from having trouble getting hard quality to being even harder than I was in my twenties.

Best of all, the Phoenix device lets me do this affordably from the privacy of my own home.

Who is a good candidate for the Phoenix Device?

Most men who are concerned about their bedroom performance are good candidates for the Phoenix Device. The Phoenix uses clinically proven technology to deliver treatments that were previously only available in an office setting.

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I have found that the Phoenix Device can provide a safe and effective boost in bedroom performance to men who want the ability to be able to get hard and stay hard whenever they want to.

The Phoenix Device website says that those with Blood Clotting Disorder (i.e. Thrombosis), Taking Prescription Beta Blockers, Poorly Managed Diabetes, or Poorly Managed High Blood Pressure should not use this device.

How much does the Phoenix device cost?

The Phoenix Device cost is $879 but there are always active discount codes that let you save on this device. You can always save at least $150 off the price of the Phoenix Device and often you can save significantly more.

So if you pay the full $879 for the Phoenix Device, you have paid more than you should.

How long does the Phoenix Device last?

The Phoenix device is designed to provide 70 full-strength treatments. It will still work after those 70 treatments but may not deliver the acoustic wave at full strength. I have personally used my Phoenix device well beyond the 70 treatments without seeing a reduction in treatment benefits.

The cost of these 70 full-strength treatments comes out to less than $13 per treatment. Compare that to the $500 per treatment that you will get charged in a clinical office setting for the same type of treatment.

Which is better GAINSWave or the Phoenix Device?

Best GainsWave Alternatives
Gainswave Treatments

I have tried both GAINSWave and the Phoenix Device so I feel very qualified to compare the two treatments. I found both of them to be incredibly effective in increasing my ability to get hard and stay hard which is not surprising as they use the same technology.

current Phoenix device discount code

The difference between the two is in the price of the treatment. GAINSWave treatments typically cost $500 per session or a bulk discount of 6 sessions for $2000. The Phoenix Device costs $879 (or less with discounts) for 70 treatments.

The Phoenix device made this treatment program affordable for me. I found GAINSWave to be effective but unaffordable in the long run.

Which is better the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro?

The Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro The obvious choice
The Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro The Obvious Choice

There is not much of a real difference in the comparison of the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro. The Phoenix Pro uses the same technology as the Phoenix device. The difference is that the Phoenix Pro offers slightly more intense treatment options since it is for use only under the supervision of a medical professional.

Because of this, the Phoenix Pro does not have some of the safety protocols that are found on the Phoenix device. The Phoenix Pro does not have the 36-hour safety lockout that is found on the Phoenix Device. Additionally, the Phoenix Pro delivers 20,000 pulses per treatment versus 15,000 pulses with the Phoenix.

The Phoenix Pro has been discontinued so the differences do not matter much at this point. You can find out more about these products here.

Is the Phoenix Device a scam?


The Phoenix device is not a scam. My personal use and thousands of other users have reported incredible results using this device. Not only is the device very reliable but the company behind the Phoenix Device is reputable.

Launch Medical, the company behind the Phoenix Device, has an A+ rating with the BBB. Additionally, the company stands behind its Phoenix Device 90-Day Home Trial. This gives buyers some great peace of mind when it comes to trying out this device.

What is better Viagra, Cialis, or the Phoenix Device?

In my personal experience, I found the Phoenix device to be much better than any of the prescription medicines in helping me to get hard and stay hard.

I was able to get hard without having to time when I was taking pills. I could just get hard and stay hard when and where I wanted to. This restored a natural flow to my sex life.

What are the Phoenix Device negatives?

What are the Phoenix Device negatives?
Even though The Phoenix Device is amazing there are still some negatives

The biggest negative to using the Phoenix device is that it is rather loud. The noise level of the Phoenix will prevent you from using it secretly if anyone else is in the house. The device creates a loud “clacking” noise as it creates the sound waves for the treatment.

A small Phoenix Device negative is that the positive results of using the Phoenix are not instantaneous. Most men will need to receive multiple treatments before receiving positive results. In my case, I needed around six treatments before really noticing better performance in the bedroom.

The other negative to the Phoenix Device is that the price may be prohibitive for some people. While the Phoenix Device is incredibly affordable when compared to similar treatments, it can be difficult for some to buy the device.

Do you need a prescription for the Phoenix Device?

No, you do not need a prescription to order a Phoenix Device. You can use this device to improve your ability to get hard and stay hard from home without a doctor’s visit. However, it is always a good idea to be checked out by a doctor if you suffer from any sexual health issues.

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