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The Ancient Obsession with Penis Size: A Timeless Fascination

The Ancient Obsession with Penis Size: A Timeless Fascination

In the era of the internet, porn, movies, and TV shows, the world’s fixation on penis size is undeniable. We think of this penis size obsession as being a modern creation but a recent finding shows that it goes back to a time predating written history. How far back does this ancient obsession with penis size truly extend?

Guess what ancient humans were obsessed with? It should not be a surprise but there was an ancient obsession with penis size. Ancient cave drawings have been found in Asia Minor have been found some truly huge penises. Turns out ancient porn penis sizes put the modern ones to shame.

So let’s take a look at these cave drawings that show our ancient obsession with penis size. We will also look at how this obsession with penis size continues to this day and look at What Can Be Done About Penis Size?

What Did They Find Out About the Ancient Obsession With Penis Size?

So how far back does the obsession with penis size go? Apparently back to before the dawn of written history.

As outlined in a recent publication from the Turkish Journal of Urology titled “Recent Unearthing of Phallic Representations in Prehistoric Cave Art in Asia Minor,” archaeologists have uncovered cave drawings dating back 8,000 years featuring depictions of men sporting notably impressive penises.

What Did They Find Out About the Ancient Obsession With Penis Size?

These ancient cave drawings discovered in Asia Minor reveal an unmistakable preoccupation with rather substantial penises. Strikingly, the penis dimensions depicted in ancient pornographic art far surpass even the huge penises depicted in modern porn.

Some archaeologists stumbled across these ancient cave drawings in a place called Akyapı up in the Taurus mountains. The drawings inside are like a prehistoric party scene, with people celebrating who knows what. All we know for sure is that these guys in the drawings seem pretty excited about something.

Now, here’s where it gets interesting – the drawings aren’t your typical stick figures. They’re throwing in a big old penis right in the picture that is almost the same size as the legs!

cave drawing ancient obsession with penis size
This cave drawing shows the ancient obsession with penis size

And get this, similar naughty art has been popping up all over the world, from France to Africa to Australia. It seems like our ancestors had the same obsession with size that we have today.

Now, these drawings are simple, but the phallus is stealing the show. It’s not just random doodles; they believed the, you know, “release” from an erect penis made the soil super fertile, leading to crazy good crops. Just another reason to get it on I suppose.

These people didn’t limit their obsession with penis size be limited to a 12-inch one like modern porn. They went all out with a penis that hung down below the knee.

So, imagine these ancient people using their cave walls as a canvas, trying to figure out life, one phallus at a time. Even though there are still loads of mysteries, one thing’s for sure – those ancient artists were really, really into the whole phallus thing.

Who knew archaeology could be so related to porn? Cheers to ancient party art and the wild stories it’s telling us about our past! This obsession with penis size makes me even feel more connected to my ancestors.

So Why the Obsession With Penis Size?

It appears that the obsession with penis size might have roots reaching further back than commonly suggested. While the prevailing media narrative attributes this obsession to the internet and pornography, the discovery of ancient cave drawings challenges such modern-centric views. These depictions hint at the possibility that the preoccupation with male anatomy extends to the very origins of humanity.

Whether accurate or not, there’s a widespread tendency to link masculinity with the penis. This association, reminiscent of the simplistic notion presented in “Kindergarten Cop” – where boys are said to have a penis and girls a vagina – underscores a long-standing cultural connection between male identity and this particular aspect of anatomy.

The majority of people commonly link a larger penis with heightened masculinity and greater sexual prowess. When considering our evident historical preoccupation with penis size and combining it with Hollywood’s obsession with penis size, it’s hardly surprising that society as a whole has developed an enduring fascination with the dimensions of the penis.

One more thing that just adds to this penis size obsession is that women prefer a penis that is significantly larger than the average penis. In our article, The Real Truth About Penis Size, we detail a 2015 study from the University of California and the University of New Mexico that shows that women desire a penis that is between 36% and over 50% larger than the average penis.

Our ancient obsession with penis size, fueled by societal expectations shaped by Hollywood, distorted representations in pornography and online media, and influenced by women’s preferences, collectively contribute to the significant obsession with penis size.

What Can Be Done About Penis Size?

What Can Be Done About Penis Size?

If you find yourself troubled by concerns about your penis size in relation to women’s preferences, there are essentially four courses of action available to deal with your penis size obsession:

  1. Acceptance: Recognize that, for many women, the size of the penis is not a decisive factor. If you can come to terms with it, you’ll likely discover that you can find a partner without a penis size obsession. Embracing this mindset is the simplest and mentally healthier option.
  2. Perpetual Worry: Alternatively, you could continue to dwell on this concern, allowing it to become a persistent source of anxiety. However, this is not the most recommended or constructive choice for your mental well-being.
  3. Surgical Penis Size Enhancement: If you truly are committed to changing your penis size then there are some surgical and cosmetic methods of penis size enhancements. The results from these procedures are not guaranteed and it can be a little underwhelming. You can read My Penile Suspensory Ligament Release Surgery: Results and Pictures for more details.
  4. Non-Surgical Penis Enlargement: The sole method for non-surgical penis enlargement backed by scientific evidence is the utilization of a penis traction device. To delve into the scientific studies supporting these devices and to gain insights into my personal experience with them, you can explore the article “Do Penis Traction Devices Work? My Incredible Results.”