What To Do about Covid Penis Shrinkage

What To Do about Covid Penis Shrinkage

As we enter the third year of the world with Covid, there have been increasing reports of Covid related damage to the penis. In addition to long-term erectile dysfunction, numerous reports mention penis shrinkage in a number of men. This can be devastating to the affected men and will lead many to wonder about what to do about Covid penis shrinkage.

A big concern is that the problem may be more widespread as this is not something that many men would feel comfortable about discussing. There should be no shame in suffering from this issue and there should be no shame in wanting to fix this issue. It is important for men to investigate the possible causes of penis shrinkage, what are the possible fixes and what have we learned about increasing penis size.

The Reports of Covid Penis Shrinkage

The internet is full of stories about men reporting that their penis is smaller following Covid. While there seems to be some research showing that Covid may be a contributing factor for erectile dysfunction, there is not a lot of evidence of penis shrinkage.

This should not be surprising as penis measurement is not a regular part of a doctor’s visit. There would not be official medical measurements of penis size from before and after Covid. Therefore most reports of this would be anecdotal in nature.

A recent New York Post article reports on the ordeal of a man suffering from what was described as “covid dick”. The man began experiencing erectile dysfunction following being hospitalized with covid. Though his erectile dysfunction has reportedly improved, he states that his penis has shrunk by about 1.5 inches.  Dr. Charles Welliver, Director of Men’s Health at Albany Medical College, blames the erectile dysfunction and shrinkage issue on “pretty significant vascular issues” that can occur with Covid.

A report in the U.S. Sun looked at a King’s College University study of 3,400 people that had previously had Covid. This study found that 14.6% of men had some sort of sexual dysfunction as part of long Covid. In addition to this, 3.2% of the men reported having a smaller penis after the Covid infection.

Another report in Psychology Today details an Italian study that shows that COVID-19 infections may result in increased male sexual dysfunction. This study also indicated that there may be damage to the cells that produce testosterone.

The Connection Between Erectile Dysfunction and Penis Shrinkage

From the reports that are available, it does not seem that anyone is saying that Covid is directly causing penis shrinkage. The more likely scenario is that Covid causes vascular issues that lead to long-term erectile dysfunction. According to Dr. Charles Belliver, this long-term erectile dysfunction can cause penis shrinkage (source).

Dr. Belliver is not alone in his assessment of long-term erectile dysfunction causing penis shrinkage. This was known by many prior to the outbreak of Covid. An article on VeryWellHealth states “Research has also shown that long periods of impotence or celibacy can result in some loss of size”.

Another source of information is from the world of prosthetic penile implants. Experienced surgeons in this field state that long-term erectile dysfunction leads to penis shrinkage.

What Can Be Done About Covid Penis Shrinkage

If you are a man that is suffering from penis shrinkage due to Covid, there are two things that you must address. The first issue is that you need to take care of any erectile dysfunction that you are suffering from. The second thing is that you need to work on lengthening your penis to restore it to it’s natural size or perhaps even a little more if you want.

The most important thing to do is to see your doctor. Erectile dysfunction is serious and can be an indicator of much more serious issues. Do not ignore erectile dysfunction and do not be embarrassed by it. It is a common issue that is becoming more and more prevalent.

Treat the Erectile Dysfunction

You should follow the advice of the doctor for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. Proper diet and exercise are key aspects in restoring proper erectile health. Many doctors will prescribe oral erectile dysfunction medication like Viagra and Cialis. These medications can be very effective for many but not all patients.

One key potential failing of these medications is that they do not always create spontaneous erections and the nocturnal erections that are key to penile health. To provide a long-term solution to these issues, I would highly suggest acoustic wave therapy. This is an excellent way to restore erection quality.

Acoustic wave therapy devices, like the Phoenix device, have become increasingly popular for improving erection quality. I have personally used this device with phenomenal results. It has a 60-day home trial guarantee that lets you gain the benefits without the risk.


Acoustic wave therapy, also known as shockwave therapy, is the use of a device to emit high-intensity sound waves into the penis. These soundwaves can aid in erectile function in a couple of ways. It can break up blockages in existing blood vessels to allow for greater blood flow into the area. The shockwaves also cause micro trauma to tissue in the treatment area which leads to the creation of new blood vessels in the area. These two effects treat the causes of erectile dysfunction and poor erection quality.

To read my complete review of the Phoenix go to Review of The Phoenix – The At Home Acoustic Wave Therapy Device. This treatment will help you obtain the type of erection that you thought was gone forever.

How to Regain Lost Penis Size

Forget the magic pills or anything that says it will change your penis size in days. There is only one type of medical device on the market that has been shown to increase the size of the penis. Penis traction devices will increase the size of your penis over time.

Penis traction devices require a time commitment and some patience but they have been shown to work. Consistent use for six hours per day has shown significant size gains in four to six weeks. It just requires that time and effort commitment.

Urologist Dr. Ashley Winter suggested the use of penis traction devices which are reported to lengthen the shortened penises by 1-2 cm (0.4 inches to 0.8 inches). An article on VeryWellHealth states “There is some data to indicate that penile traction devices may help in addition to medical options for post-prostatectomy surgery erectile dysfunction and penile length.”

For more information on the effectiveness of penis traction devices including additional studies read Do Penis Traction Devices work? I know that it sounds strange and I remember thinking that there was no way that these devices would work but they really do.

My Story

I had suffered from erectile dysfunction for years. The erectile dysfunction was bad enough but it got worse when I began to notice that my penis seemed to be getting smaller over time. I was embarrassed by my issue and it caused issues with my wife. It was not that she was upset with me. It was because I was so frustrated with myself over my issues. These issues made me feel like a failure as a man. Eventually, I got serious about it and went about addressing my issues.

A lot of people say it is not possible but it truly possible is if you dedicate the time and effort. I was able to regain my erection quality and regain (plus+) my erection size. You owe it to yourself to try.

I regained my ability to achieve firm and hard natural erections by using the Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device. I then had my first success in regaining penis size by utilizing a high-quality penis traction device called the Phallosan Forte. This is the best device out there for beginners and I gained a half-inch of length in a few weeks. Since then I have gone on to gain over an inch in size and am now much bigger than I was before my erectile dysfunction.

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