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Trimix Gel Effectiveness for Erection Quality

Trimix Gel Effectiveness

I spent years suffering from erectile dysfunction and poor erection quality before finding my answer. During that time, I tried numerous treatments and methods to improve my erection quality. As part of that search, I researched trimix gel effectiveness by using it and comparing it to other treatments.

In general, I found trimix gel to be moderately effective for improving my erection quality. In comparing trimix gel vs trimix injections, I found the injections to be much more effective. Trimix gel cost is relatively high when compared to other treatments.

So in this trimix gel review, we will look at trimix gel effectiveness, trimix gel cost, trimix gel vs trimix injections, trimix gel pain, and How I Stopped Needing Trimix Gel. These are all important issues to any man that is looking at the use of trimix gel to increase erection quality.

What is Trimix Gel?

Trimix is a three-drug prescription medicine for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. The three drugs in trimix typically are alprostadil, papaverine, and phentolamine (source). Trimix is used either by intracavernosal injection into the penis or gel that is placed in the urethra.

These drugs generally cause blood vessels to dilate, thereby increasing blood flow and resulting in an erection. Trimix is generally considered very useful for those with erectile dysfunction. Trimix is a treatment to help deal with erection issues and is not a cure for the underlying cause of those issues.

When a man develops an issue with erectile dysfunction, the first course of treatment is usually oral prescription drugs like Viagra, Cialis, etc… If those drugs do not work, many urologists move on to trimix injections. Trimix gel is an alternative to those that have issues with the injection process.

I have used trimix gel and trimix injections due to my previous experience with erectile dysfunction. I found them both effective at one point but they did not resolve my underlying erection issues. I found that trimix gel had limitations that eventually led me to look for other methods to treat my ED.

You can check out My Erectile Dysfunction Experience for the story of how I eventually handled my ED issue. In the end, I found out how to treat the underlying cause of my erectile dysfunction so that I no longer had to worry about trimix gel or trimix injections.

My Trimix Gel Effectiveness Results

Trimix Gel syringe
A capped Trimix gel syringe

I tried trimix gel in hopes of significantly improving my erection quality. I found that the gel allowed me to achieve moderately good erections. While my erections from the trimix gel were not 100% erect, they were hard enough for sexual penetration.

I found that the trimix gel worked very quickly. I noticed that I began to get erect within five minutes of using the gel. The trimix gel would allow me to have a useable erection that lasted for about 30 to 45 minutes after application. The effects peaked about 10 minutes after use and declined afterward.

I found that some of the effects from the trimix gel would last significantly longer. I would have some engorgement of the penis for a couple of hours after using the gel.

Even with the only moderate trimix gel effectiveness, I would still say that trimix gel may be worth a try for many men. It is relatively easy to use and gives very quick results.

I did find one long-term drawback to trimix gel effectiveness. Just like with most other erectile dysfunction treatments, I found that the trimix gel became less effective over time. The longer I used the trimix gel the more I saw a decrease in the erection quality resulting from the treatment.

Luckily I was able to eventually find an erection quality treatment that helped with my erectile dysfunction. Check out the How I Stopped Needing Trimix Gel section to see how I moved on from needing trimix.

The Trouble Getting Trimix Gel

For some reason, I found that a lot of urologists do not prescribe or know where to get trimix gel. There is no excuse for this. If your urologist does not know about trimix gel, you should search for another urologist.

This is an accepted method of treating erectile dysfunction and won’t help you to try it out without good reason they are just being lazy. Remember, all urologists are not created equal and sometimes you have to look to find the right one.

You may have to advocate for yourself and really push to get your prescription.

You can find compounding pharmacies on the internet that will make your trimix gel with a prescription. Additionally, you will find a lot of local compounding pharmacies will do this for you with a prescription.

How to Use Trimix Gel

Trimix uncapped syringe
The blunt tip of an uncapped Trimix gel syringe

I found it very easy to use trimix gel. The type of trimix gel that I received came in all premixed syringes from the pharmacy (see the picture above).

When I say syringes, do not panic as these syringes do not have needles. These syringes have just a dull tip that the gel is pushed out through.

Below are the steps that I use to use the trimix gel. Consult with your doctor/urologist to make sure that these are the proper steps for you.

  1. Hold the penis upright. This prevents the gel from flowing right back out of the penis.
  2. Squeeze the sides of your penis glans so that the opening of the urethra (the hole in your penis that you pee out of) widens.
  3. Insert the dull tip of the syringe about a 1/4″ into the urethra.
  4. Slowly push down on the plunger to inject the prescribed amount of trimix gel into the urethra. The gel should be injected over the course of 20-30 seconds which seems like a long time when you are doing it.
  5. Once you have put the gel in the urethra, continue to hold the penis upright for 1-2 minutes so that the gel can be absorbed. If you let the penis hang down, the gel may run out.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to use the trimix gel. I found it incredibly easy when I used it.

A couple of other rules that go along with the trimix gel are that the premixed syringes that you receive from the pharmacy must be kept refrigerated. The premixed syringes of trimix gel are only said to be good for one to two months after you receive them.

Trimix Gel Dosage

This is one of those things that you should definitely discuss with your doctor/urologist prior to use. My doctor had me start out with a really low dose of 0.2 ml of gel (2/10 of a 1 ml syringe) and work up from there.

I was instructed that I could increase the dosage by 0.2 ml of trimix gel per time I used it (0.2 ml, 0.4 ml, 0.6 ml, etc…) up to 1 full ml per dose.

I ended up using around 0.2 ml (1/5 of a 1 ml syringe) of gel per dose but this was mainly due to a pain reaction I had to the alprostadil portion of the trimix.

Some people use a much larger dosage but this should definitely be discussed with your doctor. Additionally, I suggest starting at the lower dosage because if you do have a pain reaction to the alprostadil you will regret that high dosage right away.

Trimix Gel vs Trimix Injections

A common question that everyone has is how effective is trimix gel vs trimix injections. I have tried both of the treatment programs and I can say that I found the trimix injections to be much more effective in creating erections than the trimix gel.

When I would take the trimix injections, within minutes I would have an erection that was 100% hard and would last for at least an hour. I had complaints about trimix injections but the quality of the erections was not one of them.

The erections that I received as a result of taking the trimix gel were not as hard and did not last as long as the ones created by the injections.

Another big difference in trimix gel vs trimix injections is the needles. With trimix gel, there are no needles. While this was not as painful as one might think, it is definitely not pleasant. Additionally, the needles can lead to bruising on the penis. So this is a plus for the gel.

Another difference is that the results of trimix gel tend to be more consistent every time you use them. With the trimix injections, I found that my results would vary a little from time to time. I found that sometimes I would get a better injection site that would lead to better erections than other times.

This consistency factor is another little advantage of trimix gel.

Overall, I think when looking at trimix gel vs trimix injections it all depends on what is most important to you. For me, erection quality was the most important so I tended to favor the trimix injections. If the needles really bother you, then probably the trimix gel would be the better option.

Trimix Gel Pain

trimix syringe 2

One of the things that I found very little information on was the side effect of trimix gel pain. Like many men (10-30%), I suffered from intense pain in the penis when I used trimix injections. You will find little information on this pain on the web and many doctors and pharmacists do not seem to understand.

This is not a pain at the injection site. This is a reaction that some men have to the alprostadil portion of trimix. This pain would be an intense pain throughout the penis that for me would be even worse near the tip of the penis. This pain would last for hours after the injections of the trimix.

Unfortunately, I found that I got the same pain when I used trimix gel. The urologist and pharmacist did not seem to think it would be an issue but it was. While the pain was not as intense as it was with the injections, it was still there.

I think it was basically at the same level as the effectiveness of the gel vs the injections. So I felt that the effectiveness of the trimix gel was only around 60-70% of that of the trimix injects, I felt that the pain was at a similar decreased level. But it is still definitely there.

Trimix Gel Cost

Trimix Gel shipping package
Trimix Gel shipping package

Trimix gel needs to be purchased from a compounding pharmacy. Your urologist will probably know of some in your area or you can do a Google search for them. Unfortunately, most insurances will not cover the cost of trimix gel so you will have to pay for the medication out of pocket.

When I last checked on the price of trimix gel in 2022, I found that the price was right around $100 for two 1 ml syringes. How long these syringes will last you varies greatly as it totally depends on how large your dosage is.

I typically would use a dose of around 0.20 ml per use so I would get ten gel injections from the two syringes so my per-use cost was around $10.

My trimix gel cost per use was probably less than most men’s because of the dosage I used. I have been told that most men end up using a dosage in the area of 0.5 ml of trimix gel. This would give them a trimix gel cost of $25 per dose.

If I had used the full maximum dosage of 1 ml. My trimix gel cost would have been around $50 for one dose.

So this means that in general, the trimix gel cost can be pretty high especially if you are sexually active.

How I Stopped Needing Trimix Gel

holding the Phoenix device for penis enlargement
Acoustic wave therapy with the Phoenix device

Trimix gel was one of the many things I tried when I suffered from erectile dysfunction. While I found that trimix gel was useful in the short term to help mask my erectile dysfunction symptoms, I got diminishing results over time and I really missed the spontaneity of natural erections.

When I started to get diminishing trimix gel effectiveness and trimix injection effectiveness, I started to get desperate for some solution to my erectile dysfunction problem. Eventually, I came across acoustic wave therapy (aka shockwave therapy) for the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

This is a revolutionary therapy that uses a wand-like device to emit gentle shockwaves into the shaft of the penis. These pulses trigger better blood flow by breaking up plaque in the blood vessels and promoting the formation of new blood vessels. These changes promote improved erections.

I started to receive this treatment in a medical clinic and was amazed by the results. After six treatments, my natural erection quality began to return. I was getting back the natural erection ability that I thought was gone forever.

The big issue that I ran into was the cost of this treatment. I was paying $2000 for six treatments. I knew that I was going to need more treatments to get my erection quality back to 100% and maintain it there. I was so frustrated to have found the treatment that worked only to struggle to afford it.

This is when I came across an article about the Phoenix device. This device offered the same treatment program that I was paying thousands of dollars for at a fraction of the price. This Better Business Bureau A+ rated company even offered a money-back guarantee if it didn’t work for me.

I tried out the Phoenix and I am so glad about it to this day. For less than the price of a couple of office visits, I got a device that delivered at least 70 clinical-grade acoustic wave therapy sessions at home. I was able to achieve and maintain a level of erection quality that I thought was gone forever.


I can not stress enough how much of a game-changer this was for me. If you have similar problems, check out the Phoenix device. If it doesn’t work for you, return it. But if does for you what it did for me, you will be absolutely amazed. You really owe it to yourself.

You can check out the Review Of The Phoenix Acoustic Wave Device to find out the complete details of this device.

My Overall Trimix Gel Review

I would have to give an overall mixed result for my trimix gel review. Trimix gel can be an effective stop-gap method to manage erectile dysfunction until you can hopefully find a more long-term solution.

If prescription pills like Viagra do not work for you, then trimix is a good next alternative to try if your doctor approves. Trimix injections are more effective than trimix gel but there can be drawbacks to the injections.

The injections can be painful, cause bruising, and give inconsistent results. You will not run into these issues with the trimix gel.

There are also some negatives of the trimix gel review. I found the trimix gel to be less effective than trimix injections in that the induced erections were not as full. I also found that the trimix gel cost could be reasonably high running from $10 to $50 per dose.

Applying trimix gel is not extremely difficult but it is still slightly inconvenient and does require a little bit of preplanning.

Trimix gel is worth giving a try if you suffer from erectile dysfunction. For many men, it may be a good short-term solution.