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The P-Shot for Penis Enlargement: My Personal Priapus Shot results

The P-Shot for Penis Enlargement:  My Personal Priapus Shot results

In my four years of seeking penis enlargement, I have spent a lot of time and money on things that don’t work and on a few that do. I hope to share what I have learned with everyone else to save them time and money. So did the P-shot for penis enlargement work and what were my personal Priapus Shot results?

The P-shot for penis enlargement is effective for increasing penis girth. In order to achieve this enlargement, men will need to follow certain procedures. In addition to penis enlargement, men receiving the Priapus Shot can experience firmer erections.

So now let’s take a look at what to expect with the Priapus shot for penis enlargement. We will look at what the P-Shot actually is, my P-Shot for erection quality results, my P-Shot before and after results, P-Shot length gains, my actual procedure experience, and the science behind the P-Shot.

What is the P-Shot for Penis Enlargement?

The Priapus Shot (P-shot)is an enhanced form of Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment. The PRP portion of the shot contains a derivative of your blood that concentrates the healing factors in your blood. This is said to help with your erection quality and aid in healing the penis if it is placed under stress.

The P-Shot contains natural fillers designed to help with penis enlargement. These fillers can help to enlarge your penis when it is placed under stress with a penis vacuum device. The PRP healing factors help the penis heal in an enlarged form.

So when you take the Priapus Shot, you can get firmer, fuller, and larger erections.

P-Shot for Penis Enlargement
The penis size reaction that we all want.

The P-shot for penis enlargement is said to increase the size of your penis. Increased penis girth (thickness) is commonly mentioned as a result of the Priapus shot but some increased penis length is more difficult though some still claim they get this result.

While a lot of men think of increased penis length as being real penis enlargement, most women would prefer increased penis thickness over penis length.

An official description of the P-Shot is below:

What is in the Priapus Shot?
The key ingredient in the Priapus Shot is Platelet Rich Plasma, or PRP. PRP concentrates the healing and growth factors in your blood into an injectable treatment. The PRP in the Priapus shot improves blood flow to the penis, resulting in stronger, longer, and more sustainable erections. In addition to PRP, the Priapus shot also contains all natural fillers. These safe and effective natural ingredients combine to not only help you achieve better erections, but also increase the size of your penis

This increased girth does not happen automatically after receiving the P-Shot. There is some work involved on your part following the procedure. The use of a penis pump is needed to maximize your gains following the procedure.


PRP therapy is a relatively new type of treatment for erectile dysfunction and overall penis health. This treatment uses cells retrieved from your own blood to promote healing in the penis. These cells are injected into the penis to start this process.

These concentrated cells kick the healing process into overdrive in your penis. This helps to improve erection quality and penis tissue growth if you place the penis under stress by use of the penis pump.

My P-Shot Before and After (Priapus Shot Results)

My P-Shot Before and After

My P-Shot before and after results had me gaining a decent amount of penis girth (thickness) from the procedure when I did it correctly. I had the P-shot done twice with quite different results.

The first time that I had the P-shot done, I did not follow the instructions very well. I did not use a penis pump regularly as recommended after the shot. When I did use the penis pump, I used a cheap air pump which was uncomfortable and did not make a good vacuum seal.

By not using the pump regularly after the injection, I saw a slight improvement in erection quality from the Priapus shot but no improvement in penis size.

The second time around I went all in. I learned from my mistake and figured that I did not want to waste my time and money again. This time I used a high-quality Bathmate series penis pump to maximize my gains.

I figured there was no reason to spend all this money on the P-shot and then go cheap on a crappy air pump. Using the Bathmate pump with the P-shot, I got some great results. I went from having a 5-inch penis circumference to a 5 7/8″ penis circumference.

It may not sound like a lot but it was to me. In the year prior to this, I had wasted money on penis enlargement pills, penis exercises, and low-quality penis vacuum pumps with basically no results. Let’s face it, the battle of penis enlargement is won in fractions of inches.

This was almost an inch of extra penis circumference. My wife really took notice of the change. She was amazed by how much larger my penis felt when it was inside of her. The size change was even noticeable when just looking at my penis.

I personally think that if you want an indication of what your P-Shot might do for penis enlargement you should use a penis pump. What you see when your penis is in the vacuum pump before treatment is a good indication of what your results from the P-shot will be with the vacuum pump use.

The P-shot will help you keep much of those pumping gains. In the vacuum pump my penis would always appear thicker but not any longer than normal and that is the way it came out after treatment.

The P-shot helps to quickly heal the minor injuries that the vacuum tube causes, it makes sense that your permanent growth would be related to the changes you see in the vacuum pump.

P-Shot Length Gains

P-Shot Length Gains

I personally did not get any length gains from the P-shot. The firmer erections made the penis appear larger but according to the ruler, nothing changed.

I received this treatment before I found out about high-quality penis traction devices for penis lengthening. These devices are the only proven scientifically non-surgical method to enlarge the penis.

I used these penis traction devices a few months after my last P-Shot and actually achieved tremendous results and achieved my penis length goals using these devices. I do wonder if someone used these devices in conjunction with the P-Shot what kind of results they would achieve.

If anyone has tried this process out, please share your results in the comment section below.

The length gains from penis traction devices are not quick and they do require some effort. However, with this effort and a couple of months, many men can achieve significant length gains.

If you want to find out more, see my documented results, and results in pictures check out Do Penis Traction Devices work? My Incredible Results.

My Priapus Shot Results For Erection Quality Results

Priapus Shot Results For Erection Quality Results

Thanks to GAINSWave treatments, I already had really good erection quality which makes it a little difficult to gauge my Priapus Shot results for erection quality. However, I do feel that my erection quality did improve after receiving the P-Shot.

I found that my erections would be incredibly easy to achieve and last a little longer than before the P-Shot. I would wake up in the middle of the night with incredibly hard erections. This effect seemed to last a little over a month with me.

These really good erections are essential in the stress and healing process with the penis pump following the Priapus Shot injection. These erections bring the blood oxygen and nutrients that help the cells with the tissue growth process that is essential for penis enlargement.

Priapus Shot Cost

I found the Priapus Shot Cost to be between $1,500 and $2,000 when purchased individually from a provider.

Remember that these are advertised prices and you can usually do better if you ask. Most of these businesses are owned and operated by the doctor that you will see so there is some negotiating room.

I got my best deal by bundling up my treatments. I was getting my GAINSWave treatment from the same office. These were costing me around $2,000 for six treatments.

I was able to get a deal with six GAINSWave treatments and a P-shot treatment for $2,500. This was a savings of a lot of money and I just had to ask.

My Actual P-Shot Experience

My Actual P-Shot Experience

I had my P-Shot at the same office that provides my GAINSWave treatment. You will find that usually, the same offices will provide both of these treatments.

From my prior GAINSWave treatments, I was having good erections so my main motivation was for an increase in size. I was nervous but had high hopes.

Prep for the Priapus Shot

When I first got to the office, a technician took me to a room where she drew some blood from my arm. She explained that she would use this blood to make the PRP portion of the P-shot.


I was then taken to the treatment room which had a reclining treatment chair. After removing my pants and underwear, I was instructed to sit in the chair and relax.

The technician then put a numbing cream on my penis. She told me it would take about 10 minutes to work and that they would be back. It is important to bring some reading material or your phone with you to make the time go by quickly.

The doctor and the technician came back after 10 minutes. The doctor then gave me a few shots to further numb the penis. These numbing shots were minimally painful thanks to the numbing cream.

After a few minutes, the doctor asked me if my penis was numb. I could not feel a thing down there at that point.

The Actual P-Shot Treatment

Actual P-Shot Treatment

The doctor then began doing injections of the P-Shot material into several locations on my penis. Luckily between the numbing cream and the shot, I could barely feel anything. I think that it took about five minutes for the doctor to administer all of the shots. I would not call it pleasurable but it was not painful.

Once the shots are administered, the doctor asked me to use a vacuum pump on my penis for 10 minutes. These vacuum pumps (penis pumps) will become an important part of your post-procedure routine.

It is a strange thing when you are trying to maneuver your completely numb penis into the vacuum pump. It is not really difficult but it is strange not being able to feel anything down there.

There was one thing that they didn’t warn me about, which I will share with you. When you begin using the pump, there may be some blood that comes out of the needle spots on your penis. Not a lot but I wasn’t expecting it. The technician assured me this was normal.

After 10 minutes with the pump, the doctor came down to check me out. With no other issues, I was free to go on my way. All told, it was about an hour in the office.

At this point, if you touch your penis it will feel really large. This is due to all of the P-shot material that they injected into the penis. This will go down some overnight, unfortunately. It will stay larger than before just not that large.

My penis did stay numb for a few hours after the treatment. This makes going to the bathroom a little more of an adventure than usual.

This is Important: The Priapus Shot and the vacuum pump

High Quality penis pump
A high-quality penis pump is essential for success.

The main instruction that the doctor gives you when you receive the P-Shot is to use a vacuum pump regularly following the treatment. This will maximize your girth gains from the treatment.

The vacuum pump enlarges the penis by basically stretching it out to the fullest it can be. This stretching process creates small micro-tears in the penis.

The P-shot aids these small injuries to heal quickly and promotes the growth that the stress had placed on the penis. It basically helps the penis to permanently heal to a size that is closer to the size it gets to in the vacuum pump.

You need to use the pump to get your size gains from the Priapus Shot. If you get the P-shot but do not use the vacuum pump regularly, you will get an improvement in erection quality but not in penis size.

Using the pump can be inconvenient and some men do not enjoy the process. I recommend that you try out and get used to the pumping process prior to investing all the money into the procedure because if you don’t pump, you will not get the size gains.

The doctor may give you a low-end penis pump after the procedure. The one my doctor gave me was available for $25 on eBay and was very cheap. You will want a better pump to make sure that you get the best results.

You are spending all of this money on the treatment so why risk messing it up by using a low-end penis pump. My personal recommendation to maximize your results is to use a pump from the Bathmate series of pumps. These are the highest quality water pumps that are sized to give you maximum results.

The Scientific Studies On PRP For Male Enhancement

As with most things related to the penis, there are limited scientific studies on the effectiveness of PRP penis treatments. As time goes on there will probably be a lot more but PRP is already widely used in sports medicine and cosmetic procedures. I listed some related studies below

One study shows that PRP treatment is an effective treatment of erectile dysfunction in rats. Human studies have been small but show that the participants found it useful in treating erectile dysfunction and Pyronine’s Disease with an 80% satisfaction rate.

None of the studies have shown any adverse effects of PRP treatment. The worst thing listed was slight pain at the injection site on the following day.

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