My 2024 Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Review: Improved sexual health?

My 2024 Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Review

As I got into my mid-40s, I noticed a severe decline in my ability to perform sexually including an inability to stay hard. I desperately tried everything including prescription pills and injections but was almost ready to give up when I tried the Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device. So what were my results with the Phoenix Device?

I have found the Phoenix device to be extremely effective at improving my sexual performance.  My personal experience was that the Phoenix improved my ability to get and stay hard.  The Phoenix is the first device that offers this type of treatment at home and an affordable price.

So let’s take a look at my review of the Phoenix acoustic wave device, what the Phoenix device is, how much the Phoenix costs, the negatives of the Phoenix device, my personal story about the change that the Phoenix device can make in your life, and why I continue to use the Phoenix Device in 2024.

My Personal Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Review

My personal Phoenix acoustic wave device review is that this device worked wonders in improving my performance in the bedroom and dramatically improved my ability to both get and stay hard. I have used the Phoenix Device since 2020 and continue to use it to improve my sexual ability in 2024.

After years of struggling in the bedroom, I found that the Phoenix Device was the only effective and affordable treatment that worked for me. The Phoenix shockwave device gave back to me the joy and confidence that I thought I had lost forever.

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Acoustic wave therapy (aka shockwave therapy) is the science behind the Phoenix device. This type of therapy is something that any man should look into if they have struggled with poor performance in the bedroom or the inability to get hard.

I found that other forms of acoustic wave therapy for sexual performance like Gainswave were effective at improving my hardness but they were too expensive for me to do. The Phoenix device gave me all the benefits of expensive in-office clinical acoustic wave therapy at a fraction of the cost.

This was the same type of treatment that the rich and famous were getting at clinics for thousands of dollars. I could get this same treatment at less than $11 per treatment session at home. This was something that I could afford on my middle-class income.

My actual Phoenix ED device
My actual Phoenix device has seen plenty of use.

I found additional benefits to the Phoenix device. With the Phoenix shockwave device, I was able to do my treatments without having to schedule appointments at a clinic during the work week and take time off. I was also able to purchase and use the Phoenix from the comfort of my home.

The Phoenix device gave me back my confidence. I know that I can now get fully hard whenever the situation calls for it without timing pills or injections. I can’t thank the Phoenix Device enough for bringing so much joy back into my life.

What is The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device?

Review of The Phoenix - The At Home Acoustic Wave Therapy Device

The Phoenix shockwave device is an acoustic wave therapy device that you can use from home. This allows the user to get the benefits of acoustic wave therapy without the issues and costs of in-office treatments.

The Phoenix emits potent, precision-engineered sound waves with an energy signature identical to the one utilized in clinical soundwave therapy (Li-ESWT) found in medical facilities. While the waves from The Phoenix are notably gentler, they elicit a remarkable physiological response in the body.

Moreover, you can conveniently and affordably experience The Phoenix in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

The acoustic wave therapy is delivered through the tip of the device and onto the shaft of the penis.

The Phoenix generates robust sound waves through internal collisions, which deeply penetrate the targeted area and elicit a positive physiological response. Due to the necessity of potent sound waves for effectiveness, the device emits a considerable amount of noise.

Despite its potency, our device prioritizes safety by automatically locking between treatments, preventing overuse by individuals. Currently, no prescription is required for its use.

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The display on the Phoenix acoustic wave device guides you in giving your treatment. The whole process can be done in the privacy of your own home in a matter of minutes.

The device can plug directly into a normal wall outlet and provide the therapeutic results of a professional device for a fraction of the cost.

The Phoenix comes with everything that you will need to use the device from home. It is very simple to use and easy to maintain.

2024 Cost of The Phoenix Device

The Phoenix ED device Box
When I received the Phoenix device it was a treatment I could afford

No lies here, the Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device is not inexpensive to buy. The normal cost of the Phoenix device is $879. Though discount codes are available for you to save at least $150 on your Phoenix Device, bringing the price down to $729.

To find the currently available discount codes just visit Current Phoenix Device Discount Codes. This webpage is updated with the best available discount codes for the Phoenix Device. Currently, you can save up to $150 on your Phoenix Device with one of these codes.

If you do not really have concerns about your bedroom performance or your ability to get and stay hard, then this device is expensive and probably not for you. But if you are in the situation that I was in and just really need better on-demand sexual performance then acoustic wave therapy is your best option.

The cost of The Phoenix device is less than the cost of two in-office treatments with GAINSWave or other similar shockwave therapy programs. Over the expected life of the Phoenix shockwave device, the price comes out to only around 2-3% of the cost per treatment when compared to GAINSWave.

Throughout a treatment plan, the Phoenix will save you thousands of dollars not to mention a ton of time.

The Phoenix acoustic wave device delivers 70 full-strength treatments which comes out to less than $13 per treatment. Compare that to the $500 per treatment that you will get charged in a clinical office.

The Phoenix is the least expensive method of receiving legitimate acoustic wave therapy. I have seen some other no-name devices from China listed on eBay and Amazon but they are not legit acoustic wave therapy but are instead modified Tens devices with no safety features and I don’t want to take the chance of causing any damage down there.

When you take all of these factors into consideration the cost of the Phoenix seems to be very reasonable indeed.

The Phoenix Device 90-Day Home Trial


The Phoenix device now offers a 90-day home trial. This is an incredible way to try out this product and verify that it works for you.

I know what it is like to have issues getting hard. I know the feeling when you start to feel that nothing is going to work for you and that you are just throwing your money away. Use this 90-day home trial to ease your mind and verify your results.

Don’t go another day with performance issues if you can do something about it. Be able to get hard and stay hard whenever you need to. If it’s not for you, return it within 90 days for a full refund.

Go to the Phoenix Website for more info on this 90-day home trial.

Is the Phoenix Device Legit?

The Phoenix device is legit. You can ask questions on their website and quick responses from the company. They have excellent customer support and can answer any question you may have.

I have never heard anyone complain about getting in touch with the company about their product. They deliver your Phoenix shockwave device quickly. I have also never heard any complaints about them not safeguarding their customer information. This is a legitimate company.

They are responsive and truly stand behind their product.

Launch Medical which is the company behind the Phoenix acoustic wave device has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Is Launch Medical Legit
Launch Medical Rating with the BBB

How many treatments do you get from the Phoenix Device

The Phoenix device is designed to provide 70 full-strength treatments. It will still work after those seventy treatments but it may not deliver the acoustic waves at full strength. I have personally used my Phoenix device well beyond the 70 treatments without seeing a reduction in treatment benefits.

This is more than enough treatment to gain the full effects of the acoustic wave therapy and additionally receive any follow-up maintenance treatments needed.

In a clinical setting, these 70 treatments could cost well over $30,000. With the Phoenix acoustic wave device, you get these at a fraction of the cost.

How Many Phoenix Device Treatments Do You Need?

The Phoenix ED device all powered up
The Phoenix device all powered up

The consensus seems to be that most men will need a minimum of six treatments with the Phoenix device to see some results from acoustic wave therapy.

Most men will require more treatments to see the maximum results. Once maximum results are achieved with the Phoenix device, most men need some follow-up treatments to maintain a high level of bedroom performance.

I found that twelve treatments were needed to make an impact on my sexual performance. But as I had mentioned, I had very severe bedroom issues.

I did find that I needed follow-up or “maintenance” treatments to maintain a high level of performance.

As you can see several treatments may be required to obtain and maximize your ability to get and stay hard. With traditional in-office treatments like GAINSWave, this can become very expensive over time. This is not a major issue with the Phoenix device.

What is the Technology Behind the Phoenix Acoustic Wave Therapy Device?

The Phoenix ED device at home
My Phoenix device

The Phoenix device utilizes acoustic wave therapy to improve your ability to get and stay hard. This works to improve your natural ability to get hard and unlike pills and injections, you do not have to time everything.

Physicians employ intense soundwaves (shockwaves) in a procedure called lithotripsy to fragment kidney stones. The gentler shockwaves emitted by The Phoenix, though not as forceful, induce a remarkable physiological response in the body. Similar to the gradual results seen in gym workouts, overnight transformations are not typical. However, men adhering to the protocol employed in clinics attain impressive results.

While the Phoenix device is running you will hear a fairly loud clicking/banging that is produced when the device creates sound waves. The procedure may sound a little scary with the whole shockwave wording but I can tell you from personal experience that it is not painful.

I find the process to be painless yet extremely effective. The hardest part of acoustic wave therapy is getting over the awkwardness of using a treatment device on your penis.

The Studies on the technology behind the Phoenix device

Below is a list of some of the articles and studies detailing the benefits of acoustic wave therapy (shockwave therapy):

Before The Phoenix device, men had traditionally received acoustic wave therapy in a professional office setting. An example of this would be the popular GAINSWave treatment that many men receive.

GAINSWave was the first type of acoustic wave therapy that I received. You can read my review of GAINSWave therapy here. I now exclusively use the Phoenix acoustic wave device for my sexual performance needs. The results are the same but The Phoenix is much more affordable.

The Phoenix device delivers 70 full-strength treatments. To receive a similar number of treatments in a clinical office can easily cost over $30,000.

Phoenix Device Negatives

Phoenix ED device negatives

There are negatives to everything in life including the Phoenix device. I have found that the positives of this device far outweigh the negatives but they are still there.

The first Phoenix device negative is that it is still somewhat expensive. While it is very inexpensive when compared to similar treatments, it can still be difficult to purchase for some.

That is why I recommend using the discount codes on the Current Phoenix Device Discount Codes page to save the most money on your Phoenix device.

The second negative is that the Phoenix device is fairly loud. You are not going to be able to use it inconspicuously. If there is anyone else in the house, they will probably hear it.

You do not need to wear ear protection or anything but it is loud enough that you can’t hear a normal volume TV over the Phoenix device.

You definitely would not be able to use it with your wife or kids around without having to come up with some explanation. I told my wife all about it and I ended up telling my kids that it was a treatment for a leg vein issue so that I did not have them ask questions about it.

The third negative is very simply that it takes time to work. You will probably not see results right away. Follow the treatment protocol and give it time to work. Most men will see some results within the first 6-12 treatments.

The last negative is that the Phoenix device will not work for everyone. There are many causes of poor sexual performance and the Phoenix device will not fix them all. One big cause of poor sexual performance is anxiety and the Phoenix will not cure your anxiety. However, the Phoenix can help boost your confidence and help you overcome that anxiety.

The good news is that with the 90-day home trial, you can see if the Phoenix device will work to improve your ability to get and stay hard.

My Phoenix Device Story

ED failures
Pills and Injections had failed to help my ED

Like many men, my Phoenix device story begins with my struggle in the bedroom and my ability to get hard. I could not get hard and stay hard on most occasions. I remember hoping that it would just go away but luckily my wife convinced me to see a doctor about it.

I saw the doctor and I was given a long list of possible root causes of my performance issues. I was told that I needed to get my diabetes under control, lower my blood pressure, and lose some weight.

I found my whole experience with the medical community regarding my inability to get hard to be very frustrating. Most doctors will just put you on the same treatment path for all patients. Seeing your doctor is important but I did learn that you need to advocate for yourself when it comes to your sexual performance.

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I did all of the lifestyle changes that the doctor recommended including weight loss, blood sugar control, and blood pressure control. I got everything under control and lost 40 pounds but that still did not do anything to help.

I went through all of the traditional sexual performance treatments. I tried Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and Stendra with very minimal results. I was just not happy with what they did for me plus I hated having to time my sexual activity based on when I took a pill.

I then moved on to injection therapy with TriMix and BiMix. Penis injections were not fun but at least they worked somewhat. But there was still the pain factor and the timing factor.

Trimix vial and needles
Trimix Injections

The standard medical option for sexual performance issues in the U.S. is Viagra if that doesn’t work then Cialis or other prescription pills, if that doesn’t work then penis injections and if that doesn’t work you either live with it or get a penis implant.

I did not like any of these options so I decided to look elsewhere. At this point, I decided that I had to do my research and advocate for myself.

How I Found the Phoenix Device

Gainswave therapy
Gainswave acoustic wave therapy

I was almost to the point where I was going to give up when I found some information about acoustic wave therapy for sexual performance. This was the use of low-intensity sound waves to increase blood flow to the penis and thereby improve your sexual performance.

I found a local provider of this type of treatment that operated under the brand name Gainswave. I ran the whole thing past my doctor. He said that the medical jury was still out on this type of treatment but that it wouldn’t do any harm and that I could try it if I wanted to.

So I got signed up for Gainswave treatments which were my first experience with acoustic wave therapy. If you want to read about my Gainswave experience check out my Gainswave Therapy Review.

The good news was that Gainswave worked. By the time I got to treatment #6, I was seeing some improvement in my overall ability to get hard. By the time I got to treatment #12, I was able to both get and stay hard without the use of pills or injections. This was an incredible improvement for me.

The bad news was that the GAINSWave treatments were incredibly expensive. At this point, I had already spent $4,000 on Gainswave. If I wanted to continue to improve my ability to get hard and then maintain my gains, I was probably looking at spending $8,000 a year on Gainswave.

It was horrible to have finally found my solution to my performance issues to have it become financially impossible to maintain.

Finding the Phoenix acoustic wave device

Phoenix ED device on a table
My Phoenix Device changed my life around

I was so glad when I found an article on the Phoenix acoustic wave device. The Phoenix device uses the same technology as Gainswave therapy but it is designed for home use and is available for a fraction of the cost of Gainswave.

According to AP News, Gainswave and the makers of the Phoenix device had an agreement where Gainswave provides in-office treatments and the Phoenix device is for at-home treatments. This added legitimacy to the Phoenix device for me since I knew that Gainswave had worked for me.

At that time, the Phoenix device had a 60-day home trial period (this is now an even better 90-day home trial) so I figured that I had little to lose.

I ordered the Phoenix device and it has changed my whole life around. Using the Phoenix device, I was able to give myself acoustic wave therapy treatments from home without breaking the bank. My ability to get hard continued to improve and I regained my full natural ability to get and stay hard.

This is a good video about the benefits of the Phoenix device.

If you have not struggled with bedroom performance, you do not know what a big deal this is to someone. The Phoenix device gave something back to me that I had lost forever. I feel much more confident and alive than I have in years.

If it doesn’t work for you, take advantage of their excellent return policy. This company has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and I have never heard of them treating their customers badly.

Do not waste your time hoping that things get better when there is a chance for you to do something about it.

How to Use The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device

The Phoenix acoustic wave device is extremely easy to use. The simple steps on how to use the Phoenix acoustic wave device are:

  • Plug The Phoenix device into any standard wall outlet and turn it on.
  • Let the device run through its start-up cycle. It will give you information on the number of times the device has been used.
  • Apply numbing cream to the penis if needed. I have not found this necessary but it is there if you need it.
  • Apply water-based lubricant to the tip of The Phoenix or on the penis. This helps the device move along the shaft.
  • Press the button to start the device. The device will have a light near the center indicating where on the shaft to use the device. There is one position along the top of the shaft and two positions on each side. You do not use the device on the bottom of the shaft where your urethra is.
  • The lights on the side will guide you in running the device along the shaft of the penis. Start at the top of the shaft just below the head of the penis. As the lights move down on the device, move the tip down along the shaft. When the lights have gone all the way down, you should be at the bottom of your penis shaft where it meets the body.
  • The device will prompt you to take ten passes along the penis shaft. Once you have done this, it will shut off and prompt you to move on to the next position on your penis (two on each side of the shaft and one at the top of the shaft). You hit the start button and repeat twice on each of the five positions.
  • Once the therapy is completed, the device will lock out for 36 hours. This prevents anyone from overdoing it.

The Phoenix Device Demonstration Video

The short video below gives a good visual demonstration of how the Phoenix acoustic wave device works to improve your bedroom performance.

Phoenix acoustic wave device demo video

Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Review 2024 Update

I am now on to my fourth year of using the Phoenix acoustic wave device for bedroom performance and I can say that my results have been phenomenal. This amazing device has made it so I can get hard and stay hard on demand.

I continue to use the Phoenix device by performing a cycle of maintenance treatments every six months. I do not notice any decline between these cycles but I do not want to run the risk of returning to the days of not being able to get hard. I would rather do a few treatments at home to maintain peak sexual performance

Every time I complete one of these treatment cycles (8 treatments) at home, I can’t help but think how much money the Phoenix device has saved me. These maintenance treatments would cost me $2,000 – $3,000 in a clinic and I get them for free since I already have my Phoenix device.

With my Phoenix, I continue to have great sexual performance wherever and whenever I want. There is no timing of pills or shots. Everything is spontaneous and just incredible.

I remember worrying about my ability to get hard. I remember the frustration and despair of it all. Now I can relax and just enjoy things because I am confident that my body will respond naturally.

I suggest that everyone take advantage of the Phoenix device 90-day home trial to see what this device can do for their confidence in the bedroom. I know that it made all the difference for me.

Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Review Conclusion

I hope that you found this Phoenix acoustic wave device review to be helpful. There was a lot of information that I wish I had known when I first started my struggles in the bedroom.

I know that I found the Phoenix to be extremely effective for improving my ability to get and stay hard. In the long run, I believe that you will find the Phoenix to be the least expensive and most effective way to improve your ability to get and stay hard.

I encourage anyone who has experienced these troubles to try this amazing device out before even thinking about giving up. If you are interested in checking out The Phoenix acoustic wave device on their website, you can do so here.

My real suggestion for the Phoenix device is this. If you worry about your bedroom performance or just struggle from time to time with getting hard, do not just live with it. Give the Phoenix acoustic wave device a try. Order it and use the 90-day home trial.

I think it will probably work for you as it did for me. If for some reason it doesn’t then send your device back. I am pretty sure that you will end up keeping it. I know that I will always have a Phoenix device in my bedroom. It is the best thing that I have ever purchased.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to contact us.


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