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I remember how my penis enlargement journey all started. A casual conversation between my wife and I took a dangerous turn. It was not a good idea on my part, but I asked her about the penis size of her previous boyfriend. She told me how his penis was much bigger than mine. Her statement was not meant maliciously or meant to put me down but it was devastating to me.

She said a lot of complimentary stuff about me and our sex life but that was not what I remembered. All that I remembered was that my penis was inferior to her old boyfriend. She did not understand why I was so upset. I did know that she was in love with me and I was overreacting but it was too late.

From that point on, I wanted desperately for my penis to be larger. I wanted my penis to be the biggest one that my wife had ever had. Not a maybe or slightly bigger. I wanted it to be hands down the biggest that she had ever had.

My penis enlargement journey was frustrating. I tried the pills, penis exercises, and lotions with no effect. I kept hoping for something that would help but all I did was dump money into products with no results.

The Effect of Diabetes on Penis Enlargement

While I was going through all of this experimentation, I had a serious health situation that interrupted my penis enlargement program. I had developed type II diabetes and this severely impacted the quality of my erections. This was seriously devastating to me. Now I did not only feel like I had a small penis but a small penis that did not work properly.

I dedicated myself to fixing this situation. I knew without good erection quality there would be no way to enlarge my penis. I tried all of the different pills (prescription and non-prescription pills), penis injections, and a ton of unconventional treatments. Nothing worked for me. I thought I was stuck with poor erection quality.

How I Finally Fixed My Erection Issues

After trying everything, I finally found my solution through the use of acoustic wave therapy. This revolutionary treatment finally made my erection quality return. Acoustic wave therapy did not just mask my erectile dysfunction, it worked on the root causes.

With the return of my natural and firm erections, I was able to go back to looking for penis enlargement methods.

Vacuum Pumps

The first new thing I tried was vacuum pumps. I had to try a few different pumps but I finally found a quality pump in the Bathmate pumps. The Bathmate pump did result in an increase in the circumference of the penis but the length gains remained elusive.

If you are looking for something that will help satisfy your partner, than these width gains are probably the most important. My wife noticed this right away. But I was in search of the length gains, as this is what my wife had meant when talking about her experience. This is also what most people are talking about when they refer to penis size.

Surgery for Penis Enlargement

At this point, I was ready to take serious action and I tried penis enlargement surgery. Please make the decision to take this extreme step carefully. There are a number of potential bad outcomes that need serious consideration. I am not trying to scare anyone away from this but it should be a last step. Please try all other methods before going to this extreme.

Fortunately, my penis enlargement surgery did not create any horrible results. I was able to get some slight length gains in length and good gains in circumference. I had a ligament release surgery that resulted in me gaining about 1/4″ in length. In addition to the ligament release, I had fat transfer surgery into the penis. This gave me a good 1/2″ increase in the circumference of the penis. The increase in penis width was slightly inconsistent along the length of the shaft but not extremely so.

Overall, my surgery results could have been a lot worse. But it came nowhere near creating the type of results that I was looking for. The best part of the surgery was that it introduced me to the penis traction devices.

My Initial Trouble with Penis Traction Devices

Following my surgery, it was recommended by the penis enlargement surgeon to use traction devices to further increase length gains. The science behind these traction devices seemed to make sense but I had a great deal of trouble with them.

The devices seemed to all utilize a loop or strap to attach the traction device to the penis. I had a constant issue with my penis slipping out of the traction device. This made it hard to produce any gains and led to potentially embarrassing situations with the traction device falling off.

Finally making my gains

At this point, my penis enlargement journey almost ended. I was basically ready to give up. I was so frustrated with the lack of success in achieving my goals.

At this time, I came across a different device that could possibly work. I almost did not order it due to my level of frustration but I did eventually decide to give it a try.

I am so glad now that I tried it. This device called the Phallosan Forte gave me both the penis lengthening and thickening that I was looking for. I wish that I had found this device years ago and saved myself a ton of money and frustration.

By using the Phallosan Forte, I increased the length of my penis by 1/2″ in just three months. This gain was phenomenal. After trying everything, I finally obtained some length gains.

Why I made this Website

This journey for penis enlargement has been very frustrating. It was often hard to find good quality information on what works and what does not work. I have decided to put together a group of reviews on what worked and what did not work for me. I hope that this will help others to get the gains that I have experienced without having to go through all the frustration that I have felt on this journey.

The Future

I am near my goals and will continue to work towards them. At this point, I am really confident that they are within reach and that I will obtain these goals. This does not mean that my penis enlargement journey is over. I will be on the lookout for new products and techniques that may aid me and others in obtaining their penis enlargement goals.