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Review of the Total Man Penis Traction Device

I have been working on lengthening my penis for four years. After all of this time and money invested, I am finally near my goal. With all of my experience, I found there is only one method for penis lengthening that actually works. That method is penis traction devices (also known as penis stretchers or penis extenders). For that reason, I offer this review of the Total Man penis traction device.

Does the Total Man penis traction device work? Yes, I found the Total Man penis traction device to be the best total system on the market. This system is unique in that it effectively uses both active and passive traction to help you maximize your penis enlargement program. If you are serious about penis enlargement, this system lets you work at it with multiple methods. For that reason, this system is a highly recommended penis traction device by the TheMonsterSite. If you are looking for and aggressive approach to fast penis enlargement, then this is the system for you.

In this review of the Total Man Penis traction device, we will be looking at a number of different factors. Why you would want to use a penis traction device, my personal results, how the Total Man system deals with the problems that other traction devices have, quality of the system, how the system incorporate active training into your penis enlargement program, and the cost of the system.

If you want to check out the Total Man system on their own website, you can do so here.

Why Use a Penis Traction Device in the First Place

If you want to obtain a longer penis, then you are going to need to wear a penis traction device (aka penis extender or penis stretcher) like the Total Man Penis Traction Device. After years of working on this issue, I have tried everything including surgery and nothing else works. I can tell you that the penis traction device is the only thing that will work.

The application of small amounts of force over long periods of time is known as passive penis enlargement. This is what a penis traction device does and it has been shown in scientific research to lengthen the penis. If you think about it, this only makes sense. To find out more about the science behind traction devices, you can read my article here.

There is no magic pill or quick solution to this problem. If you want to get a longer penis, you have to put the some time and some effort into it with a penis traction device. I am talking about wearing the penis traction device for at least six hours per day, six days a week for at least three months. If penis lengthening is just a passing fancy then you might as well quit here because nothing that is going to work for you. If you are serious about it and willing to make a commitment then you will find that the Total Man Penis Traction Device is a great way to get this done.

The passive system part of the Total Man Penis Traction Device is the All Day Stretcher (ADS). This is the most important component of the Total Man Penis Traction Device. This is the part that you can wear safely, comfortably and discreetly for hours at a time to give you the small forces over time that lengthen and enlarge your penis.

My Personal Results

After working on lengthening my penis for years, I had basically no lengthening results until I started using a quality penis traction device. I had tried pills, creams, pumping, penis exercises and manual stretching, low quality penis extenders from Ebay and Amazon, and even surgery. Once I started using a quality traction device, I gained 1 1/2 inches of total penis length in six months. The key is to get one that comfortably stays in place for extended periods of time while applying the proper amount of force.

If you are as desperate for results as I was, you owe it to yourself to try this out. It is not quick but in a few months with a little effort, you can get significant results. You can read my complete review of penis extenders and traction devices in general along with my results, comparisons to other methods, scientific studies, links to my result pictures and more here.

The Total Man Slippage Solution

My major complaint about penis traction devices has always been the problem of slippage. Most traction devices utilize loops or straps to secure the device to the penis. These have a tendency to slip off at inopportune times leading to embarrassment and lack of results. If it won’t stay in place, then you are not going to get the force over time that you are looking for. You are wasting your time and money.

I have found two devices that are both comfortable and able to solve the penis slippage problem. They are the Phallosan Forte and the Total Man Penis Traction Device. Both devices use a bell system with minimal suction to secure the device to the penis. This solution lets the penis stay securely and comfortably in place in place for hours at a time. This ability to keep the penis in the traction device for hours is the key to lengthening your penis.

On the Total Man system, the sleeve portion (the blue part) is of amazing quality. It is flexible but maintains a firm seal on the penis that allows you to get your traction results. You can pull on it or do any other kind of activity and it will not slip out of place. These sleeves are extremely durable and you will not run into any problems of ripping like you will with the low end sleeves.

Once the penis, is securely placed in the suction bell it is then placed under traction force by clipping it to belt that you can wear on your leg or around your waist. The attachment strap allows you to easily adjust the tension on the device. This allows you to comfortably and discreetly wear it under clothing while at home or at work with no worries.

Total Man Leg and Waist band
Total Man Leg and Waist band

Quality and Durability

I have found some similar looking devices to the Total Man All Day Stretcher but they do not have the same quality. These other systems are of poor construction and you will find a number of issues with them. The bells do not maintain a suction seal or the sleeves stretch and rip all the time.

With the Total Man All Day Stretcher, the quality is apparent from the moment you open the box. The sleeves come in two different sizes to fit snugly. They are of very tough and do not stretch out over time or rip. Low end systems use thin sleeves that stretch out and rip continuously. I have been using my same section of sleeve for months now with no issues. But if you did have an issue with the sleeve, it comes with extra sleeve material.

The bell comes in four different sizes that let you customize it to your size. I have never had a problem with either creating suction or losing suction with the bell.

It makes life so much easier when you do not have to worry about ordering parts for your penis traction device. With the Total Man All Day Stretcher, it works easily every time you try. Penis enlargement is a marathon and these little things that can cause day to day problems are huge. The Total Man system is just easy to use and worry free.

Passive and Active Stretching

As I stated above, passive stretching is the key to lengthening your penis. The small forces over time is what is going to make your penis grow. The Total Man penis traction device is a phenomenal system for this passive stretching. It is comfortable, durable and easy to use. The only other system that I have found that is comparable to The Total Man for passive stretching is the Phallosan Forte system. Even then, the Total Man System is much more durable with fewer breakable parts.

What really makes the Total Man Penis traction device system totally incredible is the ability to mix in active growth techniques into your work out. Active growth techniques are the methods in which you place higher forces on the penis for short periods of time. These active growth methods will greatly increase results that you obtain with the passive All Day Stretcher portion of the Total Man System.

Active growth techniques do not work on their own because you can only do them safely for short periods of time. So when you are done, the penis wants to just revert back to its original size and heal there creating no/minimal growth. If you use active growth techniques followed up by use of the passive healing like the Total Man Extender All Day Stretcher, the penis will be safely held in the elongated shape for hours following the active growth techniques. This will let the penis heal in the longer shape and continue to grow over time.

I tried active growth techniques by themselves many times before discovering all day traction devices and I got absolutely no results. I tried an passive penis traction device on its own and got results of 1/2″ of length in three months. By combining the two methods, the growth really took off and I gained a whole inch of length in three months and I am still growing.

Active Growth Components of the Total Man Penis System

The Total Man System includes a large number of devices in addition to the All Day Stretcher System. I am going to highlight just a few of the components that I find most useful.

Total Man Penis Stretcher System
Total Man Penis Stretcher and Traction Device
  • The All Day Stretcher – The most important part that we have already talked about. Contains 4 multi sized bells, pump, leg/waist belt with attaching band, extra sleeve material for additional passive techniques.
  • Infrared Heat Pad – One of the most overlooked part of penis stretching is warming up. The infrared heat pad is extremely beneficial way to warm up prior to exercising. Much more helpful than traditional pads. Helps to prevent stress and damage to the penis.
  • Total Man Compression Weight Hanger – An excellently designed system that allows you to attach the weight training system to your penis. Totally prevents slippage. Can only be worn safely for short periods of time but works with the All Day Stretcher to maximize gains.
  • Hanging plate – Allows for the addition of weights to be attached to the compression weight hanger
  • Total Man Rod Extender 2.0 Kit – A great extender device that you can use for both active growth and passive stretching.
  • Pulley weight system – Allows for effective active training from a seated position. Great for any computer time that you have at home.

The system has even more components for both active and passive penis enlargement. If you want to be serious about penis enlargement, then this kit will have what you need. You can truly mix up your exercises to maximize your gains.

The Cost Advantage

The best part of the Total Man Penis Stretcher traction device system is that it lets you customize what you order to fit your budget. Most high quality penis stretcher systems are very expensive but the Total Man System offers quality at a much lower price. You can also order specific components of the system if you are on a very tight budget.

The most important part of the system is the All Day Stretcher. This is the passive part of the system that I feel is the most critical. This is the one piece that will ensure that you have length gains over time. The All Day Stretcher traction device is available for around $75 which is an extremely good price for a device of this quality. The Phallosan Forte is of similar quality and costs over four times this amount. You can check out the All Day Stretcher here.

I went with the Total Man 3.0 Full Kit because I am obsessed with obtaining my penis size goal and wanted to get there as quickly as possible. This kit has everything that you need for your active and passive lengthening training including the All Day Stretcher. There is well over a thousand dollars worth of individual components in the package and it is all for less than $300. You can check out the Total Man 3.0 Full Kit here.

There are a ton of different options that you can choose from to customize what you get with the Total Man System. But perhaps the most valuable item is all of the information in their video and knowledge library. Even if you don’t buy their system, I would suggest checking out there website to read and watch their information. You can access the Total Man main website here.

The Total Man Discount Code

You can save 12% on your order by using discount code TheMonsterSite at checkout. This is a great savings for you on this amazing system.

Just go to and enter discount code TheMonsterSite at checkout for this special deal.

The Phallosan Forte vs. The Total Man System

The Phallosan Forte and The Total Man System are my two favorite systems. To be honest, I use both systems daily but I am rather obsessed with my results. This obsession has paid off though, I think within the next month or two that I will be at my 2″ erect length gain goal.

To achieve this goal, I used both systems. I find that the Phallosan Forte is the easiest to wear day in and day out. I can can wear it comfortably to work, while driving or anywhere. This allows be the day to day time in traction that is so necessary to get penis enlargement. The drawback to the Phallosan Forte is that it is expensive and that the gains are slow but steady in coming. I found that I gained 1/2″ in three months with the Phallosan Forte alone.

The Total Man System is a high quality system that really accelerated my gains. The active stretching component really made my gains take off. But in order for those active stretching methods to work, you need good passive healing from penis traction to go with it. The Total Man System has this with the All Day Stretcher. Using a combination of systems, I gained 1″ in erect length in three months.

The All Day Stretcher is worry free like the Phallosan Forte. There will be no “slippage” problem. I just found it to be slightly less comfortable to wear all day long. That is the only negative to the Total Man System and it is not really a negative. It is still the best all day traction device with the exception of the Phallosan Forte which it is close to.

The big difference, that favors the Total Man system is the price. Even the Full Kit for the Total Man System is almost $100 less than the Phallosan Forte.

My Recommendation

If you are serious about penis enlargement and will do whatever it takes to lengthen your penis as fast as possible, then I recommend using both systems together like I do. I bought the Total Man Full Kit and I start each day by warming the penis with infrared heater. Then a ten minute active stretching technique like the Total Man Rod Extender, the Total Man Compression Weight Hanger, or the Total Man Pulley Weight System. Next, I then follow up with one hour of the Total Man All Day Stretcher and the rest of the day (at least five hours) with the Phallosan Forte.

If you have less time to devote to the program, I would recommend using just the Phallosan Forte. It will take a little longer to get to where you want to be but you will get there. The comfort and ease of the system just make it less strenuous than all the parts of the Total Man System.

If money is really tight but you really want those size gains, there is still an option. The Total Man All Day Stretcher is reasonably priced as a single component. It will take some time to get where you want to be just like using the Phallosan Forte. But you will get there. I said that I find the Phallosan Forte a little more comfortable but the All Day Stretcher is still comfortable. It is a quality piece of equipment that will work over time for significantly less than a $100.


Penis traction devices (aka penis stretchers or penis extenders) are the one proven way to make your penis longer and the Total Man Penis Traction device is one of the best penis traction devices. Not only is it an effective all day traction device that utilizes the all important passive growth system. But it allows the user to incorporate active methods into the penis enlargement program to maximize results. It does this while being a quality design that is extremely durable.

The price of the system is extremely reasonable especially when you start to look at what the potential prices of the individual components would be. The full kit gives you everything that you would ever need to do an aggressive enlargement program. You can get a truly complete system at a price that will not break the bank.

The complete system may be a little intense for some but if penis enlargement is important to you like it was for me, then this is the one system that you really want. If you want to make you penis into a monster then you really want to try the Total Man Penis traction device system.

You can check out their website and their full line of products here.

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