Review of Cannutopia for Penis Enlargement: Failing the test

Review of Cannutopia

I spent years working on penis enlargement before figuring out what works. I spent thousands of dollars on products like Cannutopia before figuring out how to enlarge the penis. In this review of Cannutopia for penis enlargement we will answer, “Does Cannutopia work for penis enlargement?”

In general, we find that Cannutopia male enhancement gummies will not work to enlarge your penis. Scientific studies show that penis enlargement pills do not work and that there is only one proven way to enlarge the penis. We also found that the ads for Cannutopia gummies were misleading.

So let’s take a look at Cannutopia male enhancement gummies. We will look at what product claims they make, our results from Cannutopia, the safety of Cannutopia, and What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement.

Our Overall Review of Cannutopia for Penis Enlargement

Our overall review of Cannutopia for penis enlargement is that you will not achieve penis enlargement by using this product. We tried the product and were very disappointed in the results of our usage.

I took Cannutopia for male enhancement gummies for 30 days and experienced no penis enlargement. Luckily I had already obtained my penis-size goals with a lot more time and effort than taking some magic pills. Check out the What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement section for details on what works.

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This was not surprising because penis pills do not and can not lead to penis enlargement. An article from the Mayo Clinic covers what works and doesn’t for penis enlargement and you will see that penis pills do not do anything at all. The only thing shown to increase penis size was penis traction devices.

In addition to penis enlargement claims, Cannutopie male enhancement gummies also claim to increase libido, semen volume, and erection quality. We found a slight increase in libido and erection quality but not as much of a boost as you find with quality products like VigRX or Erectin.

If you do decide to order Cannutopia male enhancement gummies, we suggest that you order them from a reputable site like Amazon. We saw some other websites with this product that really made us nervous. An example of this would be here.

This website used a lot of obviously fake claims and misleading pictures about penis enlargement. There was a claim about enlarging your penis 4.6 inches in 14 days which is just totally bogus. If this were even possible by just taking a pill, all men would be walking around with huge ones.

Cannutopia claims 1
Cannutopia claims 2
Cannutopia claims 3
Some of the crazy penis enlargement claims made about Cannutopia male enhancement gummies

Additionally, the penis pictures on these Cannutopia websites are obviously taken at angles to make the penis appear huge.

My favorite was a picture that showed a tape measure sitting on a toilet seat with the guy standing over it. The picture gave the impression of the guy having a 12-inch penis but you need to remember he was standing with his penis well above this tape measure so it is easy to make it show double the actual size.

Anyways, pictures like these just make me totally dismiss the effectiveness of the product. If they are faking their pictures, what else are they faking?

Is Cannutopia A Scam Or Legit?

To answer the question of whether Cannutopia is a scam or legit. We look at the claims made by this product again. We did not get the penis enlargement results or even the incredible erection quality results that this manufacturer promises.

Cannutopia amazon claims
Cannutopia penis size gains are just not possible with a pill.

We feel that the penis enlargement claims made by the sellers of Cannutopia are impossible therefore we find it to be a scam. There are much better ways to spend your hard-earned money than on a product like Cannutopia.

Any magic pill-type products are almost always going to be a scam. Anything like losing weight or penis enlargement is going to take time and effort. You will not get there by popping a pill.

To see what is scientifically proven to enlarge your penis with some time and effort check out the What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement section.

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Is Cannutopia Safe?

For many of the reasons listed above, we would question the quality of this product. However, when I used Cannutipia I did not experience any negative side effects. I did not experience any of the penis size gains claimed by the sellers of Cannutopia but nothing bad happened.

It was just the results were a very big disappointment.

Cannutopia CBD Gummies Price

The safest way to order Cannutopia CBD Gummies is on Amazon. On Amazon, the price for Cannutopia is $25.99. I recommend using Amazon because I found the various Cannutopia CBD Gummies webpages to be somewhat concerning.

I was not impressed with the Cannutopia Facebook page and I am not even sure this is their official page. They did not seem to be responsive to comments or have what looked like a safe and secure link for orders. I think your credit card information would be much more secure through Amazon.

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Cannutopia Male Enhancement Gummies Ingredients

Cannutopia Male Enhancement Gummies have an ingredient list that includes:

  • 10 mg hemp extract – No mention of how this is supposed to help with penis enlargement. This makes me wonder if they are just trying to take advantage of the current popularity of this ingredient with no real connection to penis enlargement.

What Actually Works for Penis Enlargement

Cannutopia alternatives

When you think about it, you know that there is no magic pill or lotion that will lead to penis enlargement this includes Cannutopia male enhancement gummies. There is no actual way for any of this stuff to work.

You can tell when you read the websites promoting these items because they have no real explanation of how it would make your penis grow. The truth is that true penis enlargement is not quick and easy like taking some pills. It takes a lot of time and some effort to occur.

So what actually works for penis enlargement? According to a study from the British Journal of Urology, the only proven method of real penis enlargement is penile extenders (penis traction devices). The use of these devices is even needed to get positive results from penis lengthening surgery.

The basic idea behind these devices is to place the penis tissue under small and consistent pressure. This will place the tissue under stress and will promote cell division and tissue expansion. This is a slow process but it is scientifically shown to work (source 1, source 2).

I have personally used these devices and achieved phenomenal results. These results are not quick but they do come over time. You have to commit to wearing the penis traction device for at least six hours per day which is not always easy but is not painful.

Doing this, I gained 1 1/2″ of penis length in about a year. These results are not unheard of since these studies have shown gains of up to 1.2″ of growth in four months. These are real results and not the fake picture results of Cannutopia male enhancement gummies.

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I made these gains using the Total Man System. This is the best system on the market as it combines the proven effectiveness of penis traction and the use of active stretching to really boost results. This is also an incredibly affordable system. You can see my documented results and links to my result pictures here.

The Importance of Erection Quality For Penis Enlargement

While great erection quality will not lead to penis enlargement, you can not have penis enlargement without great erection quality.

Quality erections bring oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the penis. These are key ingredients in cell division and tissue growth in the penis.

Do not even bother trying to enlarge your penis unless you have excellent erection quality because you will just be wasting your time and money.

Hopefully, you have excellent erection quality. If you don’t worry about the rest of this section. If you do not have great erection quality there are a few things you can do.

We did find that Cannutopia male enhancement gummies did help somewhat with erection quality but did not work as well as some of the high-quality erection supplements. We have had the best luck with quality products like VigRX or Erectin.

In our opinion, the best long-lasting solution to poor erection quality is the Phoenix Device. This device uses acoustic wave therapy to improve blood flow. This is the same treatment that the rich and famous have been using for years but now it is affordable to middle-class men.

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I can not praise this device enough. This is how I regained my erection quality after years of erectile dysfunction. You can find out about this device and my results by reading Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device Review.

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