What The Rich And Famous Do For Erection Quality

What The Rich And Famous Do For Erection Quality

Have you ever wondered, what the rich and famous do for erection quality? Great erection quality is high on the list of things that are important to all men. We all often wish that we had the erection quality from our teenage years. If you had unlimited resources, what method would you use?

One of the rich and famous has opened up and is willing to discuss his method to improve erection quality. So let’s take a look at what tech mogul Bryan Johnson does to improve his erection quality. He has devoted his efforts to his anti-aging program including improving his erection quality. We will also look at What You Can Do If You Are Not Rich.

What The Rich And Famous Do For Erection Quality

In his recent YouTube podcast “The Diary of a CEO” (see below), Tech mogul Bryan Johnson details what the rich and famous do for erection quality and how they use it to gain an edge. and try to reclaim that youthful feel.

Erection Quality

Johnson was the founder, chairman, and CEO of Braintree, the company that owned Venmo and was acquired by PayPal for $800 million in 2013. He is currently the founder and CEO of Kernel, which creates devices that monitor brain activity.

Johnson has been working on a self-improvement project to reverse aging and part of his efforts have been focused on improving erection quality. He is a 46-year-old man trying to regain the erection quality of an 18-year-old.

In his podcast, Johnson details how he uses acoustic wave technology to improve his erection quality. He utilizes focused shockwave therapy (more accurately known as acoustic wave therapy) to enhance his erection quality.

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He describes this therapy as using focused acoustic waves to improve erection function. This technology has been used for years to treat Erectile Dysfunction and other injuries but Johnson is using it in an attempt to regain his youthful erection ability.

Johnson states that this type of treatment has made his penis feel 15 years younger. He claims that the acoustic wave therapy has “improved the structure of his penis” referring to the physical internal structure of the penis.

The video below contains the segment about his use of acoustic wave therapy to improve his erection quality. The video is rather long and goes into numerous topics but he discusses his work with erection quality beginning at around the 49:00 minute mark.

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