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Tennessee Nude Beaches and Resorts: Fun in the buff

Tennessee Nude Beaches and Resorts

My wife and I love visiting nude beaches and resorts. We have been trying to compile a list of nude beaches and resorts across the United States and to visit as many of them as possible. In our search, we have tried to answer what is available for Tennessee nude beaches and Tennessee nude resorts?

Tennessee does offer some excellent nudist resort locations for both naturists and swinger lifestyle nudists. While there are no public nude beaches in Tennessee, there are plenty of places to soak up the sun in the nude. Tennesse has better options for nudist fun than you might think.

So let’s take a look at all that Tennessee has to offer. We will look at Tennessee nude beach options, naturist club options, Tennessee swinger resorts, swinger lifestyle clubs, and a Special Note to Men that are looking at this lifestyle for the first time and may need some extra confidence.

Tennessee Nude Beaches and Resorts Table

NameLocationTypeNaturist or Swinger Lifestyle
Rock Haven LodgeMurfreesboro, TN ResortNaturist
Pandora’s Forest ResortCrossville, TNResortSwinger
Pleasure Lake ResortSparta, TNResortSwinger
Eros KnoxvilleKnoxville, TNClub Swinger
CLUB GENESISMemphis, TNClubSwinger

From the table above, you can see that Tennesse has some excellent nude recreation options. While there are no public Tennessee nude beaches, you will find a nude resort for naturists and a couple of great Tennessee swinger resorts. Additionally, there are some clubs designed for Tennessee swingers.

The weather in Tennessee makes these nudist spots enjoyable for most of the year. This means that residents of Tennessee can get a lot of use out of any resort membership that they purchase.

On the table above, you will see that each location has a designation of naturist or swinger lifestyle. If you are new to visiting nudist spots, you may not know the distinction.

You can find out more about the distinction by reading Naturist or Swinger Nude Resorts and Beaches.

If you are researching the nudity lifestyle, then I suggest checking it out for yourself. My wife and I have found that this lifestyle is very fun and we have met so many awesome people. Be sure to check it out at a place that fits your interest whether that is naturist or swinger.

If you are a guy and have some of the insecurities that I had about going nude be sure to check out Special Note to Men. I put off visiting these places for way too long and I wish that I had started years ago.

Tennessee Nude Beaches

Tennessee Nude Beaches

Unfortunately, there are no public Tennesse nude beaches but there is still hope if you want to let it all hang out. Tennesse has a great naturist nude resort and a couple of clothing-optional swinger resorts. So while these are not Tennessee nude beaches, they are places where you can soak up the sun poolside while being naked.

If you are set on visiting a nude beach, I would recommend checking out Florida Nude Beaches for some of the best nude beaches in the country.

Tennessee Nude Resorts for Naturists

Tennessee Nude Resorts

These Tennessee nude resorts and campgrounds are for naturists. They are family orientated so public sexual activity is discouraged. These can be very relaxing spots to visit and just get the ultimate downtime in the buff.

Rock Haven Lodge

Tennessee Nude Resorts Rock Haven Lodge
Photo from

Rock Haven Lodge
462 Rock Haven Rd
Murfreesboro, TN 37127
(615) 896-3553

This Tennessee nudist park is an excellent family-orientated naturist spot. This means that this is a nonsexual spot that is open to families including children. So this place is not a swinger lifestyle-friendly park in any of the public areas. Nudity is required in the pool areas so be prepared for that.

This place receives very positive reviews with almost all visitors having a great experience and planning a return trip.

The amenities at Rock Haven Lodge include a pool, hot tub, volleyball courts, tennis court, pavilion, clubhouse, walking trail, weekend food service, and the Rock Haven Railway (a small railway ride).

There are rental cabins, camping spots, and RV hookups available for overnight stays. The rates on all of these are extremely affordable.

Tennessee Swinger Resorts

What you will find for Tennessee swinger resorts is a pleasant surprise. These are not the huge fancy resorts you will find at Florida swinger resorts but they are fun local spots that are enjoyed by those that visit.

If you are from Tennessee, it is so nice to have these options close by. If you are from somewhere else, you will find that these Tennessee swinger resorts can be an excellent vacation option. This area of the country is beautiful so you can explore the area during the day and swing at night.

Pandora’s Forest Resort & ClubPandora

Tennessee swinger resorts Pandora's Forest
Heated pool at Pandora’s Forest Image from

Pandora’s Forest Resort & ClubPandora
80 Timberline Rd
Crossville, TN 38571
(931) 277-3077

This is a gem amongst the Tennessee lifestyle resorts. While a lot more rustic than the major Florida Swinger Resorts, this is a great local option. If you keep this in mind and appreciate it for what it is, you will truly love your visit to Pandora’s Forest.

This is a resort that caters to the swinger crowd so be prepared for what you will encounter. It is clothing optional and for 21+ couples only.

Resort facilities and amenities include on-site cabins, an in-ground heated pool, nightclub, large covered hot tub, food, poolside bar, fitness area, and more.

This resort receives very good reviews and has a lot of return visitors. Check out their calendar for all of their resort events.

Overnight accommodations include rustic cabins starting at $89.99/night, RV sites starting at $52.50/night, and camping sites starting at $30/night.

Daily resort fees are not included in overnight fees and range from $40/day (Sunday through Thursday), $69/day (Friday and Saturday), and $80 on holidays. Daily resort fees are per couple and singles are not allowed.

In addition to resort fees, you must have a very reasonable membership. Membership fees start at $10/week and go up to $100/year.

Pleasure Lake Resort

Tennessee Swinger Resorts Pleasure Lake
Pleasure Lake Resort Clubhouse photo from

Pleasure Lake Resort
266 Comanche Ln,
Sparta, TN 38583
(615) 464-8180

This is another small Tennessee swinger resort. It is a little rustic but has a lot of small-time charm and fun. Some of the best times are in these small resorts where you get to know all of the guests.

This resort caters to the 21+ swingers crowd but allows both couples and singles. This is truly a little swinger lifestyle hidden gem.

This resort receives very good reviews from users. It may be a little rustic and small but the swingers that visit have a very high opinion of the place.

Resort amenities and facilities include a clubhouse, pool, small poolside restaurant (limited hours), hot tub, playhouse, and bonfire area.

They offer several different overnight accommodations that are fairly basic but very reasonable. Cabin rentals start at $90/night, RV sites at $60/night, and camping at $35/night.

Grounds fees are not included in overnight accommodation fees. Daily ground fees are $60/day for couples, $75/day for single males, and $35/day for single females.

Groups and Clubs for Tennessee Swingers

Another alternative option to Tennessee swinger resorts would be any local groups or clubs that organize events for Tennessee swingers. There are a few groups and clubs that you can join in Tennessee that may help with the swinger connections.

In addition to these groups, several online sites cater to hooking up swingers across the country. These sites can be a little messy and there are a lot of fake people on these sites but I have successfully used them to meet locals in my home state which does not have much for swinger action.


5367 Knight Arnold Rd,
Memphis, TN 38115
901 303 8599

This is a BYOB club for Tennessee swingers with a permanent physical location in Memphis. They are open on Saturdays only for 21+ couples, single women and single men. They are open on Saturdays only from 8 pm to 2 am.

The entrance fee for Club Genesis is $50 for couples, $80 for single men, and $10 for single women.

In addition to the entrance fee, you will need to have a membership. The is only one membership option for single men which is $20 for a weekend. For couples, you can choose from $20 for a weekend, $60 for three months, and $100 for six months. For single women, you can get either a weekend or three months for $20.

Eros Knoxville

815 S Central St,
Knoxville, TN 37902
(865) 686-5014

This is an actual swinger club located in Knoxville and not just a group that puts on swinger events. They are open every Friday and Saturday evening. This BYOB lifestyle club is open to 21+ couples, single ladies, and a limited number of single men.

This club has a BYOB bar (they can serve the alcohol that you bring with you back to you), a dance floor, lounge, and adult playrooms. This is a place for some swinger lifestyle action. Nudity is allowed in the playrooms and the lounge.

This club receives very good reviews and would be an excellent option for those looking to meet other Tennessee swingers. Clubs like this are a great way to see if this lifestyle is for you.

To attend the club, you will need a membership. Membership is $30 for two months. This fee is the same whether you are a couple, a single female, or a single man.

In addition to the membership, there is an entrance fee. On Fridays, the entrance fee is $25 for a couple, $10 for a single woman, and $25 for a single man. On Saturdays, the entrance fee is $50 for a couple, $10 for a single woman, and $60 for a single man.

Event Groups for Tennesse Swingers

These are groups for Tennessee swingers that organize events but do not have a physical location that they own. They will put on swinger events at other venues. These can be awesome events but just be a little wary.

Some are just promoting travel packages but do not put on many events. This being said, these groups have some hotel takeovers and club takeovers that can be a blast. Below are some of these groups for Tennessee swingers.

Red Room Nashville

Club Chemistry

Tennessee Temptations

Adult Friend Finder

Another great option for Tennessee swingers to hook up with other swinger individuals and couples is Adult Friend Finder. This website allows people to create their profiles and find local matches with people with similar sexual lifestyle interests in your area or any area of the world.

It is not perfect and there are still a lot of profiles to wade through but it seems to be the best online way for swingers to meet up.

Couples or singles can search by location, sexual preference, age, or numerous other factors. Gives you different options to chat and make friends with similar sexual choices. If you want to find others with similar sexual interests, then this is a great place to start.

It is free to join and check out what is going on at AdultFriendFinder.


Special Note to Men

Whether you are considering going to Tennessee nude beaches, Tennessee nude resorts, or Tennessee swinger resorts, many men have similar concerns before going. I know that I had two big concerns myself before going.

These two big concerns were about my penis size and erection quality. After visiting a ton of these nude spots, I can tell you for certain that these issues are only important if they affect your self-confidence. But if they do bother you, then you do not have to be ashamed and you can try to do something about it.

Erection quality is very important to most men whether or not they are looking at going to nudist spots. But if you want to be active in the swinger lifestyle, it can be very important to you. I know that when I had erectile dysfunction that it kept me from wanting to try out the swinger lifestyle.

If you have erectile dysfunction or are just worried about erection quality, Check out the Being Able to Perform to find out how I fixed my erection quality issues. I was able to actually fix my erection issues instead of just covering it up with pills and injections.

Penis size concerns do not have to be a big deal if you can get over them. At naturist spots, no one cares about penis size. At swinger spots, penis size is way down on the list of what people are concerned about.

If you can’t get over it (I couldn’t), there is something that you can do. It is not fast or easy but there is only one scientifically proven method that worked for me. Check out the Making an Impression section for more details.

Being Able to Perform

I tried everything to overcome my erectile dysfunction without success. I tried the prescription pills, supplements, penis injections, and vacuum devices/rings. After everything failed, I thought that penis implant surgery was my only option.

That is when I discovered acoustic wave therapy. This type of treatment was the cure for my erectile dysfunction and changed my life around.

I personally used the Phoenix device to help overcome my erectile dysfunction and strongly recommend it to any man with concerns about his erection quality. The Phoenix is a fully functional FDA-registered device for home use with a 98% success rate.

The Phoenix device is shown to fix poor blood flow which is the leading cause of ED. Additionally, the Phoenix safely eliminates plaque in penile blood vessels and triggers the growth of more blood vessels. Do not just live with erection problems when you can do something about it.

Making an Impression

In regards to penis size, there is only one way to actually increase your penis size. This is not through the use of magic pills, lotions, or any other quick and easy fix. The use of penis traction devices is the only way that works but it takes time and effort.

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To find out more about penis traction devices be sure to read Do Penis Traction Devices work? This article contains information about the devices, scientific studies about the devices, and my personal results using the devices.

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