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GAINSWave for Penis Enlargement: Does it work?

GAINSWave for Penis Enlargement

We all know that GAINSWave is an effective way to improve erection quality but what about penis enlargement. I personally tried GAINSWave to treat my erectile dysfunction but was hoping that maybe it would give me some penis enlargement as well. So does GAINSWave for penis enlargement work?

As a general rule, GAINSWave does not increase penis size. It can help you obtain firmer erections that may appear larger. GAINSWave does not make any enlargement claims and my personal findings were the same. These better erections can help you in other penis enlargement programs.

Even though GAINSWave does not increase penis size on its own, it was still an important part of a successful penis enlargement program. It is important to know what GAINSWave can do for you, what my personal results were, how to successfully enlarge your penis, and how to save money on GAINSWave type treatments.

GAINSWave for Penis Enlargement: The Results

GAINSWave treatment will not enlarge the penis. There are no studies or credible anecdotal evidence of penis enlargement from this treatment. I know that my personal experience with GAINSWave did show any measurable penis enlargement results although at times my penis did seem larger to me.

GAINSWave is an extremely effective method of acoustic wave therapy for the treatment of the penis. This treatment has been clinically shown to improve erection quality. A penis that is fully erect and engorged will appear much larger than the same penis when it is partially erect.

This is why some people may think that GAINSWave enlarges the penis. I experienced a similar result when I had my treatments.

My Personal Experience and Results with GAINSWave for Penis Enlargement

I had suffered from erectile dysfunction for years when I tried GAINSWave. Prior to GAINSWave, I had used prescription pills, penis supplements, and even penis injections with limited results.

I was very unhappy with the situation. I had wanted to work on penis enlargement but there was no point in worrying about penis size when I couldn’t even get a firm erection.

The soft erections made me think that my penis was getting smaller. It may very well of been the case because lack of blood flow to the penis can cause shrinkage over time.

I started the GAINSWave treatment and within six treatments I started to get firmer erections. By the time I got to treatment 12, I was back to having rock-hard erections like I did when I was a teenager.

My penis seemed much larger to me, but it was the same size as it was in my twenties. I had measured it then and it was still the same at a little over 6.5″.

To maintain my erection quality, I had to continue with some maintenance treatments twice a month. I eventually had to find an alternate form of acoustic wave therapy because GAINSWave can be very expensive.

In the end, GAINSWave treatments did allow me to obtain penis enlargement. The firm erections enabled me to start a penis enlargement program that did really increase the size of my penis.

What is the GAINSWave treatment?

GAINSWave is a non-surgical alternative treatment for erectile dysfunction. It uses shockwave therapy to treat the root cause of erectile dysfunction. The term “shockwave therapy” may sound scary but trust me in saying that it is no big deal.

I am not a doctor so I am not going to try to explain the whole thing. There have been a number of studies on the effectiveness of acoustic therapy for erection quality. GAINSWave compiled a nice list of these studies here.

I can tell you that GAINSWave does work. After about six treatments, I began to experience much firmer and fuller erections. I started out by just noticing this when I was sleeping but it soon carried over into my sex life with my wife.

According to their website:

GAINSWave is the premium brand of shockwave therapy for ED, performed by our network of highly-trained medical providers.

Treatment is all-natural and clinically proven using high-frequency shockwaves to enhance male sexual function, performance, and overall health. It is the only non-invasive procedure that treats the root cause of erectile dysfunction in men by increasing blood flow, releasing growth factors in the tissue forming new blood vessels, and breaking down micro-plaque in the penis.

GAINSWave treatments are not just for men with erectile dysfunction. Other men can utilize the treatment to enhance their sexual performance and erection quality.

What to expect with a GAINSwave treatment

Below is a short video that details the experience of receiving the GAINSWave treatment. The experience in the video was very similar to my own with the exception of that I did not use any of the numbing creams. The treatments are not painful in any way and in fact, I found them to be relaxing and enjoyable once you get over any initial discomfort of having the technician handling your penis.

The video below gives a pretty realistic idea of what to expect during a GAINSWave treatment:

My experience with the GAINSWAVE treatment was very similar. I was led to a room and instructed to remove my pants and underwear. I took a seat in a reclining medical chair with a paper medical blanket to wait for the technician.

When the technician arrived, she put lubricant over my penis and started the GAINSWave device. She placed the wand on my arm first so that I could get an understanding of how it felt. There was no pain just a pulsing sensation. The only part of the treatment that was initially uncomfortable was the sound that the equipment made.

The technician then began the treatment of the penis. This involves the movement of the treatment wand around the penis shaft. This was not painful at all. As a matter of fact, I found it to be quite relaxing. I found the sensation to be similar to the feeling of using a back massager.

The treatment was over quickly. I was in and out of the office in less than half an hour. You can easily receive the treatment on a lunch break.

Cost of GAINSWave Treatments

The only drawback that I have found with the GAINSWave treatment is the price. It is effective but can be pricey. But if you have found oral medications like Viagra and Cialis to be ineffective then this will be your best shot at getting good and firm erections.

I found that the price of the GAINSWave treatment was $500 per treatment or a special price of six treatments for $2000. Health insurance would not help with this treatment. This seems to be in line with what I have found from other providers.

Be sure to check out the provider’s website and Facebook page for any possible specials that may be running. Do not be afraid to ask the provider for a special price. These practices often have some flexibility as they are owner-operated and can offer you some special deal.

The Low Cost Alternative to GAINSWave

As I stated before, the only major drawback that I found to GAINSWave treatment was the cost of the treatments. For an initial set of twelve treatments, you can be looking at $4000. If you need maintenance treatments as I did, you can be looking at an additional $8000 per year.

I found the treatments very effective but continuing on with them was going to put me in the poor house. I had to find an alternative that could be just as effective as the GAINSWave treatments without the high cost.

The Phoenix device was the low-cost alternative that I was looking for. This device provides high-quality acoustic wave therapy just like GAINSWave at a fraction of the cost. I was able to maintain my erection quality at home with the Phoenix acoustic wave device.

Launch Medical, the developer of the Phoenix, recently reached an agreement with GAINSWave. In this agreement, Launch Medical will offer the Phoenix for at-home treatments while the GAINSWave device is exclusively used for office settings (Source: AP News).

This is not some cheap knock-off of the GainsWave treatment (be careful because those are out there). By looking at the research and the legal interactions between GainsWave and the Phoenix manufacturers, you can see that this device is a serious alternative to GainsWave.

I have personally both received GainsWave treatments and used the Phoenix. I can tell you that both treatments are extremely effective but that the Phoenix allowed me to save thousands of dollars. You can read my complete review of the Phoenix here. But if you are curious about GainsWave and are nervous about the cost or the office visits then you have to try out the Phoenix. I never regretted it.

Erection Quality and Penis Enlargement

If you are truly looking for penis enlargement, the erection quality that you gain from GAINSWave or the Phoenix is the first step. Once you have achieved this, you can work on your enlargement goals.

With all of the fake methods out there on the web, it is hard to know what to do. First of all, magic pills and penis exercises will do nothing for you. There is only one method that has been scientifically studied and shown to increase penis size.

High-quality penis traction devices are the only proven method to actually enlarge the penis. Even penis enlargement surgery requires the use of these traction devices to achieve erect length gains.

This is not a quick or easy technique but it is the only one that works. To learn more about penis traction devices, learn about the scientific studies behind penis traction devices, and to find out which ones actually work check out Do Penis Traction Devices work? for more information.

Completely my Opinion

While GAINSWave is an excellent way to improve erection quality, it will not enlarge your penis. Excellent erection quality will allow you to obtain penis enlargement through the use of penis traction devices. By combining GAINSWave or the Phoenix with a high-quality penis traction device, you can get amazing penis enlargement results.

While I am happy with my increase in penis size, I am even happier with my ability to gain firm erections without medications or injections. Whether it is through the GAINSWave treatment or the Phoenix, getting control of your erection quality is an important first step in penis enlargement.

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