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Phallosan Forte Review: My amazing documented results

Phallosan Forte Results:  My personal before and after results
The Phallosan Forte Kit

I have personally been pursuing my penis enlargement goals for years. I had tried pills, creams, penis extenders, and exercises with no results. I finally tried the Phallosan Forte and had success. In this Phallosan Forte review, I will answer the question of what were my personal Phallosan Forte results?

In general, I found that the Phallosan Forte provided me with substantial results. This penis enlargement device uses a unique technology to keep it secured. I have personally experienced gains of 1.5″ in penis length, 1″ in penis width, and a 81% gain in penis volume since using this device.

So in this Phallosan Forte review, we will look at why this device is so different from other penis enlargement methods. Additionally we will look at why this device can give you results when everything else has failed, the Phallosan Forte price and how to use the Phallosan Forte. If you would rather check out the Phallosan Forte on their own website, you can do so here.

My Personal Phallosan Forte Results

Chart showing my personal Phallosan Forte results:

Phallosan Forte ResultStart of Use 1 Month of Use2 Months of Use3 Months of Use2022 Update
over 1 year of use
(See note below)
Penis Length (inches)6.8757.07.257.3758.50
Penis Length Gain (inches)n/a0.125 (1.8%).375 (5.45%)0.5 (7.3%)1.625 (23.6%)
Penis Circumference (inches)6.06.1256.256.57.0
Penis Circumference Gain (inches)n/a0.125 (2.1%)0.25 (4.2)0.5 (8.3%)1.0 (16.7%)
Approximate Penis Volume (cubic inches calculated as V=πr2h)18.3020.9022.5424.8033.14
Penis Volume Gain (cubic inches)n/a2.60 (14.2%)4.24 (23.2%)6.50 (35.5%)14.84
Phallosan Forte Use Results Chart

My Phallosan Forte results are documented with uncensored pictures at Phallosan Forte Uncensored (Warning: Contains images of nudity in connection to the use of the Phallosan Forte.)

Special 2022 Note on Phallosan Forte Results

After using the Phallosan Forte for over a year, I have finally reached my penis size goals of 8.5 inches long and 7.0″ inches in circumference. I am finally satisfied with my size so now I just use the Phallosan Forte a couple of times a month to make sure I maintain my gains.

I did not solely use the Phallosan Forte throughout the process and did supplement it with the Total Man System as well. But the Phallosan Forte is the main traction device that you want to start with and continue with throughout your penis enlargement program.

The main takeaway from the Phallosan Forte review should be that this device can provide you with excellent results if used properly. This type of device is the only thing that is scientifically show to increase penis size and it certainly did for me.

My Phallosan Forte Results: The original gain

I used the Phallosan Forte every day for three months and experienced significant size gains. I wore the device for at least six hours per day every day for the three months. I kept the tension gauge for the Phallosan Forte in the yellow zone.

After three months, the Phallosan Forte had allowed me to increase the length of my penis by half an inch. I also increased the circumference of my penis by half an inch.

For those of you that are new to the penis enlargement world, you may be thinking that half an inch is no big deal. But if you have been working on penis enlargement, you know that this is actually a massive increase.

After all the time of working on penis enlargement, I finally had some real gains to show for it. If you want to see my results including actual pictures with measurements check out Phallosan Forte Uncensored (Warning: Contains images of nudity in connection to the use of the Phallosan Forte.)

If you were thinking about giving up on your penis enlargement goals, do not do it without trying this first. You will be amazed by your Phallosan Forte results.

The Often Overlooked Results of the Phallosan Forte

There are two stats in the Phallosan Forte Results Chart that are often overlooked. The first is the volume of the penis and the second is the girth of the penis.

The real measurement of penis size is the volume of the penis. Volume represents the space that something actually occupies. So volume is the true size of something.

The 1/2″ gain in penis length and circumference represents a 35% increase in the volume of my penis. A 35% increase is absolutely huge. This would mean that what my wife feels inside of her is 35% bigger than what it was. She definitely seems to notice the difference.

My eventual Phallosan Forte results gave me a total of 81% in total volume increase. This is absolutely huge. This is something that women will definitely notice.

When we talk about penis size, we are most often talking about length. But most studies show that the thickness is actually more important to women than the length of the penis. So do not underestimate this part of the penis enlargement program.

One might think that the stretching of the penis might over time make the penis thinner. This is not the case with the Phallosan Forte. I know that my penis actually gained an inch in circumference from the use of the device.

According to the Phallosan Forte website, the constant microtear/healing process that makes the penis longer will also thicken the penis over time.

What is the Phallosan Forte?

The Phallosan Forte is a unique clinically tested penis traction device. It has been specifically designed for long-lasting, secure, and comfortable use. This device is totally different from most other penis traction devices in that its bell and sleeve design offer a method of wear that will not fall off.

Penis traction devices like the Phallosan Forte work by applying a small amount of force on the penis over an extended period of time. This constant tension will cause small micro tears that will constantly heal by filling in with new tissue. Over time this causes the penis to lengthen and thicken as it constantly heals. When you think about it, this method just makes sense.

There are similar processes used in the world to stretch other body parts. Some tribes in Africa utilize neck rings to elongate the neck. Other people throughout the world use loops of increasing size to put tension on and elongate the earlobe. A similar principle can be applied to the penis.

I am not the only one to offer a Phallosan Forte review. This method has been studied by numerous professionals. It is widely accepted in research studies as the only way to actually enlarge the penis. Below is a shortlist of some of these studies.

So the Phallosan Forte is a penis traction device, just it has a unique design that makes it many times better than any other traction device. That is why you can expect to get great Phallosan Forte results.

Why is the Phallosan Forte Different from Other Penis Traction Devices?

Phallosan Forte Traction
Phallosan Forte Traction

The Phallosan Forte utilizes a system of multiple-sized vacuum bells and multi-sized sleeves to create a system that fits the needs of an individual’s penis. These individually sized bells and sleeves are used to establish a secure connection to the penis that can be placed under tension. This is quite different from what you find with other penis traction devices.

I have tried many other penis traction devices but always ran into problems. I had continuous issues with the part of the device that attached it to the penis. Because these other devices did not have a good method of attaching to the penis, they would constantly fall off.

What are Standard Penis Traction devices

Loop type penis enlargement traction devices
Loop type penis enlargement traction devices

Many of these devices utilized a rubber strap or loop to tighten around the shaft right below the head of the penis. This is supposed to keep the tension device secured to the penis.

I found this system hard to utilize. In order to keep it in place, I felt that I had to over-tighten it. Almost like I was cutting off the circulation to the head of the penis. Even with this on so tight, this type would always eventually slip off during the day.

My worst nightmare with this type of device is having it slip off and fall apart at the wrong time. I did have this scenario happen to me at work one time. It slipped off and fell down my pant leg and onto the floor. I had to quickly kick that cheap extender under a desk and hope that no one saw it.

There are no such worries with the Phallosan Forte.

The inability to keep these other devices on for significant periods of time without slippage made these devices ineffective.

You need tension to get gains, but the tension would cause the device to slide off. In order for them to stay in place, I would have to keep the tension so low that it would not produce any gains.

Low End Vacuum devices

Another type of traction device uses a vacuum bell to make a suction lock over the head of the penis. Although it may sound similar to the Phallosan Forte, they are not. In fact, the low quality can make them dangerous.

These low-end devices are not customizable like the Phallosan Forte. These devices utilize a one size fits all bell to go over the head of the penis. Having too much room in the bell can really create a dangerous situation with too much pressure.

The sleeves can cause additional problems because the low-end devices do not have multiple-sized sleeves. Using a sleeve that is oversized can cause slippage. A sleeve that is undersized can cause pain and skin irritation.

The big problem with these devices is that there was little control of the level of suction or tension. I found that I would either over-apply suction or tension with these devices in order to keep them in place. This would cause me to end up with sores or blisters on the head of my penis.

The sleeves of these devices were also of inferior quality. They would always end up ripping or slipping and falling off after a couple of uses. This would lead to all kinds of potentially embarrassing situations if you were in public.

The Phallosan Forte Solution

The Phallosan Forte solves all of these issues by using specially designed vacuum bells and sturdy penis sleeves that are sized to fit the individual penis. The bells come in four sizes and the sleeves are available in three.

This tailored to the individual user approach allows it to be used over long periods of time without having to overdue the vacuum placed on the penis. I found myself comfortable wearing it for up to 10 hours at a time with no worries or slippage.

Phallosan Forte Close up of Bell
Phallosan Forte Close up of Bell and Tension Clip

The tension clip is another ingenious way that the Phallosan Forte lets you customize your own program. The tension clip displays the tension that is being placed on your penis through the adjustable tension belt. You can go from the lightest tension in the green area to the more extreme red area.

The attached tension clip and belt. In the green tension zone.

The penis head is placed inside the bell, the sleeve is rolled down over the shaft of the penis, and then the tension clip is attached to the adjustable bell. Unlike other devices, this device can now be worn safely for hours.

It is even safe to wear overnight. You can not safely do this with other devices as you run the risk of cutting off blood supply due to the tightened nooses or straps.

What are the Possible Phallosan Forte Side Effects?

In general, the Phallosan Forte has pretty mild side effects. Reported side effects appear to be limited to minor pain, skin irritation, and small blisters. The golden rule is that if it causes pain then stop doing it. Lower the pressure or the tension until the pain stops. You just want to feel a solid stretch but not pain.

If you apply too much pressure to the bell of the device you can cause blisters and irritations on the head of the penis. The use of the glans protector cap should minimize these risks. If you do develop these issues, stop using the Phallosan Forte until they heal.

Applying too much tension to the device can cause pain and is not recommended for extended periods of time. Try to keep the tension gauge in the green or yellow areas.

You should always check with your doctor before starting any penis enlargement program. But from my experience, I experienced no major side effects from the Phallosan Forte.

For the best Phallosan Forte results, remember to take it slow and easy.

Why I Needed the Phallosan Forte to Succeed

Penis Insecurity may be Justified

I was dumb enough to ask my wife about my penis size. She is always honest and gave me an honest answer. I did not come close to measuring up to her ex. She gave me all kinds of other compliments, but the size thing crushed my male ego. This set me off down the path of seeking penis enlargement.

I had tried everything for penis length enlargement. After trying pills, vacuum pumps, surgery, stretching exercises, and PRP treatments, I did not have any luck.

I had even tried other penis traction devices with horrible results. I always ran into the same problem. The penis traction device would always slip off. They couldn’t lengthen the penis because they didn’t stay on long enough to have an effect.

I got to the point that I even tried penis lengthening surgery. Even after the surgery, I only gained a 1/4″ in penis length. You can read about my penis enlargement surgery in My Suspensory Ligaments Release Surgery.

So after investing three years and over $10,000, I had a meager 1/4″ gain. I was frustrated and ready to give up.

I remember reading up on the Phallosan Forte and having a hard time finding a personal review or before and after results for the device. That is why it was so important for me to give my review on the effectiveness of the Phallosan Forte for penis enlargement along with my before and after results.

I almost did not order the Phallosan Forte. That would have been devastating to me as I desperately wanted to have a larger penis. My penis enlargement results from the Phallosan Forte gave me such a feeling of self-confidence. It really made me feel so much more secure with myself.

I am hoping that your main takeaway from this Phallosan Forte Review is to not give up. You can increase your penis size and boost your self confidence.

Phallosan Forte Price

From my personal experience, I am a big fan of the Phallosan Forte but I do not want to give the impression that there are no negatives to the device.

One of the big negatives is the Phallosan Forte price. It is $379 which can seem like a lot. But if you compare it to the price of the penis enlargement products that you have probably wasted money on then it is not so outrageous. This is because it simply works.

Prior to purchasing the Phallosan Forte, I had spent over $10,000 in my quest for penis enlargement with hardly any lengthening to show. Compared to what I had already spent, it was a bargain. So if you are serious about lengthening the penis, this is the only method that I found to work no matter the price.

Another negative is that it can be inconvenient to wear at some times. I often wear it during the day at work. It is not noticeable and is reasonably comfortable. The issue comes when you need to urinate.

It does not take a long time to remove the device to go to the bathroom but it does take some time. So if you wait too long to go, you may be in trouble with the few seconds that it takes to remove.

You will need to use a toilet stall and will not be able to use a urinal without others noticing what you are doing. Once again, I did not find this to be a major issue but it can be an inconvenience.

Special Note to those considering Penis Lengthening Surgery

Penis Enlargement Procedures

For those considering penis lengthening surgery, the most common type is suspensory ligament division surgery. Following this surgery, it is commonly recommended to wear a traction device for several weeks.

This type of device keeps the penis elongated and helps to keep it from retracting as the ligaments heal. Without these devices, patients run the risk of no length gains or even having a shorter penis after surgery. Traction devices similar to the standard ones in the section above are usually given by the providers after surgery.

The problem with this is that if the device does not work for you then you will be wasting your money on the surgery. I ran into this problem when I had this surgery. The traction device that they gave me would not stay in place and I ended up getting very minimal gains from the surgery.

This is not the case with the Phallosan Forte. It stays securely in place at all times. If you plan on having this surgery, make sure that you have a traction device that will work for you on hand before your surgery. If not you may be wasting money, pain, effort, and time.

My Phallosan Forte results far exceeded my surgical results at only a small fraction of the cost.

Other Benefits of the Phallosan Forte

The Phallosan Forte also offers some other benefits, in addition to penis enlargement. The use of this device can increase erection quality and straighten the penis as well. My use of the Phallosan Forte really helped to straighten my penis.

If you want to see actual pictures showing how this device helped to straighten my penis. Check out my uncensored Phallosan Forte results at Phallosan Forte Uncensored (Warning: Contains images of nudity in connection to the use of the Phallosan Forte.)

Penis Curvature

Many men suffer from an incurvate penis. This is a penis that has a severe bend or curve to it. Some men are born with it and others develop it later in life due to injury or trauma to the penis.

Also known as Peyronie’s disease, this condition can be painful and lead to erectile dysfunction. This is another condition that shows up a lot in men that are diabetic.

The use of the Phallosan Forte will over time lead to the penis straightening out. The constant traction leads to the straightening of the shaft without a need for surgery.

I personally had a curvature of my penis that was a result of my diabetes. The Phallosan forte was able to significantly straighten my penis within a couple of months of use. This was a fantastic bonus result as I had found that the curvature that I suffered from was painful.

If you were a person that suffers from this condition and is considering surgery for it, I would definitely suggest trying the Phallosan Forte first. Surgery for an incurvate penis can result in penis shortage. By using the Phallosan Forte, you can not only straighten out the penis but lengthen it at the same time.

Phallosan Forte for Erection Quality

For numerous reasons, men can suffer from poor erection quality. One of the top reasons for poor erection quality is diabetes but often high blood pressure or injury can be the culprit.

The Phallosan Forte can help with erection quality. But if you suffer from real erectile dysfunction, I suggest that you get this under control before starting with the Phallosan Forte. I personally suggest that you check out the Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device. This was the fix for my erectile dysfunction.

The use of the Phallosan Forte places the penis under stress. This will result in an increased amount of blood flow to the penis. Increased blood flow means more nutrients and a healthier penis. A healthier penis means better quality erections.

I have found this to be true in my use of the Phallosan Forte. My erection quality has become better as long as I remember the golden rule of not overdoing it. Do not think you can start out on your first day using the device for 12 hours. Your penis will not appreciate it and you will cause damage.

Ease into the use of the device. I find that lower stress over long periods of time allows for the best quality erections and size gains. As a guy, I know that we want to max it out and see immense gains immediately. But this will be counterproductive. Just pace yourself and you will see the gains in short order.

Another big takeaway from this Phallosan Forte review should be to not overdue. Penis size increases will come from slow and steady use of this device.

Additional Tips for Phallosan Forte Results

phallosan forte device

I found that my best Phallosan Forte results came when I was able to wear it at low tension and low vacuum for many hours. I would do this during the day and try to have long and hard erections during the night to help solidify the gains.

These long-lasting and firm erections are extremely important to any program of penis enlargement. I look at it as cementing the gains from using the Phallosan Forte. If you need help with these firm erections, I suggest checking out the Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device for erection quality.

If you need help in achieving these firm and hard erections. Be sure to check out our reviews at What Works for Erection Quality.

How to Put on the Phallosan Forte: Step by step Instructions

The Phallosan Forte may seem a little daunting at first because of all of the different parts. Once you put it on a couple of times, it will all be second nature and you will be able to put it on in a couple of seconds. To help get to that point, here is a step-by-step guide to using the Phallosan Forte.

If you want to see a guide with uncensored pictures of the Phallosan Forte being put on, you can check out How to Use the Phallosan Forte With Pictures (Warning: Contains images of nudity in connection to the use of the Phallosan Forte).

1. Pick the Correct Sized Bell

Phallosan Forte Bells
Multiple Sized Bells

The Phallosan Forte kit contains three different-sized bells. Pick the smallest-sized bell that you can easily fit over the tip of the penis.

2. Pick the Correct Sized Sleeve

Phallosan Forte Sleeve
Multiple Sized Sleeves

For the sleeve, pick the largest size that still snugly fits the shaft of the penis. The Phallosan Forte kit includes a sizing template to help pick out the appropriate size.

3. Place the Sleeve on the Bell

Phallosan Forte Sleeve and Bell
Bell with a Sleeve Placed on It

Next, place the appropriately sized sleeve onto the appropriately sized bell. The sleeve has a groove that fits around the lip of the bell.

4. Putting on the Glans Protection Cap

Phallosan Forte Protector Cap
Phallosan Forte Protector Cap

Start by placing the protector cap over the head of the penis. Stretch the cap out from side to side and place it over the penis glans and down along the shaft.

This protects the penis head from damage from the vacuum of the device. I personally prefer not to use this part of the device as I keep the vacuum and tension very low on the device. When you first start out or if you use a lot of vacuum and tension, you would want to use the protector cap.

5. Roll the Sleeve Up and Onto the Bell

Empty Phallosan Forte bell ready to go on
Empty Phallosan Forte bell ready to go on

Connect the Phallosan Forte pump to the top of the bell. It will only go on the correct way so don’t worry about messing it up. Roll the end of the sleeve up towards the bell. Once it will no longer roll, fold the sleeve up and over the edge of the bell.

Next, attach the tension clip to the bell right below where the vacuum pump connects (Please excuse the black tape on the tension clip in the picture. It is for another project that I am working on.).

6. Placing the Bell on the Penis

Phallosan Forte Traction
Phallosan Forte Traction

Set the Phallosan Forte to the pump position. This is done by having the tab pointing towards the middle symbol between the locked and unlocked positions. Insert the penis tip into the bell,

7. Roll the Sleeve down

Roll the sleeve down off the bell and onto the shaft of the penis. Roll the sleeve all the way out on the penis shaft like a condom.

8. Use the Pump to Create Suction

Pump the vacuum pump several times (I only do it twice). Then move the vacuum pump so that the green marker is aligned with the vacuum lock symbol.

9. Put on the Tension Belt

Place the white foam ring on the belt over the penis and connect the eyelet at the end of the belt to the eyelet at the end of the tension clip.

10. Adjust the Tension

Phallosan Forte Close up of Bell
Phallosan Forte Bell, tension clip showing tension level

The Phallosan Forte is now all connected. You can adjust the tension by loosening or tightening the adjustable belt. I have found a good working tension to be right at the very beginning of the yellow zone of tension. This is not enough tension to be painful or uncomfortable but enough to get the job done.

Remember This Before Giving Up

I hope that you found this Phallosan Forte review helpful. I hope that if you have a goal of penis enlargement you do not give up before giving the Phalllosan Forte a try.

This device has made a big difference in my life. I had always felt dissatisfaction with my penis size. Now I feel a confidence that I have never felt before. If you want to find out more information on this phenomenal device you can check out their website right here.

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