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Soft Glans: Tactics to increase penis glans engorgement

soft glans

While most attention is given to erectile dysfunction, many men can achieve a useable erection but still suffer from soft glans. My research into erectile dysfunction has given me some insight to answer the question of how to increase penis glans engorgement.

In general, soft glans is not a subject that is covered well by the medical community. Most attention is given to overall erectile dysfunction but there are still some strategies for dealing with penis glans engorgement. There are some temporary and more permanent solutions for soft glans.

Soft glans can be a sign of a serious underlying medical condition. I am not a doctor and you should consult a doctor if you have symptoms of soft glans or erectile dysfunction. This article is intended to just give you some insight from my personal experience to help you in a discussion with a medical professional.

What Are Soft Glans?

A common definition that is given for soft glans is that it is “when the Corpora Cavernosa is fully erect, but the corpus cavernosium and the glans penis remain soft and cold.” (source). This definition may seem a little confusing.

Most men in online forums describe soft glans as being able to obtain a useable erection but the glans (head) of the penis remains soft. The penis head does not become larger and firmer as it does with a normal erection.

This problem is commonly associated with men that have had penis implants (source) but is also found in men without penis implants. While not uncommon, this condition is much rarer than erectile dysfunction and treatments are much less known than what you find with ED treatments.

This lack of penis head engorgement which can lead to a soft penis head can be distressing to men. This leads to the penis appearing smaller or misshapen as the shaft will be wider than the penis head.

This condition is also reported to sometimes cause pain during sex for both partners as the penis head is not offering to cushion the tip of the rigid shaft.

What Causes A Soft Penis Head

soft glans penis
Anatomy of the penis from Wikipedia

Just like with erectile dysfunction, there can be numerous causes of a soft penis head. These issues can be classified into three main categories. These categories are failure to initiate, failure to fill, and failure to store (source).

You should consult a doctor in regard to your actual condition but it is sometimes very difficult to get them to actually investigate the causes behind this condition. Much like with ED, doctors are often much more likely to just treat the symptoms than investigate the cause.

Failure to initiate is usually associated with a neurological problem and means that the body is not initiating the procedure with the glans filling and retaining blood during the erection. This is usually associated with some sort of nerve trauma.

Failure to fill is associated with the body’s inability to provide sufficient blood flow to the penis glans once the erection process is started. This can be due to trauma or arterial blood flow issue.

Failure to store is associated with the body’s inability to hold blood in the penis glans, therefore, preventing proper engorgement. The normal erection process put pressure on the veins that prevent blood from flowing out of the penis head. This can be due to trauma, poor erection quality, or venous leakage.

What Are The Options To Treat Soft Glans?

Options To Treat Soft Glans

There are a few options that you can use to treat soft glans. Some of these options are prescription only so you will need to bring this information to the doctor with you. You can ask the doctor what they would recommend.

For the nonprescription treatments, the doctor will probably not be recommended as they are not part of the normal program that has been studied much. Instead, ask the doctor if they think these treatments will do any harm to try. These are not dangerous treatments and most doctors will give the green light to try them.

Oral Medication for Penis Glans Engorgement

Oral Medication for Penis Glans Engorgement

Some men report that they are able to obtain penis glans engorgement with the use of prescription ED medication. From online forum reports, the most popular medication is 5 mg of Cialis (Tadalafil).

This does not always work as many men that have this issue also have ED issues to some degree and are already taking some sort of prescription medication.

Additionally, oral prescription medications like Viagra and Cialis do not work for a large portion of men so you will need to seek alternative treatments.

These medications can be helpful with the “Failure to Fill” issue.

Penis Constriction Rings for Glans Engorgement

Penis Constriction Rings for Glans Engorgement
The Eddie by Giddy is the best penis constriction device on the market.

The most common treatment for penis glans engorgement is the use of penis constriction rings. These rings are great for help with the “Failure to Store” type issues. The rings encircle the base of the penis shaft helping to prevent blood from flowing out of the penis.

This can help with both erection quality and glans engorgement. While these devices can be very effective in helping the penis to retain a full erection including the glans, many men and their partners do not like the idea of having the ring in place during sex.

I have used these rings before and they do not get in the way so it is really a matter of if it mentally bothers you.

If you want to try one of these out, you can get them pretty cheaply on Amazon. If you really want to try a high-quality penis constriction device, I really suggest giving the Eddie by Giddy a try.

The Eddie works much better than a traditional constriction ring. It lets you maintain more feeling in your penis and does not get in the way of ejaculation. It is basically the best penis constriction device on the market.

Trimix Gel for Penis Glans Engorgement

Trimix Gel for Penis Glans Engorgement

Another method of temporarily enhancing blood flow to the penis and glans would be the use of trimix gel for penis glans engorgement. Trimix gel is a prescription gel that is inserted into the the urethra of the penis.

This gel will usually stimulate erections including glans engorgement. This is a prescription medication that can at times be difficult to obtain. You can read my full review of trimix gel by reading Trimix Gel Effectiveness for Erection Quality.

A word of warning, some men do experience pain from the alprostadil component of Trimix gel. If this is the case for you, you can try BiMix gel which is a little less effective than Trimix gel without the pain.

I have listed the gel variations for Trimix and Bimix but these are also available by self-administered injections (yes, these are injections into the penis). The injections are not suitable for anyone who may have soft glans due to a penile implant as this will puncture your implant.

If you do not have an implant, you may find that the injections are more effective than the gels. You can read more about these injections here.

Acoustic Wave Therapy for Penis Head Engorgement

My favorite way to improve penis head engorgement is through the use of acoustic wave therapy. Acoustic wave therapy is the use of sound waves to increase erection quality. The sound waves do this by helping to clear the plaque out of the arteries in the penis and stimulating the growth of new blood vessels.

I have personally used this treatment protocol with great success in improving my overall erection quality. To treat penis head engorgement issues with acoustic wave therapy, you concentrate treatment on the dorsal (top) of the penis.

This is the section that contains the arteries that supply the blood to the penis glans. The treatment of this area will help with the “Failure to fill” issue. The treatment of the rest of the penis shaft will aid with overall erection quality and help with the “Failure to store” issue.

My results with this treatment protocol exceeded my wildest expectations and I highly recommend it to anyone with erection quality issues of any type.

I have tried two types of acoustic wave therapy and found both to work well. The first type was GAINSWave which is a large supplier of in-office professional acoustic wave therapy. This treatment was extremely effective but very expensive.

The second type of acoustic wave therapy that I tried was with the Phoenix device. This device uses the same technology as GAINSWave but is available as an at-home device and at a fraction of the cost of other forms of acoustic wave therapy.


You can read my whole review and personal experience with the Phoenix device here.