Phallosan Forte Review: My amazing documented results

Phallosan Forte Results:  My personal before and after results
The Phallosan Forte Kit

I have personally been pursuing my penis enlargement goals for years. I had tried pills, creams, penis extenders, and exercises with no results. I finally tried the Phallosan Forte and have had great success. In this Phallosan Forte review, I will answer the question, “What are my personal Phallosan Forte results?

I have had great Phallosan Forte results. The Phallosan Forte is designed to stay secured in place which lets it work when other devices fail. As of 2024, I have experienced gains of 1.75″ in penis length, 1.25″ in penis circumference, and an 87% gain in penis volume since using this device.

So in this Phallosan Forte review, we will look at why this device is so different from other penis enlargement methods. We will look at my Phallosan Forte results, my Phallosan Forte before and after pictures, the Phallosan Forte price, Phallosan Forte tips, and a great Phallosan Forte alternative.

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My Personal 2024 Phallosan Forte Review

I am basing my personal 2024 Phallosan Forte review on my use of the Phallosan Forte device starting in late 2020 up to the present. During that time, I found that the Phallosan Forte is one of the best and most reliable methods of penis enlargement that is currently available.

I found that the Phallosan Forte safely gave me substantial penis enlargement when all other methods had failed. This device lets me obtain the size gains that I have desperately sought for so long. These size gains gave me new confidence in the bedroom and other areas of life.

Men waste millions of dollars on penis enlargement scams. The truth is that there is no magic pill or lotion that will enlarge your penis. The only scientifically studied and proven method of penis enlargement is through the use of penis traction devices.

Even penis lengthening surgery (suspensory ligament division surgery) is doomed to failure without a good penis traction device. Check out the Special Note to those considering Penis Lengthening Surgery section for more information on this.

These penis traction devices are not magical either and in order to make them work you need a great device that you can comfortably and safely wear for hours at a time and day after day. I found that the Phallosan Forte is the best penis traction device on the market.

A Great video on the Phallosan Forte

With the Phallosan Forte, I put in a lot of time and effort and I got amazing results. I consistently wore this device for six hours a day or more every day (this is why comfort is so important). By the end of the first month, I was seeing amazing results.

After over a year of use, I have seen a penis length increase of 1.75″ and a penis circumference gain of 1.25″. According to the Phallosan Forte study, these results are not unheard of with the Phallosan Forte.

It was not easy and took me over a year to achieve these results. In order to obtain these gains with the Phallosan Forte, you need to really desire penis enlargement and be willing to invest time and effort.

Having achieved my results of over 8″ in penis length (my wife tells me no more, though she abosolutely loves the size), I currently just use the Phallosan Forte a couple of times a month in 2024 to make sure I maintain my size gains.

Check out the My Personal Phallosan Forte Results section for a chart detailing my size gains and links to uncensored photo documentation of my size gains. I was blown away by how huge, thick and straight my penis has become in the last year.

The one negative of the Phallosan Forte is its price. It is the best-engineered penis traction device on the market and this is reflected in the price.

You can check out the Phallosan Forte Alternative section if you are looking for a great alternative to Phallosan Forte. The Phallosan Forte is a great product but some people may need a more advanced or less expensive alternative.

Prior to trying the Phallosan Forte, I had tried low-quality traction devices with no results. The problem with these devices was that they would not stay in place and were very uncomfortable.

If the device won’t stay comfortably and safely on for at least six hours per day while exerting force, it does no good at all. Check out the How is the Phallosan Forte Different? section to see how the Phallosan Forte handles these issues.

Like many men, I desperately wanted to obtain my penis enlargement goals prior to finding the Phallosan Forte. The Why I Needed the Phallosan Forte to Succeed section details my reasons for seeking penis enlargement along with how I wasted a bunch of time, pain, and thousands of dollars on methods that didn’t.

I will also go into a bunch of other information from my Phallosan Forte use including information on Phallosan Forte pricing, Phallosan Forte side effects and negatives, additional tips for the Phallosan Forte and other Phallosan Forte benefits including helping penis curvature and erectile function.

The one huge piece of advice that I need to give is that you must have excellent erection quality before using the Phallosan Forte. This device enlarges the penis by placing a small amount of force on the tissue thereby causing microtears in the penis tissue that heal and expand the penis over time.

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In order for this to work, you need to be having excellent nightly erections. These erections bring the blood, oxygen, and nutrients that the penis needs in order to complete this enlargement process.

If you do not have excellent erection quality, then you are wasting your time and money with any penis enlargement program. If you are looking at how to deal with erection quality issues check out My Erectile Dysfunction Experience: My successful journey to recovery for information.

My Personal Phallosan Forte Before and After Results

The chart below shows my personal Phallosan Forte results:

Phallosan Forte ResultStart of Use1 Month of Use2 Months of Use3 Months of Use4 Months of Use2024 Update
over 1 year of use
(See note below)
Penis Length (inches)6.506.8757.07.257.3758.25
Penis Length Gain (inches)n/a0.375
.75 (11.5%)0.875 (13.5%)1.75
Penis Circumference (inches)5.8756.06.1256.256.57.125
Penis Circumference Gain (inches)n/a0.125
0.375 (6.4%)0.675 (11.5%)1.25
Approximate Penis Volume (cubic inches calculated as V=πr2h)17.7919.63520.7522.6324.7133.26
Penis Volume Gain (cubic inches)n/a1.845
2.96 (16.6%)4.84 (27.2%)6.92 (38.9%)15.5
Phallosan Forte Use Results Chart

My Phallosan Forte before and after results are documented with uncensored pictures at Phallosan Forte Uncensored (Warning: Contains images of nudity in connection to the use of the Phallosan Forte.)

Special 2024 Note on Phallosan Forte Results

After using the Phallosan Forte for over a year, I have finally reached my penis size goals of over 8.0 inches long and 7.0″ inches in circumference. I am fully satisfied with my Phallosan Forte results. I now just use the Phallosan Forte a couple of times a month to make sure I maintain my gains.

I did not solely use the Phallosan Forte throughout the process and did supplement it with the Total Man System after the first eight months. But I did continue to use the Phallosan Forte throughout my penis enlargement program.

The main takeaway from the Phallosan Forte review should be that this device can provide you with excellent results if used properly. This type of device is the only thing that is scientifically shown to increase penis size and it certainly did for me.

My Personal Phallosan Forte Before and After Pictures

Above are my personal Phallosan Forte before and after pictures. These pictures are blurred but if you want to see the unblurred photos you can do so here (you will have to verify that you are of age). I was truly amazed by my results.

After a year of use, I really feel like I have a huge penis. This gives me a tremendous amount of confidence that is not only in my sex life. This confidence carries over into all areas of your life. I feel so much more masculine and self-assured.

Before Using the Phallosan Forte: Pro Tip

Before you even consider using the Phallosan Forte, you need to be certain that you have excellent erection quality. This device works by placing your penis under stress. The force created by penis traction creates small micro tears in penile tissues that create penis enlargement as it heals.

In order for this penile stress/healing cycle to work, you need to have the excellent blood flow that good erection quality brings to your penis. These great erections, especially the long-lasting nightly erections, are essential for bringing oxygen and nutrients to the penile cells for this expansion cycle to work.

If you do not have excellent erection quality, there is no point in starting a penis enlargement program like the Phallosan Forte. You will be just wasting your time and money.

Usually, prescription pills and injections do not give you the erection quality that you will need for this type of program. I suggest a couple of things if you need to get this great erection quality.

First of all, get healthy. Exercise, weight loss, and a good diet will work wonders for erection quality. See your doctor if you actually have ED, this can be a sign of serious health conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, or other serious conditions.

I did all of this but I still needed help to achieve excellent erection quality. In the end, I found that it was acoustic wave therapy that gave me the erection quality that I needed for penis enlargement.

I eventually found the Phoenix Device which allowed me to receive this treatment at a price that I could afford. This is a clinical-strength, FDA-registered device that is now available for at-home use.

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My Phallosan Forte Results: The original length gains

wife happy with Phallosan
My wife really enjoyed my improved Phallosan penis

I used the Phallosan Forte every day for three months and experienced significant size gains. I wore the device for at least six hours per day every day for four months. I kept the tension gauge for the Phallosan Forte in the yellow zone.

After four months, the Phallosan Forte allowed me to increase the length of my penis from 6.50 inches to 7.375 inches. This increase of 0.875 inches represents a 13.5% increase in penis length.

For those of you that are new to the penis enlargement world, you may be thinking that almost an inch is no big deal. But if you have been working on penis enlargement, you know that this is actually a massive increase.

After all the time working on penis enlargement, I finally had some real gains to show for it. If you want to see my results including actual Phallosan Forte before and after pictures with measurements check out Phallosan Forte Uncensored (Warning: Contains images of nudity in connection to the use of the Phallosan Forte.)

After using the Phallosan for over a year, my 2024 Phallosan Forte before and after results showed that my penis had increased in length to 8.25 inches. This total length gain of 1.75 inches represented a total 26.9% increase in penis length.

If you are thinking about giving up on your penis enlargement goals, do not do it without trying this first. You will be amazed by your Phallosan Forte results.

Phallosan Forte before and after: Penis thickness

Phallosan Forte penis thickness
She will notice the added thickness

When we talk about penis size, we are most often talking about length. But most studies show that the thickness is actually more important to women than the length of the penis. So do not underestimate this part of the penis enlargement program.

One might think that the stretching of the penis might over time make the penis thinner. This is not the case with the Phallosan Forte. I know that my penis actually gained an inch in circumference from the use of the device.

According to the Phallosan Forte website, the constant microtear/healing process that makes the penis longer will also thicken the penis over time.

After four months of use, my Phallosan Forte results showed my penis circumference increasing from 5.875 inches to 6.5 inches. This 0.675-inch gain in penis circumference represents an 11.5% gain. By the time I got to 2022, my circumference gain was 1.25″ or 21.3%.

My Phallosan Forte Results: Volume the overlooked result

Phallosan Box Info

There is one stat from Phallosan Forte Results Chart that is often overlooked. That stat is penis volume.

The real measurement of penis size is the volume of the penis. Volume represents the space that something actually occupies. So volume is the true size of something.

The 0.875″ gain in penis length and 0.675″ gain in circumference represents a 38.9% increase in the volume of my penis. A 38.9% increase is absolutely huge. This would mean that what my wife feels inside of her is 38.9% bigger than what it was. She definitely seems to notice the difference.

My eventual Phallosan Forte results after a full year gave me an 87% increase in penis volume. This is absolutely huge. This is something that women will definitely notice.

What is the Phallosan Forte?

3 thoughts on “Phallosan Forte Review: My amazing documented results

    1. I maintained tension with the Phallosan Forte in the yellow zone. There are three zones, which are green (the least amount), yellow (middle), and red (the most amount). I found it comfortable to stay right in the yellow area to get a good balance of results and comfort. You will get results in the green area but it will take longer. The red zone is more uncomfortable but may give more results. The big thing is to consistently wear the Phallosan Forte for at least six hours per day. Hope that answers your question.

  1. I am curious whether you have heard of, or used, the Phallosan Forte Plus+. I ordered the Forte and the Plus+ recently and have had some promising results so far after about 60 hours of total usage. The Plus+ is similar to the Andropenis, which I found to be impossible to wear at tension due to the poor way it fits. With the Plus+, you fit the penis through a base ring just like the Andropenis, but instead of a noose, you just use the vacuum suction from the Forte, and the bell attaches to a clip at the end. I initially had some discomfort with the Forte sleeves and using your discount code got the total man silicone sleeve instead, which has been great so far. The only concern with the Plus+ was that the base ring is too small for my penis to fit through when I’m semi-erect, so I’m actually using the Andropenis base ring as it’s a bit larger with the Plus+ rods and clip. The rods are 100% identical between the two. According to Phallosan, the Plus+ delivers faster results than the standard Forte. Have you done any research on the Plus+? Thank you for your site, it is great!

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