Review of IASuperPharma Hammer for Male Potency

Review of IASuperPharma Hammer for Male Potency

IASuperPharma’s Hammer is advertised as a potent combination of prescription strength drugs for male potency. The IASuperPharma website makes some pretty strong claims about the effectiveness and purity of the product. I have personally tried this product and found it to be somewhat effective but I still remain unconvinced about some of their claims. For that reason, I offer this review of IASuperPharma Hammer for Male Potency.

Prior to taking Hammer, I had suffered with erectile dysfunction for a long time. I had visited a number of doctors and had received prescriptions and tried all of the major erectile dysfunction medications. The medications that I tried included the three major ingredients of Hammer. This gave me the experience to judge the effectiveness of this product.

Who is IASuperPharma?

IASuperPharma is an Asian-based manufacturer and seller of pharmaceuticals. They seem to specialize in products that may not be FDA-approved in the United States. These products include SARMS, testosterone, steroids, fat burner products, and other similar products.

Since the products from IASuperPharma are not FDA-approved, they would generally not be considered safe. It is always best to only use medication that is prescribed by a doctor and obtained from a licensed pharmacy.

When ordering from IASuperPharma there are only unusual payment options. You can not pay with a credit card or PayPal. You can only use Bitcoin or some other cryptos, Western Union, international money transfer, and a few other uncommon methods.

Even though the whole business model is a little strange and unfamiliar to most American consumers, it does seem to work. I experienced no problems in ordering with Bitcoin and received my order in a timely manner. Other user reviews online show that this is a pretty typical experience. The only hard part of my order was figuring out Bitcoin for the first time.

What is Hammer for Male Potency

Hammer is advertised as a male potency treatment containing the medication from the three big erectile dysfunction prescriptions. It is listed as containing 25 mg of Tadalafil (the active ingredient in Cialis), 25 mg of Vardenafil (the active ingredient in Levitra), and 50 mg of Sildenafil (the active ingredient in Viagra) per capsule.

Most of us are familiar with these medications but a good article with descriptions can be found here. As mentioned in that article, they all work by enhancing the effects of nitric oxide. Nitric oxide helps relax the smooth muscles in the penis and allows the blood flow that creates an erection with sexual stimulation. This article also describes some of the dangers associated with these drugs.

The listed dosage of the individual medications are quite high. Tadalafil initial dosage is usually 10 mg with a maximum dosage of 20 mg (source). Vardenafil initial dosage is usually 10 mg with a maximum dosage of 20 mg (source). Sildenafil initial dosage is usually 50 mg with a maximum dosage of 100 mg (source). The listed dosages in Hammer are above the listed maximum for two of the medications. In addition, Hammer is a combination of these dosages which should make it even more potent. For this reason I would recommend checking with a doctor before trying this medication.

Their Description of Hammer

The product description page for Hammer describes it as “a high potency product that reduces the need for higher single doses of Sildenafil delivering medicine that achieves twice the potency of the active ingredients alone. The Hammer – Male Potency is an insurance policy – no matter what the situation, the number of partners involved, no matter how much alcohol or drugs you have consumed, you will be the man of steel for 36 hours straight.”

If Hammer actually contains the ingredients as described, it should be an extremely effective treatment for erection quality. It would be so effective that I would be extremely hesitant to use it unless I had some degree of erectile dysfunction. It would seem that the risk of priapism would be significant in a normal healthy penis. Priapism can certainly ruin a healthy penis so please be careful.

My Experience with IASuperPharma’s Hammer

My review of IASuperPharma Hammer for male potency is based completely on my personal experience and perceptions. I did not have any of the products actually tested for contents. I tried comparing my results with Hammer to my results with prescriptions of the erectile dysfunction medicine received from US pharmacies.

Like many men, I did not have a satisfactory response to oral medication for erectile dysfunction but it did help some. I found that tadalafil was the most effective medication for me and that 20 mg of tadalafil was my go to pill. Since Hammer reportedly contains 25 mg of tadalafil, you would think that it would be at least as effective as 20 mg of tadalafil from a US pharmacy.

I did find that IASuperPharma’s Hammer aided a little with my erection quality but was not as effective as a regular 20 mg tadalafil (Cialis) pill. If I had to guess the potency of the pill, I would place it at around the potency I felt from 5 mg of tadalafil or 25 mg of sildenafil (Viagra).

The potency of IASuperPharma’s Hammer did not come close to matching the claims from the product description page.

So while it was somewhat effective, I would not recommend Hammer for male potency. The potency of IASuperPharma’s Hammer did not come close to matching the claims from the product description page.

You would be much better off with a prescription of the actual medication from a legit US pharmacy. You would get better results from a much safer product. The generic versions of these medications are relatively inexpensive. They are easy to obtain with a prescription from your doctor or any of the online prescription services like Roman, Hims, or LemonAid.

A Great Alternative to Hammer

Like many men, I found oral medication for erectile dysfunction to be partially effective. After a lot of time, money, and frustration, I ended up finding the fix for my erectile dysfunction. The treatment that worked for me was acoustic wave therapy. This treatment allowed me to regain natural firm and hard erections. Unlike pills, this treatment gave me back spontaneous and nocturnal erections.

Acoustic wave therapy utilizes pulsating sound waves to rebuild and open up the blood vessels in the penis. Additionally, it can remove any plaque buildup in the blood vessels of the penis. All of this leads to improved erection quality. I have personally received this treatment and can attest to the effectiveness of it.

This treatment is available for all men at home with the Phoenix device. This device provides quality acoustic wave therapy that was previously only available in a professional office setting. This is an affordable method comparable to the popular GainsWave treatments for long-term erection quality. You can read my complete review of the Phoenix here. 

A Major Discount offer


While the Phoenix is much more affordable than any comparable acoustic wave therapy, it is not necessarily inexpensive for most of us. Compared to Gainswave, prescription pills, or even herbal supplements, you will save thousands of dollars with the Phoenix. Since the initial cost can be difficult for some this discount can be a great help.

To help with this cost, TheMonsterSite users have access to a fantastic discount code to save $80 dollars on the Phoenix every day. Just visit the Phoenix Device website and enter discount code THEMONSTERSITE80 at checkout.

You owe it to yourself and your partner.

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