The Ideal Penis Size In The United States

The Ideal Penis Size In The United States

A recent survey shows that women and men have rather high expectations when it comes to the ideal penis size in the United States. Incredibly, this study showed that the ideal penis size was almost 30% longer than the average penis size. This means that over 90% of men are lacking in this important area.

So let’s take a look at what this study actually says about the ideal penis size in the United States, how important penis size actually is, what the actual average penis size is and how to measure it, and Is There You Can Do To Achieve The Ideal Penis Size?

What The Study Says About The Ideal Penis Size In The United States

This survey on the ideal penis size in the United States was conducted by the website ZAVA and included results from 1055 respondents in the United States. The average ideal penis size among US respondents (aka the preferred penis size in the United States) was 6.7″ which is almost 30% longer than the average penis size of about 5.2″(source).

Another major component of this study that lends legitimacy to the ideal penis size claim was that the perceived average penis size in the United States was 5.6″. This shows that the respondents perceived average penis size was only 8% above the average penis size, so pretty close.

What The Study Says About The Ideal Penis Size In The United States

These fairly accurate average penis size results indicate that the respondents had a fairly good grasp of the actual average penis size which is important. This indicates that they are not just picking a random ideal penis size but instead have a good understanding of what they are picking as ideal.

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These results are important because they show that contrary to some headlines out there. The average penis size just does not make the grade. American women just desire a much larger-than-average penis.

Some additional information from the survey shows that the United States is near the top in regards to what they find as an ideal penis size at 6.7″. Austria tops the charts with a preferred penis size of almost 7″ while the UK has a much shorter ideal penis size at 5.6″.

Ideal penis size by country
Image from ZAVA

So while there is some variance from country to country, in every country listed the ideal penis size was significantly above the worldwide average penis size.

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So now that we know that the ideal penis size is significantly above the worldwide average, how important is the ideal penis size to people?

Is The Ideal Penis Size Important

Some other important results from this survey were that 78.6% of women respondents thought that penis size was at least somewhat important. This is not to say that it is the most important thing but it was somewhat important or very important to over 3/4 of women.

Penis size is important
Image by ZAVA

So what does this mean? A relatively small percentage (11.2%) places a great emphasis on penis size and might not even consider sleeping with a man if he doesn’t measure up. Another small percentage (21.4%), think that penis size doesn’t matter at all when picking a partner.

The overwhelming majority of women (67.4%) find penis size to be somewhat important. This means that it is a factor in picking sexual partners but not the only factor. It would be a preference that would enhance the appeal of the man.

A good example that I like to give is that most women are going to prefer a Chris Evans-looking guy with a 5.5″ penis over a dad-bod-looking guy with a 6.7″ penis. But the majority of women are going to prefer the Chris Evans-looking guy with a 6.7″ penis over the Chris Evans-looking guy with a 5.5″ penis.

The bigger-than-average penis just gives a guy an advantage when looking for and keeping sexual partners. I have a much bigger-than-average penis and I can say with 100% certainty that it has led to sexual encounters with women that would have sexually totally ignored me otherwise.

What Is The Average Penis Size And How To Measure It

What Is The Average Penis Size

The biggest study on penis size was the BJUI Am I normal? Study that looked at penis size data on over 15,000 men taken from multiple studies. This study found that the average penis size was just under 5.2″ worldwide.

The important thing with this study was that medical professionals took all penis measurements and the study did not rely on self-measurement by men. This may come as a surprise but apparently, men tend to exaggerate their penis size.

To obtain the measurements, the medical professionals used the bone-pressed method. With this method, the penis is measured along the top with the ruler pressed against the pubic bone and measured to the tip of the erect or stretched penis.

Measuring the penis

Most of the studies utilized the measurement of the stretched penis to approximate the erect penis. This method has been found to be a good substitute for erect penis size.

This is the only proper way to measure the penis when determining if you measure up to the ideal penis size. If you measure from the side, from the bottom, or from the kneecap, you can easily add on a few inches but make your measurement worthless.

What Other Studies Show About Ideal Penis Size

The ideal penis size in the United States found in this study is pretty much in line with what has been found in other studies. In a 2015 study, researchers from the University of California and the University of New Mexico determined that women preferred a 6.4″ penis for one-night stands.

This study relied on women picking their ideal penis size from 33 different 3D models representing different lengths and girths. Once again, the average man fell significantly short of the preferred penis size.

Another interesting statistic from the study, a full 20% of the women admit to ending a relationship due to their partner’s penis being too small. To make matters worse, another study shows that 16% of women that stay in the relationship admit to being unhappy with the size of their partner’s penis.

What You Can Do To Achieve The Ideal Penis Size

Penis Enlargement Surgery Alternatives

If you need to add length to achieve the ideal penis size there is only one proven non-surgical method. That is through the use of penis traction devices. Scientific studies have shown that this method provides consistent penis length gains for men.

The trick to getting your ideal penis size results from these incredible devices is to use a high-quality penis traction device that will stay in place to get the job done. I have personally used these devices to gain almost 2″ in penis length.

You can check out Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results for the devices I used and my results plus links to result pictures.

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Penis traction devices do not provide instantaneous results and they do require a little effort but you should see results within a month. In addition to length gains, you will also see some penis girth increase with these devices as well.

Neither one of these devices are quick or easy but they did work for me. I was obsessed with penis enlargement and it may be too much for someone to do if they don’t feel the same way but it is the only good way to get real penis enlargement without surgery.

The Importance Of Your Ability to Get Hard

The Importance Of Your Ability to Get Hard

One thing that is often overlooked in a penis enlargement program is the ability to get and stay hard. Without the ability to get and stay hard, it is so much more difficult to see any size gains. Your sexual health is essential.

Also, what good is a giant penis if you can’t get and stay hard.

You can try some other very effective methods to increase your hardness like Kegel exercises or the most effective method I have tried yet in the Phoenix Device. This device was the key to reversing my sexual decline and increasing my ability to get hard.

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Whatever method you use to achieve your results, do not ignore your sexual health. It is a vital component of any proven at-home penis enlargement program.

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