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Top 5 Penis Traction Devices: The key to incredible results

I have spent over four years in pursuit of my penis enlargement goals. During that time, I found penis traction devices to be the only real way to increase penis length. This is my list of the top 5 penis traction devices that can help you achieve your penis enlargement goals.

You can call them penis stretchers, penis extenders, or penis traction devices but they are the only scientifically studied method that is shown to increase penis length. Our top 5 penis traction devices list contains the devices I have used to gain 1 1/2 inches of penis length in 12 months.

Go to Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results to see my top penis traction device story, scientific studies, my documented results, and proof pictures.

Prior to finding high-quality penis extenders, I had tried pills, creams, pumping, penis exercises, manual stretching, low-quality penis extenders, and even surgery with no real results. Nothing seemed to help until I tried a high-quality penis traction device. Don’t give up on your penis enlargement goals without trying our top picks.

Our Top 5 Penis Traction Devices List

Our list of the top 5 penis traction devices along with a short description of why they fell in at that rank.

  • #1 Total Man system – The only system to combine active stretching with the passive healing of a top penis traction device. This advanced system will allow you to achieve the largest gains in the least amount of time. This #1 pick for the top 5 penis traction devices is also the most affordable system. Users can order individual components or everything at a substantial discount.
  • #2 Phallosan Forte – This top penis stretcher has the best penis traction device in the areas of safety and ease of use. This is the best system for beginners or those that don’t want to stress about their program. The pricing is a little high but the results are proven.
  • #3 The RestoreX Device – A unique penis traction device that utilizes a clamp system to attach to the penis. This system delivers its penis enlargement at a slower rate than the other penis traction devices on this list but requires less time per day (though you can not be in public during that time). This device is excellent at treating the penis curvature associated with Peyronie’s disease.
  • #4 Quick Extender Pro – A lower-priced rod and spring penis extender system that utilizes a double-loop design to secure the penis to the device. The double loop does affect the comfort of the system which makes it difficult to get the required time of use.
  • #5 The Male Edge – Another rod and spring penis extender system that utilizes a strap design to secure it to the penis. This system is priced slightly high and is not as comfortable as the vacuum chamber systems.

#1 Total Man

”Total Man Ultimate Package

The Total Man system is the #1 entry on our list of the top 5 penis traction devices. I spent hours trying to decide if the Total Man System or the Phallosan Forte would be the top entry. Both systems are extremely effective systems that I have personally used for incredible size gains.

I decided to make the Total man system the #1 device for two reasons. The top reason is that the Total Man System gives you amazing results by being the only system to combine active stretching and passive healing. The second reason is that this system is more affordable than any other system.

The Total Man System has multiple component options that fall into two categories. These categories are active stretching and passive healing.

The active stretching components are more advanced components that involve the use of greater stretching forces for shorter periods of time. The passive healing components involve using less force over greater periods of time and include a top penis stretcher and top penis extender traction devices.

This can be a little overwhelming for someone that is new to the use of traction devices for penis enlargement. A person that is new to penis enlargement may find our #2 traction device, the Phallosan Forte, a little simpler to use.

However, if you are truly serious about getting penis length gains in the shortest possible time, then the Total Man System is the top penis enlargement device.

This system has multiple components that are sold individually or in kits with multiple components including a top penis extender, a top penis stretcher, and a top penis traction device. For the quickest gains, you are going to want to combine both active and passive stretching techniques for length gains.

You will find the individual components to be very reasonably priced but you can save even more by ordering packages that contain multiple components. Read on to find a great discount code that can save you even more on these top penis enlargement devices.

For a complete review of the Total Man System including my documented results and proof pictures visit Review of the Total Man Penis Traction Device.

The Total Man System All Day Stretcher

Top 5 Penis Traction Devices All Day Stretcher
The Total Man System All Day Stretcher

The All Day Stretcher is the top penis traction device component of the Total Man System. This device can be used in several ways to apply small amounts of force on the penis over long periods.

This penis traction force causes small micro tears in the penis that continually heal over time making the penis longer and even thicker. This does not work overnight and it will take months to get to where you want to be but you should start to see results within a month.

The All Day Stretcher attaches to the penis with a vacuum chamber and sleeve system. The vacuum chamber fits over the head of the penis and then the sleeve rolls down over the shaft to hold it in place.

This system eliminates the #1 problem with penis traction devices which is device slippage. You need to wear a penis traction device for six hours per day in order to get great results. Unfortunately, most devices (especially loop or strap devices) have a tendency to slip off when under traction.

A pump is attached to the vacuum chamber to create a slight vacuum to keep the head of the penis secured inside the chamber. The vacuum chamber goes on easily and can be attached to a number of components for penis enlargement.

The attachment that I used the most was the leg band component. The vacuum chamber component of the All Day Stretcher connects to the leg band with an elastic cord that can create 750g – 1500g of tension. This is a perfect amount of tension for the All Day Stretcher for long-term penis growth.

This is the most important part of using a device like this. You need to be able to wear it for a minimum of 6 hours per day for six days per week to achieve good results.

With the Total Man All Day Stretcher, you never have to worry about your penis traction device coming loose and falling out your pant leg at an inopportune time. Staying in place, the All Day Stretcher gives you the traction over time that is needed to get the penis to lengthen.

The All Day Stretcher is customizable. It comes in five different vacuum chamber sizes and three different sizes for the sleeve diameter. This allows the user to select a combination that will fit the most securely and comfortably for the user. It is easy to leave this on for hours while at home or at work.

The All Day Stretcher is the key part of the system. This device that you wear for hours is what is referred to as the passive healing part of the system. The great thing about the Total Man System is that there are other passive components of the system that you can use and active systems as well.

Total Man Active Stretching

The Total Man System has a number of active stretching components to kick-start your penis enlargement program. The active stretching components use weights or other higher-intensity training to elongate the penis.

Some of the active stretching components of the Total Man System include the Total Man System mini-clamp for weight hanging, the TMS mini-clamp for the top penis extender system, the TMS compression hanger for weight hanging, and the TMS pulley system that works for weights with the mini-clamp, compression hanger, and the vacuum chamber.

Due to the forces involved and the attachment devices involved, you can only use them for 10-15 minutes at a time. Any longer than that can cause damage due to blood flow restriction.

Doing these exercise on their own are of limited benefit due to the short duration of the active stretching. The penis has a tendency to retract back to its original size shortly after the forces are removed and start to heal without growth.

The Total Man System has found the solution to this issue with active stretching. The Total Man system combines active stretching with passive healing.

So as soon as you finish your active stretching session, you place your penis in a passive healing component like the All Day Stretcher. This keeps the penis in an elongated and stretched state while it heals. This allows for cell division and tissue growth to occur while the penis heals in a larger state.

This really speeds up the growth process of using a top penis traction device.

Total Man System Components

  • The All Day Stretcher – The top penis extender part that we have already talked about. Contains multi-sized vacuum chambers, a pump, a leg band, and extra sleeve material for additional passive techniques.
  • Infrared Heat Pad – One of the most overlooked parts of penis stretching is warming up. The infrared heat pad is an extremely beneficial way to warm up prior to exercising. Much more helpful than traditional pads. Helps to prevent stress and damage to the penis.
  • Compression Weight Hanger – An top penis stretcher system that allows you to attach the weight training system to your penis. Totally prevents slippage. Can only be worn safely for short periods of time but works with the All Day Stretcher to maximize gains.
  • Hanging plate – Allows for the addition of weights to be attached to the compression weight hanger
  • Total Man Extender Kit – A top extender device that you can use for both active growth and passive stretching.
  • Pulley weight system – Allows for effective active training from a seated position. Great for any computer time that you have at home.

Total Man SystemPricing

The pricing of the system varies on which components you order. The All Day Stretcher kit is the most critical piece and is pretty reasonable at $67. This kit has everything that you need to use this top penis traction device and connect it to the leg band for penis growth. A great deal.

The Total Man System Ultimate Package is a great value at $120 and is meant for those that want the maximum results in the shortest period of time. This base Ultimate Package includes everything from the All Day Stretcher Kit, the compression hanger, the compression mini-clamp, the weight hanger, and more.

This is everything that you would need to do an active stretching and passive healing penis enlargement program.

You can add some additional components to the base Ultimate Package. You can add the top penis extender, the infrared heater, and the pulley system.

Special Note: You can save at least 12% on any of these packages by using the special discount code TheMonsterSite. Just go here to order your Total Man System and enter the discount code TheMonsterSite.

Total Rating: A+

PROS: Numerous components of the system lets you pursue your penis enlargement goals in a number of ways allowing for the maximum possible gains. This system has the biggest potential for quick size gains.

This system is very reasonably priced. You can customize the components that you want so that you don’t need to order things that you won’t use.

CONS: The full Total Man System requires a little more commitment than the other systems. The active stretching systems will require a little extra time to incorporate into your penis enlargement program (10-15 minutes). But these few extra minutes will give you huge penis size gains.

The user of this system needs to be a little more advanced than say the user of the other top penis traction devices. There are a lot more ways to overdo it which you need to be cautious about.

For a complete review of the Total Man System including my documented results and proof pictures visit Review of the Total Man Penis Traction Device.


#2 The Phallosan Forte

This really should be rated #1A because it could easily be in the #1 slot. While the Total Man System is the best system for rapid gains, the Phallosan Forte is the top penis traction device for inexperienced traction device users.

It is extremely easy to use and is specifically designed to keep a user from overdoing it with their penis enlargement program while still providing significant penis enlargement gains. This system is the easiest to conceal under clothing and the engineering of the product is top-rate.

The Phallosan Forte was the first penis traction device to give me enlargement results. I achieved better results with the Phallosan Forte than with any other device that I had used previously.

By using the Phallosan Forte, I gained a 1/2″ in erect penis length over the course of two months and over 3/4″ in four months.

These results made me ecstatic. After almost giving up on my length goal, I finally found a way to achieve it. This is the real world, 3/4″ is huge in the world of penis enlargement.

Anything out there saying you can add two inches in a week is BS. Real penis enlargement is fractions of inches over the course of months.

You can read my complete stand-alone review including before and after results and pictures here.

The Phallosan Forte vs The Total Man System

The Phallosan Forte was my uncontested #1 penis traction device until I discovered the Total Man System. To this day, I still use both systems depending on my activities for the day.

I prefer to use the Total Man System for maximum gains but if I know that I am going to be in a situation where comfort is going to be my main goal of the day, then I will use the Phallosan Forte.

I still find the Phallosan Forte to be the most comfortable to-wear system out there. If you are just starting out with penis traction devices, I would recommend the Phallosan Forte over the Total Man System.

The ease of use and comfort of the Phallosan Forte is a great way to start your penis enlargement program. The design of the Phallosan Forte makes it less likely for you to overdue your program. This is important when you first start out.

Why is the Phallosan Forte so effective? It is so effective because it simply stays comfortably in place for extended periods of time. It is easily concealed under any type of clothing so it can be worn in almost any circumstance.

Other devices have a tendency to slip out of place when used in real-world situations. There is nothing more embarrassing than standing up at work and having your penis traction device slip off and fall out of your pant leg. This does not happen with the Phallosan Forte.

Phallosan Forte Components

With multiple sizes for different components of the system, the Phallosan Forte is truly customizable to fit your unique situation down there. There are four different vacuum chamber sizes and three different sleeve size options.

You just place the head of the penis in the vacuum chamber that fits you and roll down the appropriate sleeve onto the top of the shaft. Once you have it in place, it stays on very comfortably for as long as you need it to.

You slide the penis through the ring on the belt and connect the vacuum chamber through the eyelet to secure it to the belt. You can adjust the belt to adjust the tension on the penis. The vacuum chamber has an attached tension gauge to help keep things safe. I always kept it in the green or yellow zone.

Everything is reversible so you can have the penis going to the left or the right depending on the way you have the belt going. I would alternate from day to day.

I found the side-to-side traction of the Phallosan Forte waist belt gave me much better length gains than the straight-down or strap-to-the-leg traction of other systems.

The unique waist belt traction system lets you wear the device under pants, shorts, or sweats. No matter what size your penis is, you can wear this inconspicuously under your clothes. No worries and no problems.

What this lets you do is wear this device for truly extended periods of time. The idea behind all of these devices is basically the same and they will all work to some degree IF you can wear them for extended periods of time while applying traction.

With the Phallosan Forte, I can easily wear it all day while applying a decent amount of traction on the penis.

I find the side-to-side traction of the Phallosan Forte to be incredibly effective. To this day, I incorporate the Phallosan Forte into my penis enlargement routine with the Total Man System. If price is not an issue for you (and you are obsessed with size like I am), I suggest using both systems.

I start out every day with the Total Man System infrared heating pad for five minutes, then I do active stretching with the TMS compression hanger for 10 minutes, and then I use the Phallosan Forte or the All Day Stretcher for 6-8 hours.

I will wear the Phallosan Forte to the left for one day, then to the right for one day, and then I will wear the All Day Stretcher pulling down for one day. Once I have gone through that cycle, I will start over.

The Little Things that Set Them Apart

There are a lot of little things that set the Phallosan Forte above many other products. This company has done its own scientific studies on the use of its device with very positive results.

They have excellent customer service. They also offer an excellent phone app that you can use to track your progress and help to achieve your results. Also included is a refund policy if you are unsure that this is for you.

Phallosan Forte now offers a top penis extender called the Phallosan Forte Plus that can be incorporated into your Phallosan Forte routine. This just gives you more options for penis enlargement.

The Phallosan Forte Plus
The Phallosan Forte Plus

There are cheaper devices out there but they do you no good if they won’t stay in place. I know that I would have saved the time and money that I wasted on all of the other devices and gone with this one to start.

Total Rating: A+

PRO: Most comfortable to wear top penis stretcher device with no slipping. Allows for extended wear and use. Very hard to overdue your enlargement program if you monitor the tension gauge.

CON: It is expensive at $379. Does not have a system to mix in active stretching like the Total Man System.

You can read my complete stand-alone review including before and after results and pictures here.

You can check out the reviews, studies, and results at the Phallosan Forte website here.


#3 The RestoreX Device

RestoreX Device Review

#4 The Quick Extender Pro

There is a big drop-off in quality from the top three entries and the remainder of the top 5. While numbers 4 and 5 have tried to create systems to eliminate the “slippage” problem, they do not come close to matching the solutions found with the Total Man System and the Phallosan Forte.

The basic setup of this device is like the traditional penis traction devices. It uses the rod and spring system to apply traction to the penis. What sets it apart from other systems like this is the unique double strap design.

The double straps help to prevent slippage when compared to similar systems. Preventing slippage is the major concern when determining the effectiveness of traction systems.

The spring system of the Quick Extender Pro is high quality. You can order different tension springs all the way up to 4000 grams of tension. They offer good information on how to use all of the different components of the system.

I find that this type of rod tension device is not as easy to conceal under clothing. It can be difficult if you do a lot of sitting and standing during the day.

The Quick Extender Pro is not as comfortable as the Total Man System or the Phallosan Forte so this makes it more difficult to get in the required wear time. This lack of wear time will reduce the results that you get from the system.

I found that I got much better results with the vacuum chamber systems as they were more comfortable to wear for longer periods of time under greater tension.

In the price category, the Quick Extender Pro compares favorably with all of the other systems except for the Total Man System. The price is pretty reasonable for a quality system. They also offer a money-back guarantee on the product.

Total Rating: C+

PROS: A double-loop system helps to prevent slippage. Less expensive with prices starting at $119.93.

CONS: Not as comfortable as some other systems. Not as easy to conceal under clothing and wear for long periods of time.

You can check out the Quick Extender Pro website for more information here.

#5 The Male Edge

The Male Edge traction device is another rod and spring system. The system is of Danish design and is of high quality. Uses a strap system to hold the penis in place as opposed to a loop system.

I find that this type of rod tension device is not as easy to conceal under clothing. This can be difficult if you do a lot of sitting and standing during the day.

This makes it difficult to get in the six hours per day that you need to obtain substantial penis enlargement but you will still get results from using it.

It is priced fairly reasonably and they do offer a money-back guarantee. If you are looking for a good strap traction device then this one could definitely be the one.

Total Rating: C

PROS: Reasonable price for the system. The best rod and spring strap system.

CONS: Not as easy to conceal as some systems. More difficult to wear for extended periods of time. The price starting at $149.99 may be a little high for the system.

To check out the Male Edge on their website then click here.

Other Systems That Did Not Make the Top 5

The Jes-Extender

A traditional rod and spring type system that uses your choice of a strap system or loop system to secure the penis. They do offer a money-back guarantee if you do not get enlargement results.

A basic complete system that can be very effective. I find it a little more difficult to conceal than some systems but it is as comfortable as any other rod and spring system.

Total Rating: C-

PROS: Mid-price range. Offers money-back guarantee.

CONS: Not as comfortable as some traction devices. Not as easy to conceal as some devices. Somewhat expensive with prices starting at $199.

To check out the Jes-Extender on their website then click here.

The Science Behind Penis Traction Devices

Penis traction devices work by applying stretching force or traction to the penis over time. This force creates painless microscopic tears in the penis that heal over time through two processes. Mitosis is the process by which the cells divide during the healing process to fill in the gaps of the microtears.

The second process of cytokinesis is the final stage of cell division and growth. This healing process will lengthen the penis and to some degree thicken the penis over time.

Penis traction has a lot of science backing it up. Of all of the different types of penis enlargement activities, penis traction has the most science that is backing it up.

It seems that penile extenders represent the only evidence-based technique of penile elongation. Results achieved do not seem to be inferior to surgery, making these traction devices an ideal first-line treatment option for patients seeking a penile lengthening procedure.

I personally experienced incredible length gains through the use of a penis traction device (penis extender). To see pictures of my actual results and more about my experience, check out my review of the device I used here. (Warning: Contains nudity in the context of displaying results.

Scientific Studies for Lengthening

The following articles contain a sample of scientific studies showing the effectiveness of penile traction for lengthening the penis. There are dozens of more examples out there but these will give you an idea of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Penis Traction Devices and Penile Curvature

Many men suffer from an incurvate penis. This is a penis that has a severe bend or curve to it. Some men are born with it and others develop it later in life due to injury or trauma to the penis.

Also known as Peyronie’s disease, this condition can be painful and lead to erectile dysfunction. This is another condition that shows up a lot in men that are diabetic.

The curvature of the penis can be both painful and be a cause of erectile dysfunction. I am familiar with this because I used to suffer from this condition.

Like many men, I found that through the use of a penis traction device, I was able to straighten my curvature in addition to lengthening my penis. This straightening of the penis is backed up by numerous scientific studies. My results over the time period of a few months were actually stunning.

Scientific Studies for Curvature

The following articles contain a sample of scientific studies showing the effectiveness of penile traction for straightening the penis. There are dozens of more examples out there but these will give you an idea of the effectiveness of the treatment.

Penis Lengthening Surgery and Traction Devices

The use of a penis traction device is recommended by most surgeons following penis lengthening (suspensory ligament release surgery). The use of the traction device helps to increase length gains and solidify the gains of surgery.

Without the use of a traction device, there is even some risk of the penis healing in an even shorter position than before the surgery.

Most surgeons will have a traction device that they recommend for use after the surgery. I suggest that you do a little research prior to your surgery to make sure the device will work for you. I used the device recommended by my surgeon and it just did not work for me.

It would not stay in place and I was unable to wear it for extended periods of time. I basically got no results from my penis lengthening surgery due to traction device problems.

I had the surgery done a second time and this time I had a device that worked for me. This led to incredible gains in a very short time. Make sure that you have a device that works for you.

Top 5 Penis Traction Devices Conclusion

I hope that you found my review of the top 5 list for penis traction devices useful. I believe that this is the one surefire way to increase your penis length. These devices are amazing but they do require a little work and perseverance.

I have personally used these top penis stretchers to add over 1.5″ of erect penis length. I really suggest trying out the Total Man system or the Phallosan Forte to experience this type of phenomenal penis growth.

Penis enlargement was important to me and I was so frustrated by everything before I found a good penis traction device. Don’t give up. You can get to your penis size goals if you get a top-quality device and give it a little time and effort. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


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