Young Women Want a Larger Penis

Young Women Want a Larger Penis

A recent study shows that a bigger percentage of young women want a larger penis than what may have been previously believed. This study involved 1,003 participants and showed that women in general find penis size to be more important to sexual satisfaction than previously accepted. The level of importance became even more pronounced with younger generations of women.

This study runs contrary to what a lot of medical and sexuality experts say about the importance of penis size. This study seems to more accurately reflect what many men actually encounter out in the real world. So how important is penis size to sexual satisfaction and what can men do about their penis size.

The Actual Study

This study was conducted by the medical services website Medzino. They utilized the Amazon Mechanical Turk survey platform to conduct the study. All of the 1003 participants were over 18. The age distribution was 22.9% Gen Z (late teens and early twenties), 50% millennials (mid-twenties to early 40s), 13.6% Gen X (mid-40s to mid-50s), and 13.5% baby boomers (late 50s to late 60s). The survey was taken by both sexes. 58.1% of participants were men and 41.9% were women.

The study should be reasonably accurate as it was a fairly large sample and they utilized attention to check and disqualification questions. This study had a 3% margin of error.

Apparently, Size Does Matter

Contrary to mainstream opinion, this study showed that penis size does matter. I have always thought that sex and urological experts have done a disservice by basically saying that penis size does not matter (for more information see The Real Truth About Penis Size). The mainstream medical opinion seems to be that any penis between 3.9 inches and 6.5 inches is in the average range and is all equal. This idea is ludicrous.

I am not saying that penis size is the most important factor for sexual satisfaction. But pretending that it does not matter at all does not really help anyone. If it really didn’t matter, why does society, through movies and other media, always portray the desirable male as having a larger-than-average penis?

So How Important Is Penis Size

According to the Medzino study, 71% of respondents said that penis size mattered for their own sexual pleasure. 48% of respondents found penis size to be important and 34% found it to be somewhat important. Penis size was even more important with women participants. 74% of women said penis size mattered.

Penis size was not found to be the most important factor for sexual satisfaction. 61% said that sexual performance was the most important factor for sexual performance. A significant 27% of respondents did however find that penis size was more important than sexual performance for sexual satisfaction. An additional 11% said that penis size was about equally important to sexual performance for sexual satisfaction.

This is quite a different story from what the experts tell us. I would say that if 71% of people are saying penis size is important then men are right to be concerned about penis size.

Young Women Want a Larger Penis

The survey showed that the importance of penis size is even more prevalent among young women. The two younger generations placed more importance on penis size than the survey average.

The breakdown by age group was as follows:

  • 85% of Gen Z (late teens to early 20s) respondents said penis size was important.
  • 74% of Millennials (mid-twenties to early 40s) respondents said penis size was important.
  • 60% of Gen X (mid-40s to mid-50s) respondents said penis size was important.
  • 61% of Baby Boomer (mid-50s to late 60s) respondents said penis size was important.

So What Can Be Done About Your Penis Size

Unfortunately, there are not any quick and easy ways for a man to improve his penis size but there is some hope. No magic pills will make a penis larger but there are techniques and devices that will enlarge the penis over time with a little effort. There are three areas that a man can work on to improve his penis size. These areas are erection quality, penis length, and penis thickness.

The most important thing to work on is erection quality. This does not actually make your penis larger but good erection quality will make your penis look and feel larger to your partner. We all know about pharmaceutical methods like Viagra and Cialis but these pills do not work for everyone and do have some potential side effects. If these pills do not work for you or you want an effective alternative for erection quality, then I suggest that you give acoustic wave therapy a try. Before you can undertake a penis enlargement program you will need to make sure that you have consistent erection quality.


If your goal is to lengthen your penis, you really only have one option. Penis traction devices are the only method that has been shown in scientific studies to lengthen the penis. Even penis enlargement surgery requires the use of these traction devices to achieve erect length gains. This is not a quick or easy technique but it is the only one that works. To learn more about penis traction devices check out Do Penis Traction Devices work? for more information.

Many women find penis girth to be much more important than penis length. You have a few options to increase penis girth. The easiest but most expensive is cosmetic procedures using dermal fillers like Juvederm. Of course, cosmetic procedures do have risks associated with them. For a more natural method that may help, I would suggest using a high-quality penis pump like the Bathmate series. I utilized my Bathmate pump in addition to my penis traction devices to obtain some fantastic penis size gains.


Many of us have felt that penis size was much more important to sexual satisfaction than what was commonly accepted. The Medzino study showed that not only was penis size important to most women but it was more important to younger generations. While penis size is not the most important factor in sexual satisfaction, it is definitely a factor.

Men should not have their penis size concerns ignored or minimized by the medical community. There are no quick or easy ways to enlarge the penis but men do have some options if this is truly a concern for them.

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