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The Phoenix Device vs Phoenix Pro: The obvious choice

The Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro The obvious choice
The Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro The Obvious Choice

I had struggled with my bedroom performance for years before discovering acoustic wave therapy. This technology which is found in both the Phoenix and the Phoenix Pro really changed my life. So which is better in the battle of the Phoenix device vs Phoenix Pro?

Looking at the Phoenix device vs Phoenix Pro in 2023, the Phoenix device will always come out on top. They both have similar performance but the price of the Phoenix is much lower than the Phoenix Pro. The Phoenix and the Phoenix Pro have different usage restrictions and purchase procedures.

Both the Phoenix device and the Phoenix Pro are quality products. A look at the Phoenix device vs Phoenix pro will show that either would offer an effective treatment for issues with getting and staying hard though the Phoenix is a much greater value.

The Phoenix Device vs Phoenix Pro My Pick

I wholeheartedly pick the Phoenix Device as the best choice in the battle of the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro. There are some incredibly obvious reasons for this pick.

First of all, the Phoenix Pro has been discontinued by the manufacturer. They have decided to concentrate all of their efforts on the better and more popular Phoenix Device.

Phoenix Device Story

While both the Phoenix device and the Phoenix Pro were extremely similar in their performance and results, the Phoenix device had many distinct advantages.

The biggest advantage of the Phoenix device is in pure cost. The Phoenix device cost was less than 25% of the Phoenix Pro cost.

My Phoenix Device vs Phoenix Pro
My Phoenix Device was a much better investment than the Phoenix Pro

Additionally, you could order and use the Phoenix device from home without having to visit a doctor. The Phoenix Pro device was used from home but after visiting a doctor and under the continuing care of a doctor.

I found that the Phoenix device was extremely effective at helping me to get and stay hard when all else had failed me. I found no need to go through the increased cost and time investment that was needed to use the Phoenix Pro.

The Phoenix Device vs Phoenix Pro Similarities

The Phoenix Device vs Phoenix Pro Similarities
Both the Phoenix Device and the Phoenix Pro will help you achieve the ability to get and stay hard on demand.

When looking at the Phoenix vs the Phoenix Pro, you will find that the Phoenix device and the Phoenix Pro are full-strength clinical acoustic wave treatments.

Both the Phoenix device and the Phoenix Pro utilize concentrated sound waves delivered through a handheld device. These waves break up plaque in existing blood vessels thus increasing blood flow to the penis. The waves also pass through penis tissue triggering the growth of new, healthy blood vessels.

If you want more information on the Phoenix system including research studies, you can check out this Review of The Phoenix System.

Video Showing the Effects of Acoustic Wave Therapy by the Phoenix or Phoenix Pro

When looking at the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro, you should remember that both devices emit sound waves at the same level of power during the treatment. Users of these devices report no to minimal pain during treatment. Lidocaine is available for those who experience this minor pain.

The Phoenix device and the Phoenix Pro both use guided treatments that take between 15 and 20 minutes to complete. These treatments involve moving the wand-like device across different areas of the penis for a timed period.

The Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro Differences

The Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro Differences
We all want the same results

A big difference between the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro is in how you obtain the devices. The Phoenix device is available for purchase on the Phoenix website for delivery to your home.

The Phoenix Pro is only available for use under medical supervision. For this reason, you can only buy the Phoenix Pro through a medical professional.

While the pulses of both devices are of equal power, the pulses were delivered at different speeds. The Phoenix delivers 15,000 pulses per timed treatment and the Phoenix Pro delivers 20,000 pulses per timed treatment.

The Phoenix device has a 36-hour lockout feature after each treatment. This is a safety procedure to prevent us, overeager guys, from overdoing it. So once you have completed your 15-20 minute treatment, the device will not let you start another treatment session for 36 hours.

Since the Phoenix Pro is used with medical supervision, it does not have this lockout feature. The doctor that you are working with is supposed to set up an individualized program. They will then be able to follow up and adjust the program as needed.

A huge difference between the two is that the Phoenix Pro has a “sunset mode”. This feature causes the Phoenix Pro to deactivate after 50 treatments or one million pulses.

The Phoenix does not have this feature and will continue to operate indefinitely. The device operates at full strength for 70 treatments or one million pulses. Though the Phoenix device continues to function past this point, its effectiveness may decline.

The Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro Cost

The Phoenix ED device at home
My Phoenix device was much less expensive

When it comes to the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro, the cost is a huge factor. The Phoenix device is sold online for $879 (Check below for a big discount offer). The Phoenix Pro is sold by medical professionals only and you can see this in the price. The Phoenix Pro cost is more than $3000.

It is unlikely that you will find the Phoenix Pro much cheaper than this. The medical providers are paying around $2000 for the device so of course that price will be passed along to you.

In addition to the price difference of the actual devices, you have to look at what the medical office will charge you in addition to the Phoenix Pro cost. There will be additional costs for visits, tests they may do, and any upsells they talk you into.

The Phoenix Pro cost does include a medical-grade penis pump but that hardly accounts for the price difference. This pump would only account for less than $100 of this difference.

All told, the Phoenix device costs only about 25% of the total Phoenix Pro cost.

The Phoenix Pro vs GAINSWave

Gainswave Acoustic Wave Therapy for Penis Head Engorgement
Gainswave Treatments

Another question that often comes up is the difference between Phoenix vs GAINSWave treatments. Having had both types of treatments, I can tell you that the difference between the two is very minimal.

Both treatment types are very effective at improving your ability to both get and stay hard. The main difference is that the GAINSWave treatments are done in an office setting while the Phoenix Pro treatments are done from home but under the supervision of a medical professional.

The cost of GAINSWave treatments can run up to $500 per treatment. So while one treatment is less expensive than purchasing a Phoenix Pro, it is very easy for it to add up quickly and become more expensive than the Phoenix Pro.

I still prefer the privacy and reduced cost that you get with the Phoenix device treatment program. You do not need to visit a medical professional and you get the same treatment protocol for a mere fraction of the price that you would pay with the Phoenix Pro or GAINSWave.

Phoenix Pro Discontinuation

Phoenix Advertisement

Another major consideration in the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro question is the Phoenix Pro discontinuation. According to a company official, the Phoenix Pro is no longer being distributed and Phoenix Pro sellers will be switching to selling the regular Phoenix.

Some medical offices may still have remaining stock of Phoenix Pro devices that they sell through but once they are gone they are gone.

I have made inquiries to the Phoenix Pro website with no reply. I have requested to be referred to a provider and have received no response from the site. I am positive that the Phoenix Pro discontinuation has already happened.

The Phoenix is the Clear Winner

The Phoenix ED device Box

In the battle of the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro, there is one clear winner. That winner is the Phoenix acoustic wave device.

To be clear, I am not putting down either of these devices. They are both amazing devices that can truly change your sex life around. In my opinion, these two devices are the best treatment you can get to improve your sexual performance. No contest.

The two devices operate using the same acoustic wave therapy. The power of the pulses is the same with the two devices. The way you use the device is the same between the two. The treatments feel the same.

I feel that the Phoenix has a few minor advantages like the no “sunset mode” and the built-in safety features.

The huge advantage of the Phoenix device has to be the price. There is no getting around this. The Phoenix is a quarter of the price of the Phoenix Pro.

There is no justification to account for this price difference. You can get the same treatment for a true fraction of the price. This price difference is so huge that it more than cancels out any minor differences between the two.

My Experience with the Phoenix

If you are researching the Phoenix vs Phoenix Pro, you have already taken a big step toward improving your sexual performance. Both of these devices utilize full clinical strength acoustic wave therapy. This type of treatment made all the difference for me and my ability to get hard.

I had severe issues with both getting and staying hard for years. This affected my marriage and my life. I lost a lot of my self-confidence and willingness to have fun. This can take a toll on much beyond your sex life.

My experience with doctors and urologists was less than satisfactory. They start with some pills. When the pills don’t work, they give you injections to give yourself. If the injections don’t work, then they suggest that you get a penile implant.

I did not want to do this so I desperately looked for alternatives. I tried a ton of worthless treatments but finally found the holy grail with acoustic wave therapy. Over time, this treatment restored my ability to both get hard and stay hard. This turned my life around and I could not be happier.

After years of research, I ended up using the Phoenix device to maintain my bedroom performance. This is the highest quality acoustic wave therapy that is available at a truly affordable price. This device has made me perform at my peak sexual performance level. It is not just something to mask the symptoms.

A Major Phoenix Discount Offer

While the Phoenix is much more affordable than any comparable acoustic wave therapy, it is not necessarily inexpensive for most of us. Compared to medical office acoustic wave therapy, prescription pills, or even herbal supplements, you will save thousands of dollars with the Phoenix. Just the initial cost can be difficult for some.

Check out Current Phoenix Device Discount Codes: Incredible savings for big savings on this amazing device.

You owe it to yourself and your partner.


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