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Prescription Testosterone Gel

For four years, I have been on a quest to enlarge my penis size. I have tried numerous methods on my journey including testosterone gel. Most methods for penis enlargement do not work but some help and a few just simply work. The internet is full of questions about this product. So does testosterone gel work for penis enlargement?

For over 99% of men, testosterone gel will not enlarge your penis. For a very small number of men, it may help increase penis size. It can however help a larger number of guys with problems like erectile quality, libido, muscle mass, and obesity. Testosterone gel is a prescription drug that should only be used under the care of a doctor but can definitely help supplement a penis enlargement program.

Testosterone gel can play an important role in erection quality and penis enlargement. In this article, we will look into when testosterone could actually enlarge the penis, what happens if you put the testosterone gel directly on the penis, low testosterone and treatment methods, testosterone gel for erection quality, and testosterone gel as part of a penis enlargement program.

When does Testosterone Work For Penis Enlargement?

A Chonnam Medical Journal study has shown that testosterone treatment may increase penis size for boys or men that suffer from both IHH (Idiopathic hypogonadotropic hypogonadism) and micropenis. IHH is an inherited genetic disorder that causes impaired sexual development (source). Micropenis is an extremely small penis that has a length of less than 2.5 standard deviations below the mean (this would be approximately less than 3.0″ of stretched length). The participants in this study had an average age of 18.95 years.

Following testosterone treatment, the study group showed a significant increase in penis size. The mean penis length of the group went from 5.14 cm (2.02 inches) to 7.45 cm (2.93 inches). This is a significant 45% increase in length.

The study referenced above was conducted with testosterone injections which work similarly to the testosterone gel. Studies have been conducted on boys with similar conditions utilizing testosterone cream or gel.

What This Means for Most Men

None of these studies indicated that testosterone gel will do anything to help anyone that does not suffer from one of these genetic or hormonal conditions in combination with micropenis. The males in these studies do not continue to grow in penis size indefinitely and usually do not even get to the low side of the normal range. The testosterone gel just helps these males get closer to what would be their normal size if they had not been afflicted with their conditions. It will not make them grow beyond what would have been their normal size.

For a normal man with even a below-average penis, testosterone gel will not increase the penis size. The confusion comes from reading some of these medical article headlines. It sounds great to just rub some gel on your penis and have it get bigger. Unfortunately, it is just wishful thinking and real penis enlargement is much harder to obtain. Reading into the articles will show that this is a treatment for just a few unfortunate people.

But What if I Apply Testosterone Gel Directly to the Penis?

Applying testosterone gel directly to the penis will not enlarge the penis. First of all, this is not recommended by the manufacturer. With the instructions that come with the testosterone gel, it says to apply to the shoulders, upper arms, or abdomen. It specifically says to not apply to the penis or scrotum.

I do have to admit. I did try applying testosterone gel to my penis for two months. It did not do anything to increase the size of my penis. It did however really sting when applied and caused the skin of my penis to really dry out. These were not major side effects for me but they were definitely not worth it since the testosterone gel had no effect on my penis size. I definitely would not recommend trying this.

Why This Doesn’t Work

If you think of how the body works, you will have no problem seeing why testosterone gel will not help the penis grow. The gel is absorbed through the skin but would be almost completely carried away by the bloodstream once it enters the body. The gel is not going to actually penetrate into the structures of the penis to make them grow. You do not treat any other organ by rubbing the gel on the skin above it. Even with muscle aches, the topical creams do not penetrate into the muscles but instead, just stimulate the surface nerves.

In the studies dealing with the treatment of micropenis, they use both topical testosterone and injectable testosterone interchangeably. The use of gel does not give better results than injectables. The major factor seems to be in increasing the testosterone level in the subjects to something close to the normal range.

It would be awesome if penis enlargement was as simple as rubbing some testosterone gel on your penis but unfortunately, it will not help. Penis enlargement requires a lot more time and effort than this.

So What is Low Testosterone in Men and How is It Treated?

Testosterone is a hormone that is mainly produced in the testicles of men. It affects a number of things including the sexual development and appearance of men. Normal testosterone levels should be between 300 nanograms and 1000 nanograms per deciliter. Signs of low testosterone include low sex drive, erectile dysfunction, decreased muscle mass, loss of energy, depression, and increased body fat (source).

Testosterone production starts to decline at around age 30. Almost 40% of men aged 45 and older suffer from low testosterone. You can have your testosterone levels checked with a simple blood test at most medical facilities. Testosterone levels vary throughout the day and are usually highest in the morning (source).

Low testosterone is usually treated with testosterone injections, patches, or gels. The doctor usually decides whether or not to treat based on the results of the blood test. I found that different doctors and facilities have different standards on what levels they will treat testosterone at. When I was first seen for erectile dysfunction years ago, my levels came in at around 400. The first doctor I saw said that it fell within the normal range and would not offer testosterone treatment. The second doctor said that my level was much too low for my age and prescribed testosterone gel.

My Results

I found that using the testosterone gel was an easy and effective treatment for my low testosterone. I just applied one packet per day to the shoulders and my testosterone jumped up to above mid-range.

testosterone gel packet
Testosterone Gel Packet

Like many, I found that the testosterone gel helped greatly. I found that my mood improved, I lost weight and my libido improved. My erectile dysfunction got slightly better but was still a problem even with the testosterone gel. Even though it was not a complete cure, it did make it so the traditional erectile dysfunction treatments were much more effective.

For many men, this is a fix for their erectile dysfunction. Studies show that about half men of men with erection difficulties get improvement with testosterone treatment (source).

Potential Side Effects

Testosterone is available in the United States by prescription only and does have a number of potential side effects. These side effects include acne, fluid retention, prostate enlargement, breast enlargement, worsening sleep apnea, and smaller testicles (source). See a medical professional before starting a treatment program.

Testosterone Gel for Erection Quality

If you have issues getting and maintaining firm erections, I definitely recommend that you get your testosterone checked. If your testosterone comes in below the normal range or even on the low end of normal, you can ask the doctor for testosterone replacement therapy.

Affordability of Testosterone Treatment

The testosterone injections and patches can be equally effective. So it is really a personal preference along with the cost factor of what your insurance might cover. I found that cost-wise, the injections were the least expensive route at around $50 per month with my insurance. The gel packs cost me around $100 a month with my insurance.

It is well worth the price if this helps your erection quality. That is not to mention the other benefits of libido improvement, mood improvement, weight loss, and increased muscle mass. If your doctor thinks it is a good idea then this is one method that you really should try out.

Other Options for Erection Quality

If testosterone replacement does not work out, there are other methods that may be helpful with your erection quality issues. Personally, I found that long-term treatment with acoustic wave therapy with the Phoenix device was the solution to my erectile dysfunction.


Testosterone Gel as Part of a Penis Enlargement Program

While testosterone gel will not increase penis size on its own, it can play an important part of a penis enlargement program. The top method of penis enlargement that is backed by science is the use of a penis traction device. In order for this enlargement treatment to work, you will need to have firm and hard erections to “cement” your gains. Without firm erections, the penis enlargement program will not work. I found that testosterone gel helped my enlargement program by enhancing my erections.

For many men, testosterone gel will aid them in obtaining the firm erections that are needed for penis enlargement success. Check out the sections below for other methods for penis enlargement and erection quality.

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