My Erectile Dysfunction Experience: My successful journey to recovery

My erectile dysfunction experience

I suffered from severe erectile dysfunction for years. Over the years, I tried prescription medications, all kinds of supplements, and even penis injections (ouch) without fixing anything. In the end, I found that the fix that ended my erectile dysfunction experience was acoustic wave (shockwave) therapy.

I hope that my experience can be helpful to the millions of other men out there who are dealing with erectile dysfunction. I remember the shame and embarrassment that I felt. I remember the frustration of trying to get medical professionals who would try to address the root causes of my problem.

So let’s take a look at what men with erectile dysfunction go through, what route doctors will take for erectile dysfunction treatment, erectile dysfunction prescription medications, erectile dysfunction supplements, erectile dysfunction injections, and acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction.

My Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Experience

My erectile dysfunction story unfolded over the course of several years. I found that the treatment of erectile dysfunction is not as straightforward as one might think. What works for one man does not always work for another.

For example, some men report fantastic results from Viagra but it did nothing for me. Acoustic wave therapy was my final solution to my erectile dysfunction but others get great results from penis injections.

I am going to open up and share my complete erectile dysfunction story. The embarrassing details, the failures I had, and my eventual successes in regaining a healthy erectile function.

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While ED treatment results can vary from man to man, what is the same for most men is the pain and embarrassment of erectile dysfunction. I remember the frustration of not being able to perform. I worry about the impact on my marriage. The feeling of it makes me less of a man.

These are all irrational feelings but they are almost universally felt by those suffering from this condition.

It is important to see a doctor about erectile dysfunction as soon as possible. ED can be a symptom of many serious conditions including diabetes and heart disease. To ignore ED puts your life at risk. While I did not always agree with my doctors, they were still the best source of knowledge and safety.

Over the course of my treatment, I had many highs and lows. I became very discouraged with my doctors both primary care and urologists. To this day, I feel that men with ED are very underserved by their doctors.

These doctors have very cookie-cutter-like treatment programs and they have little desire to tailor them for you. If the normal front-line treatments do not work for you, then you need to take charge of your treatment program.

Do not do anything stupid and do not ignore your doctors. Instead, do not be afraid to bring questions and suggestions to your doctors. Do not just accept that you have to live with erectile dysfunction.

For example, the unconventional treatment that worked for me was acoustic wave therapy. Will this work for everyone? Probably not. But I tried it with my doctor’s blessing and it did wonders for me. The trick was that I had to ask about it.

My Erectile Dysfunction Experience Background

My erectile dysfunction experience background

I began experiencing erectile dysfunction about six years ago. It started out with weak erections and needing a long recovery period between sex in order to recover. Within a matter of months, it progressed to almost a total inability to have sex.

I remember the embarrassment of talking to my wife about my erectile dysfunction. I got to the point of trying to avoid intimate situations so that I did not have to admit my problem.

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When I did finally talk to my wife about it, she was extremely supportive. But that did not reduce my embarrassment or anxiety. This anxiety just makes the situation worse because it will make it even more difficult for a man to get and maintain an erection (source).

I had always avoided doctor visits and I had hoped that my erectile dysfunction would go away on its own but it continued to worsen. My wife finally convinced me to go and have everything checked out.

My First Doctor’s Appointment

My first doctor’s visit pretty much confirmed what I had suspected. I was not what you would consider as being in good shape. I was about 50 pounds overweight, newly diagnosed with type II diabetes, and had slightly elevated blood pressure.

Nothing else had convinced me to get in shape but the erectile dysfunction convinced me that I needed to make a lifestyle change. I decided that day to make a change.

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Following the doctor’s visit, I began to diet and exercise. I watched my sugar/carbohydrate intake. I was convinced that I was going to fix my ED.

Also, on that first doctor’s visit. He prescribed me sildenafil citrate (generic Viagra) and told me that it would help. This was the real beginning of my erectile dysfunction story.

My Experience with Oral ED Medication

My Personal Erectile Dysfunction Experience with ED medication

For my erectile dysfunction, the doctor prescribed generic Viagra (Sildenafil). This was my first experience with any of the erectile prescription medications. Usually, they use Sildenafil first because it is the original oral ED medication and is usually the least expensive.

Unfortunately for me, I found that Sildenafil did not do much to help my erectile dysfunction. My family doctor wanted to send me on to a urologist at this point without trying any of the other ED medications.

Through my own research, I found that many men find they have different reactions to the different ED drugs. There is Cialis (tadalafil), Levitra (vardenafil), and Stendra (avanafil). While most men have similar reactions to all of the medications, some do much better with one than others.

Doctors seem to be very hesitant with the other oral ED medications. In general, this is probably because they may be more expensive, and many patients respond in a similar manner to all of the different medications.

If you want to try different medications, you need to ask your doctor. In my opinion, it is worth trying all medications to find which one works best for you. It is really worth trying all of the medications before moving on to penis injections.

Your doctor will not prescribe all of the medications to you at once so you need to have a plan in place to try all of these medications. I found out that you could prearrange with your doctor to contact them to switch medications.

I would try medication for a month and then contact the doctor’s office so that they could send in another prescription to try. This could eliminate months off your treatment program of waiting to get back into the doctor’s office to switch prescriptions.

My Experience with Penis Injections

Trimix vial and needles

I found that none of the oral ED medications made a significant difference in my issues. My doctor then sent me on to see a urologist to try to help with my erectile dysfunction.

The first thing that the urologist tried was penis injections using a medication called Trimix. I had a lot of trouble with this injection therapy. Like many men, it caused intense pain in the penis (this was from the actual drug and not the injection).

The Trimix would produce a good erection but it would be extremely painful. The pain was so much that I could not even have sex. So I was stuck with an extremely painful erection that I could not use.

A quick Google search of this reaction to Trimix will show the frustration that I had because of this. All of the information is about injection site pain and not about pain from the Trimix itself. You have to dig a lot deeper to find out information on this.

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The urologist did not offer a lot of information but there are a lot of other injection therapies that may work for you but you have to look and ask for them. BiMix is the first alternative that you would want to try but other formulations may work for you.

To find out more details including alternative injectables, you can read Intense Penis Pain from Trimix. There are a lot of different options for Trimix that are in this article that your urologist may not even know about.

Initially, I had fairly good results from the penis injections once I started using BiMix but my results diminished over time. Eventually, I was no longer able to get a usable erection from the use of penis injections.

Penis Implant The Final Option

My Personal Erectile Dysfunction Experience with Penis Implant Surgery

When the penis injections began failing me, my urologist suggested that I get a penile implant. For obvious reasons, I was not too fond of this idea. This is an irreversible surgery that will eliminate your natural ability to have an erection.

While this surgery is a miracle for those when everything else has failed. I was not ready to go through this operation without trying everything else that I could.

At this point, my urologist did not have anything else for me to try doing. I tried a couple of different urologists for other ideas but once again the suggestion that I got was for the penile implant.

I decided that if I could not find an alternative treatment within a month, I was going to undergo penile implant surgery. The frustration of not being able to have sex was driving me nuts.

What Eventually Fixed My Erectile Dysfunction

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My personal erectile dysfunction experience finally came to a happy ending after years of looking. I came across an article about acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction(aka shockwave for erectile dysfunction). At this point, I was looking for anything to try to avoid penis implant surgery.

This is a revolutionary therapy that uses a wand-like device to emit gentle shockwaves into the shaft of the penis. These pulses trigger better blood flow by breaking up plaque in the blood vessels and promoting the formation of new blood vessels. These changes promote improved erections.

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I ran this treatment by my urologist and he was on board with me trying it. He felt that more research was needed on the effectiveness of the process but that it would not do any harm. He had also been researching this treatment and was interested in the results that I would have.

The biggest provider of acoustic wave therapy is the GAINSWave facilities. This brand is a standardized application of acoustic wave therapy for erectile dysfunction. I decided to go all-in on this treatment and purchased six treatments for the rather expensive price of $2000.

By the time I finished my first six treatments, I was beginning to get some improvement in my erection quality so I purchased another six treatments for $2000. By the time I finished those treatments, I had regained my full erection ability. This was expensive but I did eventually find a cost-saving option.

I was amazed by the effectiveness of these treatments. I went from being on the verge of having penis implant surgery to being able to have full erections without pills, injections, or using any other devices. To me, it was simply a miracle.

I did find that in order to maintain my erection quality I needed to receive some follow-up maintenance sessions. I would never lose my erection ability but would find that the erection quality would diminish if I didn’t have a treatment every couple of weeks or so.

This became extremely expensive. Even the initial treatments were difficult to afford. This is when I came across an article about the Phoenix device. This device offered the same treatment program that I was paying GAINSWave thousands of dollars for at a fraction of the price.

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By utilizing the Phoenix device, I was able to improve and maintain my erection quality at a fraction of the price of GAINSWave. If you are concerned about your erection quality, you really owe it to yourself to try this out. There is even a money-back guarantee from the Better Business Bureau A+ rated company if it doesn’t work for you.

Do not suffer through the indignity of erectile dysfunction when you may have options. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my ED experience.

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