Review of Prime CBD Gummies for Penis Enlargement: Scam Alert

Here a TheMonsterSite, we pride ourselves on offering honest reviews on male enhancement and penis enlargement products. We think this is an important service as most of these products are complete scams. So are Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement a scam or legit?

In general, Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement are a total scam. Prime CBD Gummies for male enhancement will not work. We do not believe that these claims are made by the manufacturer or that this is not the intended use of Prime CBD Gummies.

So let’s look at Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement. We will look at what this product really is, what penis enlargement results from Prime CBD gummies that you can expect, the price of Prime CBD Gummies, and What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement.

Our Prime CBD Gummies for Penis Enlargement Review

Recently, I have been seeing a lot of advertisements on Facebook for Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement. The penis enlargement claims made in these ads are a total scam. The ads have been recycled for several CBD products and I would not recommend these products at all.

The Prime CBD Gummies for male enhancement ads do not appear to have been created by the manufacturer. We cannot find any actual information from the manufacturer about the product but you can plainly see that the packaging makes no penis enlargement or male enhancement claims.

Prime CBD Gummies Facebook ad
Prime CBD Gummies Facebook ad

This leads us to believe that penis enlargement claims are being made by an unauthorized third party. There are no contact links in the advertisement and no company information is provided.

Additionally, I have taken high-quality CBD products in the past, and while they may help with anxiety, insomnia, and pain relief they do not increase the size of the penis. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that you can not increase the size of your penis by taking pills.

Research studies continue to show that the only non-surgical way to increase your penis size is through the use of penis traction devices. This method takes time and effort but does return results within a few months. Nobody gets 4.3″ or growth like made in these crazy penis enlargement ads but many see over 1″ of penis enlargement.

A few more scam signals show up when looking at Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement. The web pages promoting Prime CBD Gummies for male enhancement are just recycled pages that have been used for other CBD male enhancement products.

Advertisement Phoenix
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They use the exact same claims, pictures, and testimonials. The only thing that has changed is that they substituted the Prime CBD Gummies for male enhancement pictures instead of other products.

Check out our reviews of Green Spectra CBD Gummies, Iron Max Male Enhancement Gummies, or Smart CBD Gummies and you will see the exact same material.

Additionally, the pictures on this website show a bunch of huge penises that are photographed in a way to make them look bigger than they actually are. Look at the photos and you will see that the rulers, tape measures, or lady’s forearms are all staged far below the penis (down around the knee or lower). This distorts the frame of reference.

While large, the penises shown are nowhere near the size they are trying to imply. Again they are trying to mislead you.

I recommend extreme caution in sharing any payment information with a website that makes such obviously fake claims.

Prime CBD Gummies for Penis Enlargement Claims
Impossible Claims made on Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement website
Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement claims 2
More Impossible Claims made on Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement website

Prime CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement Ingredients

Prime CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement claims
Another claim with no evidence of authenticity.

The list of Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement ingredients from the penis enlargement website includes:

  • Guarana – is listed as an ingredient that ” increases the width of veins that supply blood to the penis” which makes you wonder about their research since veins actually are the way that blood exits the penis. Arteries are what supply blood to the penis.
  • Peppermint extract – No studies indicate that this ingredient is tied to penis size in any way.
  • Arctium extract – They claim this leads to long erections (no proof of this claim is found). Regardless, long erections do not increase penis size.
  • Ginseng extract – They claim this increases libido. However, libido has nothing to do with penis size. Many men with high libido and sexual desire have an average penis and many men with a large penis have low libido.

Once again, these are the same ingredients that I have seen listed for several penis enlargement CBD gummies that have been advertised on Facebook. Also, I see no indication on the packaging that these ingredients are actually in Prime CBD Gummies for male enhancement.

Prime CBD Gummies for Male Enhancement Cost

I can not find a legitimate website that lists Prime CBD Gummies for sale so I am not able to provide an accurate cost. I did not enter any credit card information on the Prime CBD Gummies for Penis Enlargement website and I highly recommend that you do not do so either.

What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement

Green Spectra CBD Gummies alternatives

When you think about it, you know that there is no magic pill or lotion that will lead to penis enlargement this includes Prime CBD Gummies for penis enlargement. There is no actual way for any of this stuff to work.

You can tell when you read the websites promoting these items because they have no real explanation of how it would make your penis grow. The truth is that true penis enlargement is not quick and easy like taking some pills. It takes a lot of time and some effort to occur.

>”Advertisement TMS
#1 Penis Enlargement System Recommended by TheMonsterSite

As we mentioned earlier, penile extenders (penis traction devices) are the only proven non-surgical way to enlarge the penis. The use of these devices is even needed to get positive results from penis lengthening surgery.

The basic idea behind these devices is to place the penis tissue under small and consistent pressure. This will place the tissue under stress and will promote cell division and tissue expansion. This is a slow process but it is scientifically shown to work (source 1, source 2).

I have personally used these devices and achieved phenomenal results. These results are not quick but they do come over time. You have to commit to wearing the penis traction device for at least six hours per day which is not always easy but is not painful.

Doing this, I gained 1 1/2″ of penis length in about a year. These results are not unheard of since these studies have shown gains of up to 1.2″ of growth in four months. These are real results and not the fake picture results of Cannutopia male enhancement gummies.

I made these gains using the Total Man System. This is the best system on the market as it combines the proven effectiveness of penis traction and the use of active stretching to really boost results. This is also an incredibly affordable system. You can see my documented results and links to my result pictures here.

”Advertisement TMS
#1 Penis Enlargement System Recommended by TheMonsterSite

The Importance of Erection Quality For Penis Enlargement

While great erection quality will not lead to penis enlargement, you can not have penis enlargement without great erection quality.

Quality erections bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the penis. These are key ingredients in cell division and tissue growth in the penis.

Do not even bother trying to enlarge your penis unless you have excellent erection quality because you will just be wasting your time and money.

Hopefully, you have excellent erection quality. If you don’t worry about the rest of this section. If you do not have great erection quality there are a few things you can do.

In our opinion, the best long-lasting solution to poor erection quality is the Phoenix Device. This device uses acoustic wave therapy to improve blood flow. This is the same treatment that the rich and famous have been using for years but now it is affordable to middle-class men.

I can not praise this device enough. This is how I regained my erection quality after years of erectile dysfunction. You can find out about this device and my results by reading Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Review.

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If you are looking for just a quick solution to enhance your erections, then I would suggest that you try Erectin. Unlike Prime CBD Gummies, Erectin has a scientific study that shows the effectiveness of the formula in enhancing your erection quality.

Erectin does not actually improve your natural ability to achieve erections as the Phoenix does but it can really help give you that extra boost when you need it.

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