Review of Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT Gel for Penis Enlargement

In my four year quest for penis enlargement, I have tried many different items and techniques for penis enlargement. I have wasted a lot of time and money in order to find a few things that worked for me. I hope to save others time and money by sharing my experiences. For that reason, I am writing my review of Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT Gel for penis enlargement.

In my experience, I found that Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT Gel was not effective for penis enlargement. I used it as instructed by the website and experienced no accelerated gains in penis size. From my research, I think that it may be useful to a small percentage of the population. But I feel that most people will get no positive results from Titan gel and would be better off using more proven penis enlargement programs.

So let’s take a look at how Diktator cream works for penis enlargement. We will look at the science behind Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT Gel, what my actual result was, and what will work for penis enlargement.


I am not a doctor and you should consult a doctor before beginning any penis enlargement or erection quality program. There are possible dangers to any penis enlargement or erection quality method or product. However, I do have experience in working on penis enlargement and erection quality issues, programs, and products that may be of use to many. I have found out what works and what does not so that you do not need to waste your time or money.

Warning: If you decide to try this product please do not allow women or children to come in contact with the DHT. This can be dangerous and could possibly harm them.

The Science behind DHT Gel

The idea behind Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT Gel sounds very appealing. The application of this gel is advertised to enlarge the penis with just topical application. Rub a little on the penis every day and it will get larger.

 Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is a potent androgen that is critical for male genital development. DHT is essential to the development of external genitalia. Studies have shown that a lack of DHT during puberty can lead to an underdeveloped penis.

DHT deficiency leads to various degrees of undervirilized external genitalia including micropenis


Studies of those suffering from micropenis have shown that DHT treatment is an effective way to stimulate penis growth.

To investigate the efficacy of transdermal dihydrotestosterone therapy on 22 patients with microphallus, we applied dihydrotestosterone gel for 8 weeks to the external genitalia at daily doses of 12.5 mg. and 25 mg. for ages less than and older than 10 years, respectively. All patients were evaluated for penile and prostatic growth, pituitary-gonadal axis function, serum sex hormone binding globulin, lipid metabolism, hepatotoxicity, bone age and height velocity. All patients demonstrated growth of the penis during treatment. The mean increase rate (153%) in the first 4 weeks of treatment was higher than that (118%) of the second 4 weeks.


Another indicator of the potential benefits of DHT comes from its use in male gender-confirming surgery procedures. These people are instructed to use DHT gel prior to surgery in order to create an enlarged clitoris that can be reconfigured as a penis (source). Since the structure of the clitoris is very similar to that of the penis, one might expect similar results from DHT gel to the penis.

These studies make the use of DHT cream sound promising for penis enlargement. Proponents of DHT gel for penis enlargement believe that since DHT is essential in making the penis grow to its natural full-grown size, increased use of DHT will make it grow beyond its normal genetically determined size.

So What does DHT Do for the Penis?

None of the studies indicate that DHT will do anything to enlarge a normal fully grown penis. So that while the lack of DHT due to genetic or hormonal issues will limit the growth of the penis, the addition of DHT will not make it grow beyond its genetically determined size. The addition of DHT will only help those who suffered from this lack of DHT during penis development.

So unless you suffer from a micropenis due to a genetic or hormonal issue, you are not going to see penis enlargement from the use of DHT Gel. There are some studies that indicate that DHT may increase erectile function but that appears to be for people that have low testosterone. For those that have low testosterone, there would be more legit, safer, and cheaper ways to treat that than DHT Gel.

Ordering Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT Gel

This review of Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT gel for penis enlargement is specifically a review of the Titan brand name DHT gel. You can find the webpage for the Titan Gel here. I thought the website looked a little sketchy but I was desperate about my penis enlargement gains. I ordered the 20% Titan gel.

Russian Star Peptides Titan Gel for penis enlargement order form
Titan Gel Order

My order did process without any problems. I had no issues with payment or my information being compromised ( I was a little concerned about this). The order arrived in discreet packaging within a couple of weeks. So from that standpoint, there were no problems.

The product itself came in an unmarked plastic vial. The gel was a clear oily substance with no appreciable smell to it.

Review of Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT Gel for Penis Enlargement.
Titan DHT unmarked bottle

There are inherent dangers in ordering from a website like this so I would advise extreme caution prior to ordering anything. As always I suggest talking to your primary care doctor prior to trying anything new.

Titan DHT Website Claims

Their website describes the Titan Gel as:

TITAN shuttles DHT through the epidermis and it then attaches to androgen receptors causing a cascade of affects, the first being the signal to ignite the satellite cells and the gene signalling system to effectively prepare for growth.
The second is for these cells to mature and develop in a natural way that for some reason nature or nurture hasn’t previously allowed.
After a period of time which is very variable , the combination of stretching and exercise while using TITAN will unlock the potential size hidden away in your DNA.

The instructions for use say that the user should either use stretching or some form of penis exercise in conjunction with the Titan gel. So basically, use either stretching or penis exercises to place the penis under stress then apply the Titan DHT gel. The gel will then promote the growth of the penis as it heals from the stress.

My Results with Titan DHT Gel

I used Titan DHT gel for almost two months according to the instruction. I utilized basic penis stretching exercises in conjunction with a penis pump. Twice daily, I would apply the cream to my penis and rub it in. I did not get any penis enlargement gains during that time period at all.

My erection quality seemed to be basically the same while using the Titan DHT Gel as it was before. There was no change in quality while having sex or in nocturnal erections.

On a positive note, I did not experience any negative side effects from the Titan DHT Gel. Unfortunately, I got no positive results. As with all treatments, Everyone might not experience the same results.

If someone had low testosterone problems at the time they used the DHT cream, they may get a boost from the DHT in the erection quality area. I did not experience this but I knew from testing that my testosterone levels were in the normal range.

I tried this pretty early on in my search for penis enlargement methods. Fortunately, I found more effective methods later on. If you want to know what will actually work for erection quality and penis enlargement, check out what will work for penis enlargement.


To summarize my review of RussianStar Peptides Titan DHT gel, I did not find it useful for penis enlargement or erection quality. I went into the trial of it with a positive attitude. The idea behind it seemed to be sound but it did not do anything for me. No improvement in erection quality and no improvement in the penis enlargement area.

Looking at various studies, it looks like DHT cream may have a role in penis enlargement for a very select few. A person that has a micropenis due to a lack of DHT through puberty could very well get some gains from the Titan Gel. For the over 99% with normal penis development, there are no studies indicating that DHT gel will do anything to increase penis size.

This was my first try at a type of DHT cream/gel. After my lack of success with Titan gel, I tried the Diktator DHT cream. I did not experience any positive results with that topical DHT either. Those were the only two DHT creams/gels that I found available on the internet so I would say that my experimentation days with DHT cream/gel are over.

At this point, I do not believe that any DHT cream or Gel will be useful for penis enlargement. I would suggest that you save your time and money and do not bother trying Russian Star Peptides Titan DHT gel. If you are interested in what works for penis enlargement or erection quality, be sure to check out the related articles below.

What Will Work for Penis Enlargement

First of all, you do not need to obsess about penis size as it is not the most important thing for most sexual partners. But many guys can’t help but worry about penis size. Fortunately, you can improve the size of your penis and your erection.

Unfortunately, there are not any quick and easy ways for a man to improve his penis size but there is some hope. No magic Ayurveda pills will make a penis larger but there are techniques and devices that will enlarge the penis over time with a little effort.

There are three areas that a man can work on to improve his penis size. These areas are erection quality, penis length, and penis thickness.

Erection Quality

The most important thing to work on is erection quality. This does not actually make your penis larger but good erection quality will make your penis look and feel larger to your partner.

We all know about pharmaceutical methods like Viagra and Cialis but these pills do not work for everyone and they do have some potential side effects. For the best erection quality, I suggest that you give acoustic wave therapy a try.

This relatively new treatment is truly a game-changer. The Phoenix device uses acoustic wave therapy to address the primary cause of ED, which is impaired blood flow to the penis. It does not just mask the damage as erectile dysfunction pills do.


With the new Phoenix device, you can now receive this revolutionary treatment at home. Before you can undertake a penis enlargement program you will need to make sure that you have consistent erection quality including spontaneous and nocturnal erections.

Penis Length

If your goal is to lengthen your penis, you really only have one option. Penis traction devices are the only method that has been shown in scientific studies to lengthen the penis.

Even penis enlargement surgery requires the use of these traction devices to achieve erect length gains. This is not a quick or easy technique but it is the only one that works. I have personally used these systems to gain over an inch in penis length.

To learn more about penis traction devices check out Do Penis Traction Devices work? for more information. For the top two traction devices available, you can check out the Phallosan Forte or the Total Man System.

Penis Girth

Many women find penis girth to be much more important than penis length. You have a few options to increase penis girth. The easiest but most expensive is cosmetic procedures using dermal fillers like Juvederm. Of course, cosmetic procedures do have risks associated with them.

A more natural method to add girth is the penis traction devices mentioned above. They can add on some girth over time. For another natural method, I would suggest using a high-quality penis pump like the Bathmate series. I utilized my Bathmate pump in addition to my penis traction devices to obtain some fantastic penis size gains.

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