Proven At-Home Penis Enlargement: A Study on Penis Traction Devices

Proven At-Home Penis Enlargement: A Study on Penis Traction Devices

Are you looking for a proven at-home penis enlargement device to boost your confidence and enhance your sex life? Imagine a solution that is not only effective and inexpensive but also clinically proven. A study on penis traction devices shows that this is the one non-surgical penis enlargement method that will work.

In a groundbreaking pilot phase-II study, researchers have explored the efficacy and tolerability of penis traction devices for penis enlargement. The researchers that these affordable at-home devices actually work for penis enlargement.

Get ready to discover how this innovative approach could revolutionize at-home penis enlargement methods!

What The Study Says About This Proven At-Home Penis Enlargement Device

A study on the effectiveness of Penis Traction Devices in the British Journal of Urology International found compelling evidence supporting the effectiveness of this method as an at-home penis enlargement device. Participants experienced significant penis size gains, leading to improvements in self-esteem and sexual satisfaction.

Moreover, the study highlighted the tolerability of using a penis traction device (also known as a penis extender), with minimal reported side effects. This non-invasive approach offers a safe and convenient option for men seeking to address concerns related to their penis size.

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Men are told that there is nothing that they can do to improve their penis size but this study illustrates that this is not true by shedding light on the positive outcomes of utilizing penis traction devices. This research opens up new possibilities for individuals looking to enhance their penis size.

The study concluded that “Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis.”

What The Study Says About This Proven At-Home Penis Enlargement Device

Additionally, there are things that you can do to get even better results with penis traction devices than the men in the study obtained. I have personally had some incredible results by using these methods.

This study utilized a strap and tube penis traction device that is less efficient than the more effective systems like the Phallosan Forte or the Total Man System. In our experience, these newer style systems are easier to wear and use for extended periods and therefore produce better results.

What is a penis traction device?

What is a penis traction device?

A penis traction device is a discreet and effective tool used to increase the size of the penis through gentle stretching over time. By wearing this device for several hours each day, users can encourage cell growth and tissue expansion in their penile shaft, resulting in longer and thicker erections.

The process may take weeks or even months to see noticeable results, but consistent use has been shown to produce significant gains in both length and girth. Additionally, some men find that using a penis traction device can also improve erectile function and overall sexual performance.

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In addition to taking time to see results, these devices need to be worn for at least six hours per day to see maximum results. If penis enlargement is something you occasionally think of then this is going to take too much time and effort. If you are desperate for penis enlargement, then penis traction devices are the only way that works.

Overall, this innovative tool offers a non-invasive method for achieving desired changes in penile size safely and effectively.

There are two main kinds of penis traction devices. There is the strap/loop penis traction device and the vacuum bell penis traction device.

The loop/strap penis traction device

The more common penis traction device is the strap/loop device. This device consists of a harness or ring that wraps around the base of the penis, with adjustable rods or straps that apply tension for gradual enlargement.

Loop type penis enlargement traction devices
Loop-type penis enlargement traction devices

The biggest problem with this type is the tubes or straps that are used to attach it to the head of your penis. The straps or loops have to be securely tightened behind the penis head to keep the device in place.

The problem is that to keep them on tight enough to allow the device to apply traction to the penis, you feel like you are putting a noose around the head of your penis.

Without the strap or noose staying in place the device does no good so often you have to balance reduced traction with a comfortable tightening of the tube/strap which reduces your gains. I even had one occasion where this strap came loose when I was wearing it and fell off which can be hard to explain in public.

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The next issue is that you need to wear this device for at least six hours per day to see good results. This type of device is impossible to wear out in public unless you are wearing loose clothing. Even then it is awkward and somewhat noticeable.

The vacuum bell penis traction device

The vacuum bell devices like those found in the Phallosan Forte or the Total Man System eliminate these problems found in traditional penis traction devices. These devices attach to the head of the penis with a vacuum bell that holds in place securely for hours on end.

phallosan use
A top penis traction device is the Phallosan Forte

By using these vacuum bell devices, there are no worries of any slippage as you have with the loop/strap type devices. This allows you to set your maximum comfortable traction. Best of all, the comfort and security of these devices allow you to wear them for the amount of time you need to obtain results.

Additionally, these are easy to wear under normal clothing and there is never any risk of these penis traction devices falling off.

The one downside of these is that they do not take very long to take off but they can be troublesome if you have to go pee and you are trying to rush.

What were the penis size gains from penis traction devices?

What were the penis size gains from penis traction devices?

In the world of penis enlargement, big gains are made in fractions of inches. Anything that promises you massive gains in a short amount of time or gains from just taking a pill is a bunch of bull. As this study shows with penis traction devices, penis enlargement takes time, a little discomfort, and a little effort.

The participants in this study showed a 32.2% increase in flaccid length and a 17.7% increase in stretched length over six months. Stretched length is a good approximation of erect length in studies and has fewer variables due to variables measuring erect penises due to varying hardness of erections.

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Additionally, the men in this study may have obtained lesser results from their penis traction device use due to two factors. First of all, 57% of the participants suffered from some degree of erectile dysfunction. I have found that having quality erections is essential to maximizing your results with penis traction devices.

Secondly, they used the old-style loop/strap penis traction devices which tend to be bulkier, more uncomfortable, and more difficult to wear. These devices can make it hard to wear for the six hours or more per day that you need to see maximum results.

In my use of penis traction devices, I used both the Phallosan Forte and the Total Man System and found them extremely comfortable to wear for extended periods. The use of these devices allowed me to gain almost 2″ in a year.

You can read Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results to get my whole story and results from my use of penis traction devices.

Some Facts From this Study on Penis Extenders

This study looked at the effectiveness of penis extenders for the treatment of a “short penis”. The participants did not meet the definition of a micro-penis but were rather men that had shorter than average penises and were seeking medical help.

21 men entered the study which involved them receiving a penis extender with instructions on its use for 6 hours per day. They had their flaccid and stretched lengths measured at one month, three-month, and six-month mark after using the penis extenders.

There was an additional measurement at the 12-month mark after stopping the use of the penis extender to verify that gains were maintained.

Of the 21 participants, 15 completed the study (remember this is time-consuming and requires effort). Study results showed that the average flaccid length increased from 7.15 cm to 9.45 cm and the average stretched penis length increased from 9.62 cm to 11.32 cm.

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The follow-up measurement at the 12-month mark showed that gains were maintained even after the discontinuation of the use of the penis extender.

The study concluded that “Penile extenders should be regarded as a minimally invasive and effective treatment option to elongate the penile shaft in patients seeking treatment for a short penis.”

The Importance Of Your Ability to Get Hard

The Importance Of Your Ability to Get Hard

One thing that is often overlooked in a penis enlargement program is the ability to get and stay hard. Without the ability to get and stay hard, it is so much more difficult to see any size gains. Your sexual health is essential.

Also, what good is a giant penis if you can’t get and stay hard.

You can try some other very effective methods to increase your hardness like Kegel exercises or the most effective method I have tried yet in the Phoenix Device. This device was the key to reversing my sexual decline and increasing my ability to get hard.

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The Phoenix Device uses revolutionary Li-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave therapy) to achieve results. The rich and famous have been using this type of treatment for years to improve their sexual health, their ability to get hard, and how they get fully hard. This treatment costs thousands of dollars when delivered in a clinical setting but is now available to use in the privacy of your home for a fraction of the price.

Whatever method you use to achieve your results, do not ignore your sexual health. It is a vital component of any proven at-home penis enlargement program.

Why No One Is Talking About Proven At-Home Penis Enlargement

Why No One Is Talking About Proven At-Home Penis Enlargement

Have you ever wondered why certain groundbreaking discoveries or studies seem to fly under the radar, despite their potential to make a significant impact? It’s intriguing how some topics simply don’t get the attention they deserve in mainstream conversations.

In the case of the pilot phase-II prospective study on penis extender devices for penis enlargement, it’s surprising that more people aren’t discussing this innovative approach to enhancing male anatomy. Perhaps it’s due to societal taboos or discomfort around openly addressing issues related to men’s sexual health.

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I think one issue with why no one is talking about penis traction devices is that there is not a lot of big money to be made off them. They are relatively inexpensive and big pharma is not involved in them. It is not a billion-dollar industry like Viagra.

Also, the acceptable position in today’s society is that penis size does not matter. While it is not the only thing that matters to women, study after study shows that women prefer a larger-than-average penis. Check out The Penis Size Preference Of Women: Media Gets It Wrong Again for more information about this commonly avoided topic.

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