Why Does Everyone Overestimate Penis Size: Can anyone use a ruler right?

Why Does Everyone Overestimate Penis Size?

I recently came across a social media post asking, “Ladies, what do you consider “hung”?” Reading the answers, I came to the conclusion that almost everyone overestimates penis size. Why do both men and women overestimate penis size even when presented with penis size facts?

As a rule of thumb, both men and women overestimate penis size. According to studies, the average penis size is only 5.16 inches. But on social media both men and women claim that the size is much larger. A number of factors lead both men and women to overestimate penis size.

So let’s take a look at why people overestimate penis size. Why do both men and women do the same thing? What is behind this phenomenon? And what can be done about penis size?

The Penis Size Post

Ok, we all know that men lie, exaggerate, and overestimate penis size, but I never realized that women did this just as much as men. I came across a social media post that asked the question, “Ladies, what do you consider “hung”?”

Penis Size Post

Reading the responses in this post would lead you to believe that it is not uncommon for men to have 8+ inches of penis. It would even be likely that sexually active women would meet up with a 10″+ penis at some point.

Over half of the men responding had 8″+ of penis length. The ladies were quick to swap stories of having sex with men that had 9″+ of penis. Any man that was reading this post and had a 5-7″ penis would definitely feel like they were lacking in the penis size area.

Even though the question was directed at women, it seemed that both men and women were eager to answer with some rather large numbers. The common number seemed to be 8-9″+ was hung. But how does that match up with reality?

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So what is a big penis?

The highly respected BJUI study, Am I Normal? took the penis size measurement from over 15,000 men from different studies and determined that the average erect penis would be around 5.16″ (13.12 cm).

This study only took into account measurements that were taken by medical professionals and did not rely on self-reported measurements (apparently they were worried about people lying about their penis size).

what is a big penis?

Penis size was measured along the top of the penis from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans. This means no measuring on the sides or bottom of the penis.

There are other smaller studies that show a slightly larger average erect penis but most studies show an average erect penis of under 5.5″.

Additionally, these studies show that extremely large penises are very uncommon. In the reported results of the Am I Normal study, the longest reported penis had a length of 8.27″ (21 cm). This would barely crack the threshold of “hung” according to social media.

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According to the study, the top 25% of men would have a penis length of around 5.70″ (14.5 cm) or more, the top 10% of 6.1″ (15.5cm) or more, the top 5% of 6.5″ (16.5 cm) or more, the top 1% of 7.09″ (18 cm) or more.

So if you went by the social media standard, many men that fall into the top 1% of penis size would not be considered to be “hung”. I would think that the top 5% would be considered to be hung so it would be in the neighborhood of over 6.5″.

Why Men Overestimate Penis Size

Why Men Overestimate Penis Size

I think that it is pretty obvious why men overestimate penis size. When you want something to be true, it is easy to lie, exaggerate, or find dubious evidence to confirm what you want to be true.

It is important for many men to feel like they have a large penis. The penis is the most obvious physical symbol of masculinity. Penis size is often discussed in popular culture and has come to be associated with sexual prowess and desirability.

It is no wonder that men overestimate penis size. Many men just out and out lie about their penis size. After all, most people are never going to actually see your penis so why not tell a story to make yourself feel more manly.


But others are just making an honest mistake in their penis size estimates that may just be influenced by what they are hoping for. You do not learn in high school about how to measure a penis so it is easy to understand how penis size measurement mistakes could happen.

In order to actually compare penis size between men there needs to be a consistent method of taking the measurement. The official way is to take a measurement along the top of the penis from the pubic bone to the tip of the glans.

how to measure a penis

Taking your penis measurement using this method will give a much smaller penis size than measuring the penis from the bottom or the sides. I can add more than an inch to my penis size if I measure from the side rather than the top.

If you do not know that there is an official way to measure penis size, you would obviously want to go with the longest measurement that you could get. This would lead to end up with men having larger penis size estimates.

Why Women Overestimate Penis Size

Why Women Overestimate Penis Size

I found it to be really strange that women overestimate penis size as much as their male counterparts. When you read social media posts about penis size it almost sounds like old men telling fishing stories. Everyone has to of caught one bigger than the others.

I think that there are a couple of reasons behind all of this. First of all, most women want to portray their current boyfriends/husbands in the best light. They may be unsure of the actual length and just want to make their endowment sound as good as possible.

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Just like men, women have never been shown how to measure a penis. They are often looking at a penis from the side or the bottom so this may lead to enlarging their penis size estimates.

They may have never measured a penis so they just may assume that everything that they hear is true. So if they have been told by everyone that there are tons of 10″ penises out there that the bigger penises that they encounter must be 10″+.

These expectations will obviously impact our perception of reality. If you think an average penis is between 6-7″ long, you will assume that most men you see will fall into this range and think that most men that you have been with fall in this range even if you never measured them.

The Role of the Internet and Porn in Penis Size Estimates

The internet and porn have really messed up our penis size estimates. The internet and porn are full of claims of 10″, 11″, or even foot-long penises.

Just do a Google Images search for a 12″ penis picture. You will get a ton of dick pictures including some truly huge dick pictures.

What you won’t see is any pictures of a penis with a ruler held up along the top of the penis. You may see a few tape measures but these are almost always a metric cm tape measure (12 cm is just under 5″).

You can make a penis look huge by placing it in the foreground of the picture. Everything behind or below the penis will seem smaller by comparison, therefore, making the penis look much larger.

Porn uses a ton of techniques to make pornstar dicks to look even bigger. They use angles and smaller female stars to make everything look bigger.

I do not ever find any ruler-measured penises that are over 9″ long. If so many penis size estimates are for 9″ or more, why is the internet missing all of the pictures?

Even though there is a total lack of evidence, we hear so much on the internet and porn about these huge dicks that you just assume that they have to exist.

The Role of the Kinsey Report in Penis Size Estimates

Woman sees penis

A lot of the misconceptions about penis size may come from the Kinsey Report. This 1948 study was one of the first comprehensive studies on erect penis size. The results were much discussed and were accepted by many as fact for decades.

This report found that the average penis was 6.2 to 6.4″. This is significantly larger than current studies. According to the Kinsey Report, the average erect penis would be in the top 10% of erect penis size according to the more modern reports.

Why the huge difference? The Kinsey report relied on self-reported measurements. The men involved marked off their length with a mark on a piece of paper. It was not taken by a medical professional. This could definitely lead to some data bias.

This report has become accepted as fact for so many years that it is no wonder that our size concepts are out of whack. It is no wonder that we overestimate penis size.

My Experience With Penis Size

My Experience With Penis Size

I have to admit that I am rather obsessed with penis size and have done whatever I could to increase my size. I did not bother with penis size estimates and measured my penis in the clinically accepted method of a dorsal(top) measurement from the pubic bone to the tip.

After completing my penis enlargement program, I am extremely happy with my 8.25″ penis. My wife and I are swingers which means that we have sex with other singles and swingers while maintaining our relationship (see SwingerLifestyleGuide.com for more details).

I am telling you this to basically explain that hundreds of women have seen and had experiences with my penis. I have found that these women are continuously wrong about their penis size estimates. They have nothing to gain by being deceptive but are just wrong.

I constantly hear them talking about my huge penis that is anywhere between 10″ and 12″ long. I know this is not the case because I know it is significantly shorter than that.

With the experience that my wife and I have had we can definitely say that people definitely overestimate penis size.

What Can Be Done About Your Penis Size

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The internet is full of junk information about how to enlarge your penis. I have researched this issue and tried all of them in hopes of achieving penis enlargement. The truth is that there is no easy way to enlarge your penis.

Magic pills do not work. Penis enlargement surgery on its own doesn’t work to lengthen your penis on its own. The truth is that there is no quick way to lengthen the penis.

This does not mean that there is no hope. You can lengthen your penis through the use of penis traction devices. This is not easy and does take time and effort. You will need to really want and be committed to enlarging your penis in order to achieve your goals.

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